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Welcome to the blog of QueenBeeEdit!

This blog will discuss the issues that my books deal with:

Women’s rights, which covers many categories, environmental collapse, human overpopulation, history/herstory, Asperger’s/autism and Aspie voices, banksters and their role in economic meltdowns, people in fiction, Hawai‘i, Kuwait, other nations in the Middle East, cats, and travel.

My husband, David D. Haines, Ph.D., a molecular cell biologist and immunologist, took me to Kuwait in 2005. We took our cat, Scheherazade, with us (well, I brought her and met David there). I wrote a travelogue about our six-month stay. The travelogue includes our personal experiences, a brief history, and lots of photographs of museums and points of interest.

 AlSadu House - Museum Room with Rug Showing 'Uwairjan Design  AlSadu House - Weaving Room with Looms and Yarns  Scheherazade Cat - Food Photo - Settling Into Her Xmas Dinne

On a trip to Hawai`i – to O`ahu and the Big Island of Hawai`i – I made sure to visit `Iolani Palace and to enjoy everything for another travelogue.

Later, I pulled the history sections out of that travelogue to offer as a history book.

Gate - Ua Mau Ke Ea Oka Aina I Ka Pono - motto  Coconut tree in the yard - full of ripe coconuts

Aliiolani Hale - King Kamehameha I Statue  Princess Ka'iulani Statue - triangle of land in her estate

In researching the alarming phenomenon of honeybee and other bee colony collapse disorder, I gathered many photographs of bees and flowers.

Natural Honeycomb - 3

Variegated-Leaf Lavender Iris - Portrait with the Peony Leaves  Raspberry Pink Peony - Portrait - 2014

Bee in Flight Over an Iris - Close-Up

The banksters, hedge fundsters, and corporatists of Wall Street, who finance colony collapse disorder via lobbyists, are described in The Book of Thieves, and this narrative continues in The Bear Guarding the Beehive.

New York Stock Exchange - Across from the J.P. Morgan Residence

In the Nae-Née series, a dystopian tale of human overpopulation and ecosystems collapse, I call this group Farmers with a capital “F”.

Human overpopulation and its effect on the ecosystem also fascinates me. So do police surveillance states, nanotechnology, lifespan extension in medicine, and social initiatives to “save” the planet. All of the issues I have written motivate me to use dystopian science fiction consider how, if carried to their logical conclusions, i.e. a train wreck of epic proportions.

The result has been my Nae-Née series. “Nae-Née” is a brand name for a birth control nanite. It translates as “Not-Born”.

The cover art for those books shows elements of my many interests. You can view it on this site’s page of my books.

A beautiful black-and-orange-and-white Kuwaiti calico cat named Scheherazade will soon have her own book.

She was a war hero whom my husband met and adopted on Failaka Island, Kuwait. Here she is:

Scheherazade Cat Sleeping

If you would like to buy one of my books, they are available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as Kindle and Nook books, and in print.

This blog discusses all of the issues that my books deal with and more.

Controversial issues and statements will not be avoided. They are what makes life interesting and worth pondering.

Articles and websites will be shared here, with my thoughts on them.

Enjoy perusing it all.




Algorithms, Suppression of Opposition Speech, and Psy-Ops.

As I write this, the Oscars are on. Why not? They’re fun.

I still want to see Hidden Figures, and I hope it wins big, because I’m such a sucker for all things outer space and feminist. My law thesis was on outer space law – but that’s another story, and also a fun one.

Jimmy Kimmel wasted no time in disabusing viewers of the fantasy that the celebrities will provide such a good time that our divided nation of citizens – divided politically – will be brought together and “healed” of our discord.

Good. That is, after all, absurd and unrealistic.

While we’re at it, I have something to add: if you have a better working knowledge of who’s who in the entertainment world than you do of who’s who in the political world, that is a disgrace. That is what’s wrong with Americans. And that’s just a start.

Here are some names to drop, names that can be looked up on and and after reading this:

  • Jason Chaffetz
  • Joe Manchin
  • Tammy Duckworth
  • Elizabeth Warren
  • John McCain
  • Steve Bannon
  • Steve Mnuchin
  • Scott Pruitt

Okay, that’s eight names. That will do for now.

On to the topic of the moment:

Alex Jones is the blowhard who runs a radio show in Texas called InfoWars. He screams himself hoarse until he is red in the face, and ripe for caricature – like a balloon with a bit of hair on top and bulging, round eyes with bags under them.

What does he scream about? Utter nonsense – all emotion, no research.

In this clip from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Jones is shown with a juice box, claiming that drinking out of them makes a person “turn gay” – like frogs – and so on. It’s tempting to sic a scientist on this idiot, but he would likely just shout the scientist down.

Infowars’ Alex Jones is Trump’s CAPS LOCK Advisor

In December of 2015, Donald J. Trump – a.k.a. the #Pumpkingropenfuehrer – went on his show.

Trump talked about how we need more surveillance everywhere in this interview.

Just for going on this show, he ought to be ineligible for office.

Donald Trump Tells All on the Alex Jones Show

So what? It’s just a radio show that no one has heard, of, you might say.

Well, not anymore, and nonsense like this does matter when it is so easy to take in, and when served up to a public that does not care to read or research primary source material, to check its veracity, and to make sure that it is not being manipulated.

No one with an ounce of common sense would take Alex Jones seriously, you might say.

No one with an education and who isn’t too lazy to do research would do that…

Not so fast with the dismissal.

People DID take him seriously, starting with our Thief-in-Chief.

It would be too simplistic to simply ascribe the problem to a lack of education, laziness, closed-mindedness, and a general unwillingness to research or listen.

It’s far worse than that.

Data was manipulated, after it was gathered and shared among the most funded hackers of all time. The Farmers that I write about in the dystopian Nae-Née series did this – libertarian corporatists with pockets so deep as to seem bottomless.

The much maligned main-stream media continues to resist the Orwellian efforts to shove Newspeak – fake news – down our throats. We still have, uncensored, even if blocked from some White House press conferences by a fascist administration with a weak ego at its head, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, Ms. magazine, the Associated Press, The Guardian, and many others. Read them. Look up information about each news source online, check with and and other verification sites. The Washington Post has demonstrated its determination to fight for freedom of the press and of information access by a change to its masthead:

Strategic Communications Laboratories, or the SCL Group, engineered our 2016 presidential election. Visit its website –  – and the first image shown is of a stadium full of people attending a national election convention. Cambridge Analytica is a spin-off corporation of SCL. Here is its website:  Here also are the logos of each of these corporations:


This article from The Guardian explains what was done, and although I don’t usually provide excerpts, this one is a bit long, so I shall provide them.

Robert Mercer: the big data billionaire waging war on mainstream media

But there was another reason why I recognised Robert Mercer’s name: because of his connection to Cambridge Analytica, a small data analytics company. He is reported to have a $10m stake in the company, which was spun out of a bigger British company called SCL Group. It specialises in “election management strategies” and “messaging and information operations”, refined over 25 years in places like Afghanistan and Pakistan. In military circles this is known as “psyops” – psychological operations. (Mass propaganda that works by acting on people’s emotions.)

Cambridge Analytica worked for the Trump campaign and, so I’d read, the Leave campaign. When Mercer supported Cruz, Cambridge Analytica worked with Cruz. When Robert Mercer started supporting Trump, Cambridge Analytica came too. And where Mercer’s money is, Steve Bannon is usually close by: it was reported that until recently he had a seat on the board.

Andy Wigmore, Leave.EU’s affable communications director… Wigmore was one of the “bad boys of Brexit” – a term coined by Arron Banks, the Bristol-based businessman who was Leave.EU’s co-founder.

Cambridge Analytica had worked for them, he said. It had taught them how to build profiles, how to target people and how to scoop up masses of data from people’s Facebook profiles. A video on YouTube shows one of Cambridge Analytica’s and SCL’s employees, Brittany Kaiser, sitting on the panel at Leave.EU’s launch event.

Facebook was the key to the entire campaign, Wigmore explained. A Facebook ‘like’, he said, was their most “potent weapon”. “Because using artificial intelligence, as we did, tells you all sorts of things about that individual and how to convince them with what sort of advert. And you knew there would also be other people in their network who liked what they liked, so you could spread. And then you follow them. The computer never stops learning and it never stops monitoring.”

SCL was founded by someone called Nigel Oakes, who worked for Saatchi & Saatchi on Margaret Thatcher’s image, says Briant, and the company had been “making money out of the propaganda side of the war on terrorism over a long period of time. There are different arms of SCL but it’s all about reach and the ability to shape the discourse. They are trying to amplify particular political narratives. And they are selective in who they go for: they are not doing this for the left.”

Wigmore met with Trump’s team right at the start of the Leave campaign. “And they said the holy grail was artificial intelligence.”

Who did?

“Jared Kushner and Jason Miller.”

Later, when Trump picked up Mercer and Cambridge Analytica, the game changed again. “It’s all about the emotions. This is the big difference with what we did. They call it bio-psycho-social profiling. It takes your physical, mental and lifestyle attributes and works out how people work, how they react emotionally.”

Bio-psycho-social profiling, I read later, is one offensive in what is called “cognitive warfare”. Though there are many others: “recoding the mass consciousness to turn patriotism into collaborationism,” explains a NATO briefing document on countering Russian disinformation written by an SCL employee. “Time-sensitive professional use of media to propagate narratives,” says one US state department white paper. “Of particular importance to psyop personnel may be publicly and commercially available data from social media platforms.”

How do you change the way a nation thinks? You could start by creating a mainstream media to replace the existing one with a site such as Breitbart. You could set up other websites that displace mainstream sources of news and information with your own definitions of concepts like “liberal media bias”, like And you could give the rump mainstream media, papers like the “failing New York Times!” what it wants: stories. Because the third prong of Mercer and Bannon’s media empire is the Government Accountability Institute.

Bannon co-founded it with $2m of Mercer’s money.

Expressing his confidence that his crimes will go unchallenged, Bannon brags:

“You wouldn’t get a Watergate, a Pentagon Papers today, because nobody can afford to let a reporter spend seven months on a story. We can. We’re working as a support function.”

If you don’t yet see that something is rotten in cyberspace and in real time, you have plunged your head into the quicksand of Orwellian Newspeak.

Get it unstuck, America. Learn how to spot fake news and discount it.

Our democracy is worth more than all the money that was sunk into this psy-op.

For Those Who Wonder Why the GOP Politicians Are Doing This…

…it is because the GOP politicians just don’t care about ethics nor their oaths to serve their constituents. They are so embittered that liberals got to make the reforms that we wanted and so many of them and they have given up and decided to cheat, because that’s the only way that they will be able to do what they want…which is to take us back in time in terms of civil rights, property control, and social norms. The social norms part won’t work for them without terrorism, though – terrorism by angry white males from the alt-right, and other fascist/populist monsters.

This is the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

He has stopped accepting petitions and phone calls.

His constituents – the people he works for – can thus either agree with his agenda, or be ignored.

Here are some facts from his Wikipedia page, plus the link, so that you can read the entire entry, if you choose to do so:

When he was 16, Ryan found his 55-year-old father lying dead in bed of a heart attack.

Because of a family history of fatal heart attacks before age 60, Ryan pursues an intense cross-training fitness program called P90X.

He is “fairly careful” about what he eats and makes his own bratwurst and Polish sausage.

Ryan has a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, where he became interested in the writings of Friedrich Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, and Milton Friedman. He often visited the office of libertarian professor Richard Hart to discuss the theories of these economists and of Ayn Rand.

When I wrote the Nae-Née series, it was with the politicians as shadowy figures, carrying out their agendas with no accountability to the voters, whose needs and wishes were ignored. This agenda was to Farm the unsuspecting sheeple of a populace.


To “Farm” means to treat the voting public as a crop to be manipulated as those in control see fit, or as a weed to be erased as it irritates. This was directed by the Farmers – banksters, hedge fundsters, and corporatists – who own and control the military-industrial complex, the agribusinesses, the pharmaceutical and insecticide giants, the fossil fuels, and any other resource that can be bought or sold.

Everyone else was just cannon fodder or a nuisance. Protesters were to be erased.

That is dystopian fiction.

We are now living through dystopian reality.

Protesters are being blown up by grenades tossed by police who care nothing for human rights, in a gross display of state-sanctioned police misconduct.

Dakota Pipeline Protester Sophia Wilansky’s arm was blown apart by a police grenade. (Twitter)

Militarized police are forcing all dissent into silence, submission, or erasure.

Instead of sensibly expanding access to birth control and abortion to relieve the pressure of human overpopulation, we see immigration being constricted with draconian methods, as if the Gestapo were being revived.

The government agencies and the people who work in them have opened rogue Twitter accounts in order to continue doing their jobs.

It is anyone’s guess how long they will be able to continue doing that.

How long before access to the Internet is slowed down for everyone – including activists – except for the wealthiest individuals, the one-percenters of society who own most of its wealth, who are the Farmers of this new reality?

Letters Sent to the Oath-Breakers

It is not possible to send it via the website for because one must live in the district of a particular politician, or s/he will block your attempt to e-mail them. Not to be deterred, I wrote on their Facebook pages.
This is the letter I have written to the politicians who want to dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency.

Dear Oath-Breaker:
This letter is about a bill that you are a sponsor/co-sponsor of:
H.R.861 – to terminate the EPA
You must be insane, bought out, have an abysmally low I.Q., and completely indifferent to the destruction that you will become the proximate cause of if this bill becomes law.
You must have absolutely no regard for our natural security.
The last thing the nation needs is a law that paves the way for natural insecurity.
The use of the phrase “paves the way” was a deliberate pun, by the way, because more fossil fuels will be extracted to emit more toxic, carcinogenic fumes into the air and more asphalt roads constructed with those materials, which will cut off yet more wildlife from more of their habitat.
But that won’t matter to you, because you are also encouraging insecticide corporations to spray and splice into plant DNA more poison. Soon we will have no bees left to pollinate crops, and we will be sick from malnutrition without sufficient fresh fruits and vegetables.
It seems that you want to kill off the surplus human, insect, animal, and plant population.
I have not bothered to write you a pleading letter because it is clear that you do not care what constituents have to say, even though you work for us all.
You have committed treason with this bill.
Just for the record, I shall say it: stop this travesty of a bill immediately.
Thank you for nothing.
Stephanie C. Fox, J.D.

But wait, there’s more.

Just visit for the names of all sponsors and co-sponsors of this and other bills.

Be advised that if you attempt to e-mail them, they have rigged their websites to block any messages from any sender who is not a resident of their district, and so that leaves their Facebook pages. Some have set up their Facebook pages so that it is impossible to write them a direct message. In fact, the only way to do that is in the comment thread of some post. Pick one relevant to your topic if that is all you can do.

Also be advised that Facebook may collude against you to freeze up your account if you write to them expressing dissent. It may do this at the instigation of the politicians’ aides, who maintain their Facebook pages. I went ahead with the EPA protest letter. There were 4 politicians to send that one to: Matt Gaetz of Florida, Thomas Massie of Kentucky, Steven Palazzo of Mississippi, and Barry Loudermilk of Georgia, all Republicans, of course. Scrolling down their pages was nauseating, but instructive. They are gleeful about eviscerating abortion rights, birth control access, eliminating the Environmental Protection Agency, deleting the Department of Education, and loosening gun ownership barriers.

Here are some more letters that I prepared.

Dear Oath-Breaker:

This letter is about a bill that you are a sponsor/co-sponsor of:

H.R.899 – to terminate the Department of Education

You must be insane, bought out, have an abysmally low I.Q., and completely indifferent to the destruction that you will become the proximate cause of if this bill becomes law.

You must have absolutely no regard for our nation’s future.

You are obviously determined to ensure that future generations of voters will be so poorly educated as to be sheeple who won’t question anything you do, nor have the temerity to write you a letter such as this one.

I have not bothered to write you a pleading letter because it is clear that you do not care what constituents have to say, even though you work for us all.

You have committed treason with this bill.

Just for the record, I shall say it: stop this travesty of a bill immediately.

Thank you for nothing.


Stephanie C. Fox, J.D.

Dear Oath-Breaker:

This letter is about a bill that you are a sponsor/co-sponsor of:

H.R.367 – Hearing Protection Act of 2017

You must be insane, bought out, have an abysmally low I.Q., and completely indifferent to the destruction that you will become the proximate cause of if this bill becomes law.

Apparently, you are laboring under the impression that your constituents are too stupid to see what you’re doing with this bill.

But we are not; we are not fooled by this bill’s purported concern for our eardrums.

It is far better to hear the report of gunfire and thus have time to react or even flee from danger.

With the passage of this bill into law, criminals will have one less hurdle to leap before they are prepared to commit a murder, plus the ability to move with greater stealth.

That is what this bill shows, not a concern for anyone’s sense of hearing.

I have not bothered to write you a pleading letter because it is clear that you do not care what constituents have to say, even though you work for us all.

You have committed treason with this bill.

Just for the record, I shall say it: stop this travesty of a bill immediately.

Thank you for nothing.


Stephanie C. Fox, J.D.

That’s it for now for my efforts at online activism.

I’ll see how this affects my access to Facebook use next.

Resist the populist fascist takeover of our government.

Watching Our Democracy Crash as Oath-Breakers Ignore Us

Tracking the news since January 20th of this year is, as I expected it to be, like watching an ongoing motor vehicle crash.

Or should I characterize it as a train or a plane crash?

No…maybe likening it to the crash of both the International Space Station and the Hubble Telescope would do.

It’s something really crucial that crashing, because that something is the United States Constitution.

Those who swore an oath to uphold it, to defend it, to serve their constituents, are ignoring whatever we tell them to do while breaking those oaths.

Today, I got an e-mail updating me on what our Congress is up to.

After looking at the House bills shown in the following screen grabs, I concluded that it is largely up to no good.

“Largely” is the operative word when you already know that the GOP members of it have enough of a majority to shove these bills down our throats.

This is a bill to eliminate the EPA. Suggestion: Contact these traitors to the ecosystem to say no.

Apparently, the grossly unqualified Betsy DeVos will not be necessary, nor will anyone else. Our government has decided to trash the futures of Americans.

Not only was Obama not coming for anyone’s guns, but under Trump, it will be possible to get a silencer without a permit.

By all means, write to these brain-dead monsters and tell them not to do this.

Go on record as having objected to this idiocy.

Even if the jack-booted fascist thugs might come for me, I don’t care – I’m going to do this anyway.

They’re not here yet, and objecting might actually keep them away.

At least it will keep me from feeling regret.

We really have no defense left right now other than our comedians and political commentators.

We have no defense because we have a blithering idiot in the White House who runs off to his resort every weekend to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in Secret Service costs while blacking out the windows of the rooms where he stashes the media.

Well, we still have a defense: we are used to freedom of speech, and we won’t shut up.

Quit Now, #Pumpkingropenfuehrer – You Are Unfit in Every Way

The #Pumpkingropenfuehrer is unfit in every way to hold the office of President of the United States.

Unfit, and as a result, we are living in the Untied States of America.

Just watch this damning segment:

Trump questions terror suspect’s rights

“Sad” that a suspect will get due process of law under the U.S. Constitution, which you swore an oath to defend?! Quit now, #Pumpkingropenfuehrer – you have just gone on record as being unfit for the office you hold! L

The #Pumpkingropenfuehrer is not prepared for his current role.

His disqualifications:

  • Meaningless military drill schools.
  • Implicated in a hazing incident.
  • A college degree in economics.
  • No graduate school.
  • Granted draft deferments during the Vietnam War.
  • 6 bankruptcies of his businesses.
  • Countless conflicts of interest with no intention of rectifying them.
  • Thinks every day is Take Your Daughter to Work Day.
  • Grasps foreign leaders’ hands in a manic death grip of a handshake and won’t let go, causing one awkward moment after another with every state visit.
  • Makes announcements with suspense-building drama, as if still running a reality TV show.

He does not have what it takes to make a business or a nation profit.

He’s been trained in bullying and self-aggrandizement, and then honed his talent for that sociopathic trait.

He is not presidential material.

He has been divorced twice, cheated on his wives, broken immigration laws in order to be near beautiful women, and then treated them like the sexist pig that he is…and that’s a slur on pigs.

He can’t leave his Twitter account alone, nor his unsecured phone.

He has no respect for transparency, nor for a free press, as demonstrated recently by trash-bag blacking out of windows that overlook his golf course:

Any news agency that criticizes him is automatically dubbed a purveyor of fake news, while any that pays him the service of a sycophant is complimented by him.

He is physically, mentally, intellectually, and psychologically incapable of picking a Cabinet nominee with an iota of integrity.

He wants to control others to assuage his weak ego and colossal sense of insecurity. (It makes one wonder what happened to him during his childhood that ruined his personality.)

He allows propaganda with spins on lies to be released as official policy.

He has no clue about diplomacy. Soon he will have offended the leaders of every other nation.

Notes from his Wikipedia page don’t help his image:

Trumps left the school at age 13 and was enrolled in the New York Military Academy (NYMA), in Cornwall, New York, where he finished eighth grade and high school. Trump was an energetic child; his parents hoped that the discipline at the military school would allow him to channel his energy in a positive manner. In 1983, Fred Trump told an interviewer that Donald “was a pretty rough fellow when he was small”.

Trump participated in marching drills, wore a uniform, and during his senior year attained the rank of captain. He was transferred from a student command position after the alleged hazing of a new freshman in his barracks by one of Trump’s subordinates; Trump later described the transfer as “a promotion”. In 2015, he told a biographer that NYMA gave him “more training militarily than a lot of the guys that go into the military”.

Trump attended Fordham University in the Bronx for two years, beginning in August 1964. He then transferred to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, which offered one of the few real estate studies departments in United States academia at the time. While there, he worked at the family’s company, Elizabeth Trump & Son, named for his paternal grandmother. He graduated from Penn in May 1968 with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics.

Trump was not drafted during the Vietnam War. While in college from 1964 to 1968, he obtained four student deferments. In 1966, he was deemed fit for service based upon a military medical examination, and in 1968 was briefly classified as fit by a local draft board, but was given a 1-Y medical deferment in October 1968. In an interview for a 2015 biography, he attributed his medical deferment to heel spurs. In 1969, he received a high number in the draft lottery, which would also have likely exempted him from service.

Trump has never filed for personal bankruptcy, but his hotel and casino businesses have been declared bankrupt six times between 1991 and 2009 in order to re-negotiate debt with banks and owners of stock and bonds.

He bought the election with a computer hack, from a company whose board of directors includes Steve Bannon, a racist, misogynist fascist, who is now his national security advisor.

The Data That Turned the World Upside Down

To top it all off, we keep seeing indications of treason on his part.

Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence

Start the impeachment now, and get rid of Bannon.

Orwellian Monsters – Human and Computer

Here it is: the Orwellian monster that is Cambridge Analytica.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it…

The Data That Turned the World Upside Down

It has a data-gathering practice called OCEAN, an acronym for openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, neuroticism. It analyzes all that data to see what sort of voter you are. This corporation is behind the fascist-populist coup d’état that we are now laboring under.

How did this pertain to Donald J. Trump? Just look three-quarters of the way into the article:

Trump’s striking inconsistencies, his much-criticized fickleness, and the resulting array of contradictory messages, suddenly turned out to be his great asset: a different message for every voter. The notion that Trump acted like a perfectly opportunistic algorithm following audience reactions is something the mathematician Cathy O’Neil observed in August 2016.

These “dark posts”—sponsored Facebook posts that can only be seen by users with specific profiles—included videos aimed at African-Americans in which Hillary Clinton refers to black men as predators, for example.

“Pretty much every message that Trump put out was data-driven,” Alexander Nix remembers. On the day of the third presidential debate between Trump and Clinton, Trump’s team tested 175,000 different ad variations for his arguments, in order to find the right versions above all via Facebook. The messages differed for the most part only in microscopic details, in order to target the recipients in the optimal psychological way: different headings, colors, captions, with a photo or video. This fine-tuning reaches all the way down to the smallest groups, Nix explained in an interview with us. “We can address villages or apartment blocks in a targeted way. Even individuals.”

In the Miami district of Little Haiti, for instance, Trump’s campaign provided inhabitants with news about the failure of the Clinton Foundation following the earthquake in Haiti, in order to keep them from voting for Hillary Clinton. This was one of the goals: to keep potential Clinton voters (which include wavering left-wingers, African-Americans, and young women) away from the ballot box, to “suppress” their vote, as one senior campaign official told Bloomberg in the weeks before the election. These “dark posts”—sponsored news-feed-style ads in Facebook timelines that can only be seen by users with specific profiles—included videos aimed at African-Americans in which Hillary Clinton refers to black men as predators, for example.

Just how precisely the American population was being targeted by Trump’s digital troops at that moment was not visible, because they attacked less on mainstream TV and more with personalized messages on social media or digital TV. And while the Clinton team thought it was in the lead, based on demographic projections, Bloomberg journalist Sasha Issenberg was surprised to note on a visit to San Antonio—where Trump’s digital campaign was based—that a “second headquarters” was being created. The embedded Cambridge Analytica team, apparently only a dozen people, received $100,000 from Trump in July, $250,000 in August, and $5 million in September. According to Nix, the company earned over $15 million overall. (The company is incorporated in the US, where laws regarding the release of personal data are more lax than in European Union countries. Whereas European privacy laws require a person to “opt in” to a release of data, those in the US permit data to be released unless a user “opts out.”)

“Populism” is what’s popular – what the masses like.

When the masses are allowed to be bullies – to engage in mob rule – and are incited to do so by a bully-in-chief – we have fascism.

Out with the liberal elite, who study the issues before us all carefully, cry the populists. Liberals are evil, they aren’t like us, they are educated and calm, they include everyone in the political and social processes that make nations run, and they bother to do research. That’s not of interest to people who don’t like the answers revealed by research and study.

No…the populists – the fascists – don’t care what the research says, because it gets in the way of making money, and in the way of growth.

The trouble with following the bully is that the bully is out for himself, NOT for the individuals who make up the mass. Voter remorse is slow to kick in – so slow that the damage is always well underway by the time it is seen by the populist masses.

That is the maddening situation before us all, liberals and populists alike.

Some of us did all of the right things: think, research, plan for the long-term, vote at every opportunity (plus we weren’t stopped at the polls).

Others simply voted without researching, reacting emotionally and pulling the trigger on a reality show host, unleashing him on the world as well as on Americans.

That’s only part of the story, however.

It was on my mind for quite a while: how did this happen, exactly?!

It wasn’t simply that the Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee, sharing e-mails and a polenta recipe with the world.

That wasn’t enough. It wouldn’t get the job done – the evil job of placing an autocratic with a weak ego and a narcissistic need for constant validation in the White House.

No: a psychological manipulation, engineered by humans armed with an algorithm, was used.

Steve Bannon is a board member of Cambridge Analytica.

Just to review, Steve Bannon is that bloated bully with a propensity for alcohol who directs the Pumpkingropenfuehrer’s pen and who has inserted himself into the White House staff, supplanting the National Security Council.

He wants to destroy the current world order so that he can build up a “new” one – one that bears a suspicious resemblance to Nazi Germany. Now he’s made the cover of Time magazine, in all his vicious, bilious glory.

Steve Bannon: The unelected ‘alt-right’ figurehead running the White House

With a self-professed white supremacist running the show, one who sees problems with letting valid green card holders and other legal immigrants enter the United States, we are watching democracy commit suicide, just as John Adams predicted that it eventually would.

Republican politicians, and some Democrats, are doing end-runs around the democratic process.

They want to end protections for groups that need it most, and the effect is to incite a new world order that, for those groups, is a reign of terror. Yet they have the nerve to call others terrorists.

The day after the election, an African-American woman at a rest stop had an experience that no one should ever have – one that many of us had thought was a relic of the past. It was just one of many such incidents that have taken place since the election, as bigots everywhere have suddenly felt safe from any repercussions for criminal behavior – for terrorism. She posted about it on Facebook:

Fear-mongering about immigrants is done by racists who don’t want to share space with people from different cultures. When actual data of perpetrators of violent crimes is studied, surprise – it turns out that citizens of the United States are at fault.

This article by former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley explains the situation in detail:

The Truth Behind “Sanctuary” Cities

But never mind; this is not what “people” want to hear or read.

It doesn’t fit with their assumptions and prejudices, so it will be disregarded.

Here is another problem with this failure of facts to line up with assumptions: the 9/11 terrorists were from nations that are not on the list of nations whose citizens are blocked (or wished blocked by the Thief-in-Chief’s administration and Acting President Bannon). These nations are Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The Pumpkingropenfuehrer is popular in those nations right now, but not so much in Iran, Iraq, Syria, and the others on that list.

Really, we must tremble in fear of cardiology residents from Iran who are coming to Harvard to complete their residencies, college students, interpreters from Iraq who helped U.S. soldiers, and 5-year-old children who don’t yet understand let alone care about politics.

The Farmers that I write about in my dystopian series, Nae-Née (banksters, hedge fundsters, corporatists) have bought their way into government offices. They are about to wreak havoc on the ecosystem, starting with the oil pipelines that can and will leak fossil fuels into the water supply while ripping through sacred Native American tribe’s burial grounds, as the Pumpkingropenfuehrer enables his colleagues to suck every last drop of benefit from said ecosystem as fast as they can. It’s all about profit today, with the long-term natural security of future generations deemed irrelevant.

What crop are they growing other than unquestioning cannon fodder, one wonders?

None, because there will be so little left to enjoy in the ecosystem once the Farmers are done.

They have bought politicians, gerrymandered their way to a gross imbalance of political power, and thus done an end-run around democracy.

Here is a case in point:

Marco Rubio Took Almost $100,000 From Betsy DeVos’ Family Before Confirming Her Today

Rubio has taken a total of $98,300 from DeVos and her family members, according to Federal Election Commission reports crunched by the Center for American Progress (CAP).

That’s a decent chunk of cash, even in a GOP Senate where DeVos rained nearly $1 million. And as the CAP noted, DeVos hasn’t been shy about why she donates so heavily to Republican causes.

“I have decided, however, to stop taking offense at the suggestion that we are buying influence,” DeVos told Roll Call back in the late ’90s. “Now I simply concede the point. They are right… We expect a return on our investment.”

To be fair, in that quote DeVos was referring to her wish for a conservative-dominated government, but her point still dovetails nicely with what happened: A major party donor was confirmed by the same people she funded, over loud objections from the people she’ll be in charge of.

That’s just one example, but as this Internet meme shows, there are plenty more:

Paul Ryan is in with the Farmers, who view the rest of us as a crop or a weed – to harvest and manipulate as they see fit, or to erase as we irritate them. I also think of this crew as vampires, sucking us dry of resources and life. He has parted company with his conscience, as have the others, who are for sale.

As a result, The Onion, which is famous for its satiric representation of reality, posted this:

Conscience Quietly Let Go as Paul Ryan Policy Advisor

Many individuals, both in and out of political office, refuse to acknowledge scientific data when that data conflicts with their prejudices. For example, I have chosen an issue which determines a woman’s entire future and whether or not she can avoid poverty, and enjoy the pursuit of happiness and privacy that the U.S. Constitution talks about – one which relates to human overpopulation as well.

A lump of cells in the first trimester of a pregnancy is not a baby. It has no consciousness, no awareness of itself, nor of its surroundings, because it lacks a fully formed brain. As such, it does not qualify as a person with rights. All that matters is the rights and emotions and thoughts of the woman, a person who already exists.

When I point this out, fools who are ruled by emotion immediately overlook the fact that a lump of cells is not a sentient being and tell me that they assume that I don’t have children.

Really?! You spotted that so easily, I reply with a laugh. I don’t have them by design.

I don’t want to be a parent.

It is far better than a woman deliberately refrain from motherhood than have an unwanted child.

Don’t tell me that an unwilling mother will receive any willing financial or other assistance from those who insist that she reproduce, however unwillingly, or be branded anything derogatory they can think of, all the way from selfish to a murderer.

Unwanted children know that they aren’t wanted. They don’t have the advantages that wanted children have, starting with a mother who is their relentless advocate, and continuing to deficits such as insufficient food, clothing, and educational opportunities.

(Wait until Betsy DeVos gets going with her agenda: more religiousness than education for all, separation of religion and state be damned! She wants to mingle religion with education, which is the same thing as mingling it with the state, because the education of future generations shapes future policy.)

So when I see stories such as this one, I see metaphorical red as well as GOP red:

Arkansas passes law allowing rapists to sue victims who want an abortion

This is what I thought as soon as I saw the story, and continued to think after reading it:

That’s it. Women who get raped will just have to kill their rapists during the struggle and claim self-defense, go out of state and get abortions or whatever form suits them, and ALL women must refuse to give guys ANY sex unless and until they fight to overturn this idiotic and misogynist monstrosity…and succeed at it. Unless and until then, NO sex.

Well, that’s me and my emotions. I’ll be damned if I’ll let anyone make me reproduce.

I don’t find babies cute, and I’m not obligated to do so. I don’t find parents endearing when it’s all about their offspring. That is an open declaration of a resource war as far as I’m concerned, a cancelling out of any offer, however recent, of friendship. I just don’t believe in the friendship once someone starts acting like that. “Don’t say the wrong thing or look at my offspring the wrong way,” they tend to warn, not bothering to specify what they find wrong until later. Take care of your children all by yourself, then, I say. If that is the thanks that others will get, why trust such people as friends? I want friends who will never, ever act like that.

No one is obligated to have the emotional state or response that the majority expects and requires simply because the majority sees things however it sees them. We are not all the same. We are not all meant to be parents.

What I want is to see the people of all ages who already exist being taken care of and educated – free of religious superstition to make up their own minds about what’s real and what’s mythology.

The first thing I think about when I see someone is, do they have enough for a happy, meaningful life, or not? If yes, great, I’m happy that they have a life. If not, I feel resentful on their behalf that life was inflicted upon them.

Life on any and all terms, regardless of quality, is not a gift.

Only a life in which people are assured of human rights, humanity, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh, clean air and water, a good education, meaningful work, and some fun is life worth living.

I’m an atheist, so I have no use for nonsense about some entity governing the universe.

It’s mythology, conjured into human awareness as a means of social and political control.

I will have none of it.

Being polite and saying nothing to those who don’t respect other human being enough to assure them all that – who will treat others as a crop or a weed for mere pleasure of doing so or for profit – does not work.

It’s folly.

So, to all politicians, Democrat and Republican alike, I have this message for you:

Is it true that you are not planning to vote against the confirmations of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General and Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services?

These men are bigots: sexists and racists.

They care nothing for the long-term health of the ecosystem, only short-term economic gain.

They care nothing for the separation of religion and state.

They care nothing for democracy – only for their own power trips and immediate gain.

Therefore, you do in fact intend to vote to confirm them, I have some questions for you:

Are you on some sort of medication?

Are you insane?

Are you the sort who refuses to educate yourself?

Are you caving in to bullies?

Have you been paid off by wealthy donors?

I ask because not doing so and not saying what is on my mind doesn’t seem to be having any effect whatsoever.

Therefore, as long as holding back isn’t doing anything, I’m not going to do that.

Vote against them, or you will be on record as a traitor to your nation, to democracy, and to the people you allegedly represent.

Thank you…for something if you vote against Sessions and Price, and for absolutely nothing if you vote to confirm them.

There are all sorts of Orwellian monsters surfacing all around us right now.

They want to exert control over the rest of us.

They want to watch us, police our thoughts, take our money, our opportunities, our access to information, our freedom of movement, and more.


If being polite enables them, break social norms but not laws to say what’s on your mind.

Keep reading and researching, no matter how much work that is.

Your freedom – mental, physical, and emotional – is worth that.

If you don’t bother to insist upon that freedom, your life isn’t worth living.

Resist the Orwellian humans and machines.

The act of resistance will make it easier to stare each monster in the face, and to act in ways that their algorithms cannot predict, and cannot control.

Destroying the World in Order to Build it Back Up – No Thank You.

Steve Bannon, Trump’s political strategist, has been heard to say that he wants to destroy the world, watch it burn, whatever it takes to remove the social, economic, political, and legal infrastructure that we now have, so that the slate will be cleared for building it anew.

Here is the quote:

“I’m a Leninist,” Bannon proudly proclaimed.

 Shocked, [the reporter] asked him what he meant.

 “Lenin,” he answered, “wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.”

Bannon was employing Lenin’s strategy for Tea Party populist goals. He included in that group the Republican and Democratic Parties, as well as the traditional conservative press.

Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s Closest Adviser, Just Wants to See the World Burn

I’ve written that story, and it isn’t pretty. It’s called Nae-Née. In it, you can watch as the Farmers – banksters, hedge fundsters, corporatists – guys like Trump and his picks for Cabinet posts – stealthily take everything for themselves, everyone else be damned.


It’s fine when it’s a story that makes you think, but not when it’s real. (Dystopian fiction v. dystopian nonfiction!)

Who benefits from all that destruction?

It certainly won’t be the vast majority of those who voted for Bannon’s choice of pyromaniac, Donald J. Trump.


Voters’ remorse is already setting in.

May it set in some more – and more, and more, and more.

Wake up, people.

And hurry up, before your Twitter feeds gets slowed down too much to be useful, or cut off altogether.

Don’t expect any petitions or complaints to Trump’s so-called government to be accepted, let alone read or considered. He doesn’t care, and neither does his Goebbels-reincarnate, Steve Bannon.

Blocking all immigrants until they figure out what they will do for the foreseeable future, vetted through all of the proper channels before being cleared to enter the United States, is unreasonable.

The vetting process is stringent and the immigrants have to take out loans to pay for their plane tickets and whatever else they need.

Obama was never going to just let them all in and overwhelm our social welfare resources.

We aren’t within rowing distance of Syria, after all, so we’re not going to be inundated like Europe is.

Building a wall will choke off ecosystems and further push endangered species toward extinction.

And what about airplanes and tunnels?!

The migrants from Central and South America will still get through.

This is not well thought out.

What our country should do is:

  • Not offend foreign nations that we trade with and pursue scientific endeavors with.
  • Check the U.S. Constitution, case law, existing statutes, and regulations, and consult with attorneys BEFORE taking any action to make sure that it is legal.
  • Keep abortion legal and convenient, and keep birth control conveniently accessible and affordable so that there won’t be yet more people straining and competing for the finite resources that the Earth has available.

But no, Bannon would much rather direct Trump’s pen and destroy everything.

There’s no logic to blocking all reproductive control in favor of religiousness while keeping all foreign talent out.

Just look at our record for Nobel Prize winners. Out of 350 winners, 100 of them have been immigrants. Why stop that?! That would be idiocy.

America’s Nobel success is the story of immigrants

As I said, the Farmers are running the nation, they are clueless, ignorant, and selfish, they don’t think long-term, and they don’t care about the implications or effects of their actions.

The Farmers are not here to make the world better than it was when they found it.

They are out solely for themselves, and they don’t care how miserable they make everyone around them.

Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer have been saying that if the vast majority of us aren’t happy, we can just shut up about it.

Well, we have no intention of shutting up.

We fully intend to spoil their quiet enjoyment of absolutist, fascist, totalitarian power.

The fools who voted for this idiocy are rapidly and collectively getting a galloping case of voter’s remorse, and they won’t put up and shut up, either.

Populism is the new, updated term for fascism.

We’re all onto the fact that the term “alternative facts” is just another way of saying “lies”.

Even if everyone hasn’t yet read George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, it has been discussed enough that it’s common knowledge.

Who knows…the liberals and the populists may soon find some common ground after all.

Steve Bannon, political strategist, is now on the National Security Council.

Joseph Goebbels, Adolph Hitler’s Reich Minister of Propaganda, had a similar position.

If you aren’t alarmed by this similarity, you’re either asleep or pure evil.

The insurrection continued today when acting Attorney General Sally Q. Yates refused to assist with the Farming of immigrants.

It’s not over, and it won’t be until all of the Pumpkingropenfuhrer’s efforts are crushed, and his evil Goebbels doppelganger is removed.

Bannon may want to be one of the Farmers who get to enjoy the spoils of the destruction he hopes to wreak, but look at what happened to Goebbels: the day after Hitler killed himself, he and his poisoned their six children, and then drank poison and killed themselves.

The other Farmers – er, Nazis – were deprived of the spoils they had snatched from the victims of the resource war that they had waged.

They were hanged, imprisoned, disgraced, impoverished, and otherwise made as miserable as it was possible to make them.

That was how World War II turned out.

Why should World War III, which Bannon is gunning for, turn out any different for its instigators and aggressors?

Dystopian Fiction Feels Very Different From Dystopian Nonfiction.

Nineteen Eight-Four by George Orwell.

Mein Kampf by Adolph Hitler.

They are both dystopian books.

One is fiction, one is nonfiction.

Reading one is taking in a story with a moral to it – it’s a cautionary tale to learn from.

The same is true of the other.

The problem is that the first one merely makes you think, while the second one makes you ill.

Well…for most people, that is the case.

There are always a few who thrive on the nonfiction brand of dystopian writing, which is why we need the fiction brand of it.

I write the fiction variety. The Nae-Née series is about what can go horridly wrong with the world.

Much of it already has, and now threatens to do so yet more.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a Barnes & Noble store, looking in the political section for some history and biography books, when I struck up a conversation with a random stranger who was holding a copy of Mein Kampf. He told me it was difficult to even flip through because he was so disgusted by it.

I told him I could relate to that sentiment and handed him a business card (my cards have a list of my books on the backs, including the Nae-Née series).

He was intrigued, and happy to contemplate dystopian fiction.

Of course he was.

It’s just a story – in 3 novels – not reality.


Real life is now following the Nazi playbook.

It’s been renamed “Alt-Right” and “Populism”, but it’s the same stuff, so don’t be fooled – populism is fascism. Populism is for authoritarians, for those who prefer to let others define society on their behalf, for those who want sharply defined barriers and controls between each group, and for those who don’t care if most people are miserable and being bullied as long as they are the ones who are comfortable.

Populism/fascism is born out of resource scarcity and a perception that life used to be easier, that resources used to be accessed with less difficulty and fewer barriers, and a resentment that this is no longer so.

Populism/fascism represents a decision to snatch resources away from others by force.

Populism/fascism represents a misconception that it is the angry masses who will benefit from such actions.

Only the wealthy few will benefit, and only briefly, because when the resource war is over, the aggressors will be in alone and in ruins, even dead, with the masses abandoned to their fate.

Just look at the aftermath of Nazi Germany, and the German people.

The Monuments Men and Women, those military members who were curators of museums, founders of ballet troupes, architects, artists, and others who formed the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives (MFAA) units of the Allied Forces, saw this up close.

George L. Stout, an art conservator from Harvard’s Fogg Art Museum who served in the MFAA, wrote: “I felt [their] bitterness, hatred, the way you feel a raw, north gale. Out of curiosity, I kept looking for some kind of feeling in their faces. It always seemed the same. A kind of hate and something like despair – or else a blank.”*

That is the future result of populism/fascism.

Whatever doesn’t suit the Pumpkingropenfuhrer and his staff, they lie about…and call it “alternative fact” hoping that we’ll all be too hoodwinked by linguistic acrobatics to notice.

We’re noticing anyway.

Socrates said that “Tyranny is probably established out of no other regime than democracy.”

Video: Viewpoint Does democracy lead to tyranny BBC News ?

Dystopian fiction shows dystopian fact, as does history, but too few read history or dystopian fiction, so they repeat themselves.

Reading and understanding these things are not elitist. They are how we protect ourselves against this repetition.

* Robert M. Edsel, THE MONUMENTS MEN: ALLIED HEROES, NAZI THIEVES, AND THE GREATEST TREASURE HUNT IN HISTORY, New York: Little, Brown and Company, 2009, pages 320-321.

Don’t Expect Celebration of a Fascist Authoritarian.

It has finally happened.

Hell has frozen over, or whatever this state of disunion is.

We are officially living in the Untied States of America, and that is not a typographical error.

The size of the crowd must have been deeply disappointing to man whose ego is inextricably wrapped up in perceptions of size.

Trump inauguration crowd on the National Mall, left, versus Obama inauguration crowd, right. (CBS photo)

An authoritarian fascist has been enabled to eviscerate our rights and safety, and he immediately got going on that, cutting funding for programs and grants that work against violence against women. What else can one expect from a rapist and pedophile who has been allowed to go free?!

An abomination is FLOTUS, and her stupid-looking fashions are being advertised on the White House website. Don’t believe it? Check this out:

White House website touts Melania Trump’s modeling and jewelry line

From a Harvard-educated lawyer FLOTUS to a trophy bride in one ceremony.


Too many of our voters have allowed prejudice against Liberals and non-whites to cloud their assessments and analysis of the policies that have benefitted them.

Way Too Many People Think Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act Are Different Things

There is no excuse for ignorance, nor for stupidity. Read, question, research.

I like to read the online academic publication called The Conversation each day.

The articles in it cover all of the topics that venerable newspapers such as The New York Times and The Washington Post – publications that the Pumpkingropenfuhrer disdains and may attempt to block or ban – offer.

Today, one in particular jumped out at me. I read it with interest. It has a lot to say about why we are in this appalling situation, this trap of having no one, neither sane nor reliable, at the helm of our nuclear launch codes, our government, nor our diplomatic and intelligence apparatus.

Call it cognitive dissonance if you don’t want to think about what the authors have to say.

Call it a reality analysis if you are willing to engage your brain to at least attempt to understand how this travesty happened.

Why each side of the partisan divide thinks the other is living in an alternate reality

It starts off by talking about how those who voted for this situation want growth.

Growth?! We need LESS of that, NOT more. The Earth is finite. We are overpopulated.

The celebrants of the rise of this fascist Pumpkingropenfuhrer want the American Dream of property with a house, a job with a comfortable income, marriage, and children, for all…exponentially, in perpetuity.

They don’t even want to contemplate the truth, which is that growth is over, and that we cannot, therefore, all realistically consume resources at the rate that Americans were led to expect to be able consume post-World War II while also reproducing exponentially, which is the only way that any species reproduces.

Soil fertility only has a few more decades left. Our oceans are heating up, killing off coral reefs, as we overfish and deplete species after species. Hunting endangered species continues.

Presenting eco-friendly policies as business-growth opportunities is wise, but it will only get us so far. Libertarian views of reproducing as much as everyone who wishes to reproduce must go.

Anything else is wishful, unrealistic thinking. But…that is the ONLY point of view that the supporters of the Pumpkingropenfuhrer are willing to entertain. That, and infotainment.

Get ready to have a century or so worth of great, inclusive laws that make life worth living erased.

Get ready to have religion shoved down your throat, whether or not it’s your preferred brand of religion, whether or not you even want any.

Get ready to see women, non-whites, disabled people, anyone who isn’t wealthy, and people on the autism spectrum lose out on quality of life.

Get ready to see the ecosystem plundered to the last drop of every drop of water and fossil fuel, and species carelessly depleted.

Get ready to see Internet slowdowns and jamming, and your favorite sites blocked.

Get ready to see the banksters, hedge fundsters, and corporatists – the real-life “Farmers” that I write about – rob us blind with smug faces.

Get ready to see our nation instantly lose all respect around the world that we ever had.

Get ready, because we are under the control of selfish fools who live only in the present, with neither thought nor interest in the long-term.

We are in big trouble.

Good luck to us.

We will need it.

Book 3 of the Nae-Née Series is Out: New World Order Underwater.

At last, I can announce that I am the author of a completed series of novels on human overpopulation.

Here are their covers, done by artists Katelyn M. Gagnon (Book 1) and Steve Palmerton (Books 2 and 3):


The name of the series is Nae-Née, for a birth control nanite. The name is Scottish-French, and translates as “Not-Born”.

The novels each include a detailed, categorized bibliography of academic and other sources. The topics explored in the world of Nae-Née include:

  • human overpopulation
  • abortion access
  • reproductive rights and access laws, both statutes and judicial law
  • migrants, elections
  • banksters/hedge fundsters/corporatists
  • education
  • economic resources and quality of life
  • plastics/recycling/going green
  • police misconduct
  • martial law readiness
  • surveillance/computer hackers
  • Asperger’s
  • genetic editing
  • vaccines
  • biological and chemical weapons
  • International Criminal Court
  • food insecurity
  • biodiversity loss/disruption
  • human encroachment onto animal territory
  • climate change
  • water depletion and scarcity
  • sea level rise
  • air pollution
  • fossil fuel and nuclear fuel use and consequences
  • nature and what we ought to appreciate

This is a list of the titles in the series, which includes 3 books. The third one is the conclusion to the series, and its cover art is in process. The others are available now. These are the titles:

Nae-Née – Birth Control: Infallible, with Nanites and Convenience for All

Avril, the narrator, a professor and lawyer who lives in Connecticut, U.S.A., envisions a birth control nanite. Her husband, Hamish, a nanobotic engineer and physician, makes it a reality. She chooses its name, and an advertising agency tacks on a jingle that mimics the U.S. Pledge to the Flag. At first, Nae-Née is simply a safe, voluntary, and convenience birth control device. Then the United Nations co-opts it as a universal solution to human overpopulation, and promulgates a treaty requiring its use by the entire planet. The treaty enters into force. Meanwhile, the planet’s sea levels rise significantly, straining resources such as food, water, and access to arable land and living space, emphasizing the need for this policy.

Vaccine: The Cull – Nae-Née Wasn’t Enough

Since the adoption of the Nae-Née policy, the banksters, hedge fundsters, and corporatists (collectively called “Farmers” with a capital “F” by Avril) have decided that, as the human population of the Earth is still increasing, something must be done to not only stop this but to reverse it. Following the ideas of the Georgia Guidestones, seen on the book’s cover art, they hatch a secret plot to depopulate the human species down to half a billion via a vaccine. The vaccine is mandatory for the entire population. Some elite few are given harmless vaccines – but most are targeted for the Cull. Avril and Hamish must protect their family while gathering data on the Cull via Hamish’s flying swarms of nanobotic cameras.

New World Order Underwater: The Nae-Née Inventors Strike Back

It is now a year after the Cull began, and the process is complete. Avril and Hamish have brought their family home to Connecticut to a changed world. She assesses the new reality and reviews the masses of data that the nanobotic swarms have accumulated. Avril is determined to do something with it all, but she must understand and be able to prove who the perpetrators of the Cull are. She and Hamish have some idea of this answer, but not yet enough…until the Farmers invite them on a retreat. They accept, secretly releasing their nanobots to gather more information. Soon she is ready to use it. The Farmers find that they cannot treat other human beings as a crop to do with as they please and then enjoy the spoils of their covert resource war.

The novels are available in digital form as Nook and Kindle e-books, and in print.

This is my Amazon Author Page, which lists all of my books:

Together and separately, they show what it would look like as resource scarcity confronts us, what it would be like if various solutions were applied to this problem – both humane and criminal – and what would have to be done to correct society after that, to restore democracy and liberty.

If the ideas presented seem extreme or far-fetched, that’s because they are, and because illustrating the problems confronting us today required it.

As I wrote these novels, I had to force myself to imagine the events depicted in them, however shocking, and to tell myself that it is not real.

That enabled me to keep writing and make these novels available to others.

So now they are completed, and I hope that they make people think, because dystopian fiction is meant to show what can go wrong.

It is not an instruction manual.

It is a warning.