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Welcome to the blog of QueenBeeEdit!

This blog will discuss the issues that my books deal with:

Women’s rights, which covers many categories, environmental collapse, human overpopulation, history/herstory, Asperger’s/autism and Aspie voices, banksters and their role in economic meltdowns, people in fiction, Hawai‘i, Kuwait, other nations in the Middle East, cats, and travel.

My husband, David D. Haines, Ph.D., a molecular cell biologist and immunologist, took me to Kuwait in 2005. We took our cat, Scheherazade, with us (well, I brought her and met David there). I wrote a travelogue about our six-month stay. The travelogue includes our personal experiences, a brief history, and lots of photographs of museums and points of interest.

 AlSadu House - Museum Room with Rug Showing 'Uwairjan Design  AlSadu House - Weaving Room with Looms and Yarns  Scheherazade Cat - Food Photo - Settling Into Her Xmas Dinne

On a trip to Hawai`i – to O`ahu and the Big Island of Hawai`i – I made sure to visit `Iolani Palace and to enjoy everything for another travelogue. After that was completed, I pulled the history sections out of that travelogue to offer as a history book.

Gate - Ua Mau Ke Ea Oka Aina I Ka Pono - motto  Coconut tree in the yard - full of ripe coconuts

Aliiolani Hale - King Kamehameha I Statue  Princess Ka'iulani Statue - triangle of land in her estate

In researching the alarming phenomenon of honeybee and other bee colony collapse disorder, I gathered many photographs of bees and flowers. I will share some here.

Natural Honeycomb - 3

Variegated-Leaf Lavender Iris - Portrait with the Peony Leaves  Raspberry Pink Peony - Portrait - 2014

Bee in Flight Over an Iris - Close-Up

The banksters who finance colony collapse disorder via corporate lobbyists are described in The Book of Thieves, and this narrative continues in The Bear Guarding the Beehive.

New York Stock Exchange - Across from the J.P. Morgan Residence

Human overpopulation and its effect on the ecosystem also fascinates me. So do police surveillance states, nanotechnology, lifespan extension in medicine, and social initiatives to “save” the planet. All of the issues I have written motivate me to use dystopian science fiction consider how, if carried to their logical conclusions, i.e. a train wreck of epic proportions.

The result has been my Nae-Née series. Nae-Née is a brand name for a birth control nanite. It translates as “Not-Born”.

The cover art for those books shows elements of my many interests. You can view it on this site’s page of my books.

A beautiful black-and-orange-and-white Kuwaiti calico cat named Scheherazade will soon have her own book.

She was a war hero whom my husband met and adopted on Failaka Island, Kuwait. Here she is:

Scheherazade Cat Sleeping

If you would like to buy one of my books, they are available at:

Controversial issues and statements will not be avoided. They are what makes life interesting and worth pondering.

Articles and websites will be shared here, with my thoughts on them.

Enjoy perusing it all.


Unhappy Earth Overshoot Day!

Unhappy Earth Overshoot Day!

Today is the day that we humans as a species are officially considered to be overdrawn on our use of the Earth’s Bank Account.

What is the Earth’s Bank Account?

That term refers to the Earth’s natural resources: healthy food, safe and clean water, clean air, space in which to live, minerals, etc.

There is a website that deals with this issue called Earth Overshoot Day:

Earth Overshoot Day 2016

Earth Overshoot Day Logo

On this site, one can look up the human ecological footprint in various spots around the planet. It’s fun and interesting to look up…and depressing.

We humans currently, as of this writing, number 7.4 billion. The precise number keeps rising, but here is what I just found: 7,417,192,146.

There are several world population meters online, but this one is my favorite:

It has a lot of different categories, including geographic, demographic, age, health, type of death, births, miscarriages, abortions, etc.

I like to see the breakdown.

Last night, I looked on the Population Matters page of Facebook and found myself reading article after article.

It doesn’t help that the Summer Olympics of 2016 are currently underway in one of the most water-polluted cities on the planet, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There have been several articles about that problem this week, including run-downs of the bacteria and viruses that are 50 percent higher there than in nations with better infrastructure, such as the United States, Canada, Japan, France, Britain, etc. The point is that the relatives and coaches and other foreigners in that city to watch the athletes will likely get terribly sick if they go near the beaches or rivers, as will any athlete not taking preventive antibiotics. Even then, it’s a significant risk.

Here is the article I found last night:

‘Don’t put your head under water’: Athletes who ingest just three teaspoons of Rio water risk getting violently ill

This morning, I found another one on Rio’s fetid water:

Brazil’s sewage woes reflect the growing global water quality crisis

Each article includes several photographs to illustrate the point, but it is a far cry from being there, seeing the fecal matter and trash up close, and smelling it. People attending the Olympics will come away with a profound sense of disgust and, hopefully, alarm.

But will anything much be done about this once the event is over? Human nature suggests that it will not.

I kept reading because I was hooked. Population problems drew me in as usual.

Egypt’s population has increased to 90 million. Irrigating the banks of the River Nile will only go so far, and then it can’t reach everyone, because there are just too many people who need to be reached. They also don’t have enough jobs or food, and struggle to pay the rent. What they really need first and foremost is access to birth control, but stupid husbands who block their wives’ access to it in various Islamic nations get in the way. This NPR story highlighted a family with 9 children who can pretty much forget about a future with a good life of fresh food and education, nor of interesting work. Actually…forget about the work too. No work.

Egypt’s Population Surges Past 90 Million, Straining Resources of a Poor Nation

It doesn’t get any better in China or India. In fact, it gets worse there, with India looking ahead to a thoroughly miserable future of millions of young people, both skilled and unskilled, seeking nonexistent jobs. I have chatted with some of them online. They want to get married, they are very unhappy being celibate (due to their culture and unmarried status), and they are unconcerned about preventing future births. I find this appalling but not at all surprising. They will be passing the same miserably unsolvable problems on to a subsequent generation if they proceed. If I were one of them, I would already be furious with my parents for creating me and thus foisting this situation upon me. But…too bad! There must be offspring to act as old-age caregivers to the current parents of adult children. Silly me…I thought that reproduction was a gamble, and one that may or may not pay off. The offspring may move far, far away and thus not be a caregiver to you. The offspring may get killed in an accident or resource war. They offspring may simply not want to be a caregiver. Life brings all sorts of nasty and unexpected surprises.

This article discusses the statistics of future humans in India and the misery that they can expect with unemployment, in some detail:

By 2050, Millions Of Youth In India Are Going To Be Unemployed: Report Reveals How

It even has a disturbing image of unhappy Indian guys staring back at the reader. They already exist! The article wastes no time in mentioning that this situation is already leading to violence. Oh, yay! So much for women traveling in the Land of Spices to see the beautiful sites, hear the sitar music, and taste the delectable Indian recipes. The land will be overrun with angry young men, full of hormones…

The BBC took the anxiety to another ring of hell on Earth by discussing the difficulty of inducing men in Africa to use condoms and thus prevent the spread of disease, such as Herpes and AIDS. It’s also nice not to end up stuck with children who can’t be fed, clothed, or educated due to such carelessness, thoughtlessness, and selfishness, which is still a major obstacle to condom use.

How do you make a man wear a condom?

Meanwhile in the developed world, we in the United States are insufficiently concerned about human overpopulation. We are still reproducing at a rate that far outstrips our own resources, importing much of our food, and using more and more space for housing and cemeteries (why can’t we all just be cremated, and thus save space for the living while never giving the maggots a chance to feast on us?!).

Growing population drives demand for housing

I mentioned cemeteries, so here is an older article, entitled City Cemeteries Face Gridlock, that deals with the problem:

Hindus who go to the River Ganges for purification ritual baths now encounter rotting corpses. Not quite the experience they were looking for…

Dead bodies found floating in Indian river: More than 100 decaying bodies thought to be water burials surface in river Ganges considered sacred by Hindus.

Hong Kong and Singapore are having trouble keeping their dead in one place, as there are time limits on space due to new dead coming into cemeteries every 15 years. Cremation seems more feasible, and many are opting for it.

How Asia’s dead are causing instability

I wonder when cremation will become the norm, and then the standard, and then required for all? Not soon enough to help the planet, and us!

Cremation on its own would be enough for me, but this idea takes it a bit farther, to growing a tree where the ashes go. Great, but scattering eliminates the need to visit a cemetery, which are often dangerous places due to humans with criminal intent. Still, I like it.

How to Turn Into a Tree After You Die

But as long as we are overpopulated by living humans, we have quality-of-life issues to deal with:

What happens when a nation can’t accommodate the needs of its population? The population migrates elsewhere. Never mind whether or not “elsewhere” can accommodate both its own population and newcomers, though. It is considered politically incorrect and reprehensible to protect one’s own nation’s space, resources, and cultural identity by refusing to take in migrants. Places with stable, native populations are under siege, and those native populations are not happy about it. Hence the salutation of this post, “UNhappy Earth Overshoot Day”.

Britain’s population could overtake FRANCE within a decade as migrants looking to start families flock to the UK

This story by Bloomberg News talks about the result of all of these problems that we can reasonably expect. We can expect it right now, in fact.

Recipe For War: Remove Water and Food, Add Ethnic Strife—Then Stir

Women who are not maternal and who do not wish to reproduce ought to be respected rather than criticized, and since I am one of them, I demand this from people in my everyday life. There is nothing wrong with not wanting babies, with having other personal goals, with loving cats instead of unnecessary human offspring/DNA replicants, and thus not making Earth Overshoot Day come any earlier in the year than it already does.

For the record, we are NOT childless. We are called child-free. This term reflects the fact that we are happy about our situation.

People who don’t have children benefit our environment more than any campaign – it’s time to celebrate them

I want fresh fruits and vegetables for all, great educations for all, interesting, fulfilling work for all, and plenty of personal space along with respect for people who choose not to reproduce. That’s why I put all of those ideas into a dystopian science fiction series. I want people to think about all of this, the ramifications of what will happen if we do nothing about any of it or if we do much about it – both good and bad ramifications – and I want them to discuss it. No solution is perfect, but questioning nothing and doing nothing different is idiocy, so I wrote my books. One more is in the works. Almost finished!

Final Nae-Nee Cover Art - Katelyn M. Gagnon - Lulu Publishing Format Vaccine - The Cull - Final Cover Illustration by Steve Palmerton

The Nae-Née novels are available in digital and printed formats on Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s websites.

Please check them out. They tell an interesting tale of overshoot and lead the reader on a merry tour of the world and its ecological bank account.

The first book was even trolled, which means it touched a few nerves, so it’s not dull, bland, or unremarkable. Quite the opposite is true.

Unhappy Earth Overshoot Day to you!





An Inflammatory Topic No Matter How One Addresses It: Human Overpopulation!

There is no chance that, if people see what others write about human overpopulation, none of them will have a strong reaction to it.

Overpopulation Stork Rowing Through an Ocean of Plastic TrashOverpopulated Earth - Land Masses Saturated with Humans

Take this statement, for example:

One Million Women wants to induce people to reduce their impact on the planet? Really? Then encourage people not to reproduce. We are too many. Stop using and throwing away plastic AND stop making babies. We are 7.4 billion on a planet with a carrying capacity, when last measured, of 2 billion. We had that many in 1930. It is quite likely that the Earth’s carrying capacity is now less than it was.

I wrote that on Facebook, and on the website with the article that it refers to.

This topic fascinates me, and there is entirely too little debate or discussion about it.

People who want kids and grandkids take it upon themselves to feel personally attacked over such statements, and I am disgusted with them for it.

The statement does not include any profanity, nor does it single out and scold anyone in particular.

Facebook has some software shortcomings – possibly deliberate, as this just started – which make it impossible to share directly to a page that one manages. Instead, one must share first to one’s personal page, and then from there to a page that one manages. After that, forget deleting it from the personal page and just having it where you want it. That makes all posts vanish. Unacceptable.

So…I posted it on my own page, as is my right, and thought, why not? I have a page for my Nae-Née series, but when I put things there, nothing much happens. Let’s see if anyone even notices. Well…someone noticed. I don’t sit at my computer constantly, nor do I have a hand-held device. I refuse to acquire one of those surveillance gadgets – they can be hacked by corporations and the government. A desktop computer is enough of an opening.

A few hours later, I came back to 2 fewer Facebook Friends and a long thread of discussion. Interesting.

The first comment kicked it off, one that I had replied to before leaving my desk.

Friend with Grandkids: “Some of your comments you should keep to yourself. Choose better words to get your point across. You then will be more success bringing awareness to our world’s problem.

Me: “I shall stay strident. It’s already an extremely unpopular thing to say and advocate. People hate this truth.

Friend with Grandkids: “Your opinion of whether some should have a child or not it’s just that – your opinion, not the truth. Don’t flatter yourself to think you are the one who knows the truth.

Me: “I think you just don’t want me to state that assessment. Here’s another: I don’t think that anyone who already exists should not exist. Too late – they exist. I think people should not assume that there is no reason not to just have however many kids they want, just because they want them. It is the truth that our planet has too many humans on it. That is an objective fact. As for what to do about it, that part is my opinion, and I won’t take either segment of this back.

That was all until I came back, during which time she apparently got thoroughly worked up, fought with other people who weighed in, and left.

The other people did point out that I had kept it civil and done nothing unreasonable, but there it is.

Human overpopulation is an issue that presents objectively true science and then leads to emotionalism on the other side.

I have an opinion about how to deal with what the science tells us, and that is that almost none of us should reproduce.

Also, let’s face it: everyone never does or refrains from doing whatever it is that they should or should not do.

If they did, there would be no dystopian novels, and nothing to think about.

It seems to me that a huge majority of our species just wants to enjoy life without any upsets or controversy, using resources thoughtlessly.

I won’t watch football or whatever other sporting event one could mention. I don’t like them, nor do I like the mindset that goes with them.

I like to think and incite debate. (Oh…she said that I “insite” and mentioned filters and auto-correct. I neither use nor need those.)

An individual I know likes to incite debate in a very nasty, personal way. He starts out civilly enough, but escalates it into a fight, especially if people decline to debate. He likes to get them whipped into a frenzy of upset, if possible, but few take the bait. Many just leave.

I find that that is not necessary. Simply expressing a minority opinion with no profanity or personal attacks can, given the right issue, achieve intense debate and emotional engagement. All one needs is an inflammatory issue.

Ironically, I don’t want upset. I want discussion.

But I can’t have it with human overpopulation.

Far too many people see the slightest mention of the topic as a personal attack.

And they say that Aspies are the strident, overly emotional, socially inept ones…

…no. It goes the other way, too.

Politicians fear this issue, but I suspect that they may find that maintaining a viable democracy in an overpopulated world is impossible, and thus covertly move to significantly – drastically – reduce our numbers. This “reset” may – or may not – then lead to a restoration of democracy.

I have one more novel coming soon that addresses that question. Thus far, 2 of them are out.

The novels in my Nae-Née dystopian science fiction series have detailed bibliographies. The source material includes both fiction and nonfiction books, academic journal articles, news articles, blog articles, editorials, videos, television episodes, movies, documentaries, and is divided by topic.

Final Nae-Nee Cover Art - Katelyn M. Gagnon - Lulu Publishing Format Vaccine - The Cull - Final Cover Illustration by Steve Palmerton

The series doesn’t shy away from unpleasant or uncomfortable truths or points of view.

For that, and for the fact that, like myself, the narrator has Asperger’s (she’s on the talkative end of the autism spectrum), the 1st novel has been the target of spurious attacks by internet trolls…all within the same 24-hour period in November of 2014. I know this because someone ratted them out and provided me with evidence, in the form of a screen grab.

Tabatha Swart - troll Nae-Nee post, secretly shared

Later on, I found out that these lunatics lived to bully people. One lady wrote to me to say that they had bullied her over having cancer, of all things.

People are incredible, and not always in a good way.

The topics explored in the world of Nae-Née include:

  • human overpopulation
  • abortion access
  • reproductive rights and access laws
  • migrants, elections
  • banksters/hedge fundsters/corporatists
  • education
  • economic resources and quality of life
  • plastics/recycling/going green
  • police misconduct
  • martial law readiness
  • surveillance/computer hackers
  • Asperger’s
  • genetic editing
  • vaccines
  • biological and chemical weapons
  • food insecurity
  • biodiversity loss/disruption
  • human encroachment onto animal territory
  • climate change
  • water depletion and scarcity
  • sea level rise
  • air pollution
  • fossil fuel and nuclear fuel use and consequences
  • nature and what we ought to appreciate.

Nae-Née is a complex world, just as the one that we live in is complex.

Life doesn’t excuse you from the necessity to think.

There is something that continues to puzzle me about people:

Why do so many have no interest/curiosity about things, but simply wish to live, consume resources, and pay no attention to the problems of the world? Why?!

This is why I write what I write.









Drought Advisory + Niagara Bottling Sucking Us Drier = Natural Insecurity.

Connecticut has been issued a drought advisory asking private citizens to consume less water.

State Issues ‘Drought Advisory,’ Farmers Worried Lack of Rainfall Damaging Crops

Anyone, be they professional farmers whose livelihoods depend on growing crops or homeowners with small gardens, are urged to use less water.

People are being asked not to water lawns as much or wash their cars. No word on car wash businesses or how much less to water lawns, but the outrageous timbre to this demand glares out nonetheless. Why is that?

The reason is that a corporation called Niagara Bottling continues with construction of its plant in Bloomfield, Connecticut.


The construction site on Woodland Avenue in Bloomfield, Connecticut of the not-distant-future Niagara Bottling plant. (Photo by Stephanie C. Fox)

Once built, this plant will suck up 1.8 million gallons of our water per day, ship it elsewhere, and sell it.

Bloomfield’s Valerie Rossetti, one of the Save Our Water activists, spoke to a television reporter about this recently. She was very eloquent.

Save Our Water Connecticut reacts to bottling plant locating in Bloomfield, Connecticut

Val Rossetti of Save Our Water on WFSB Channel 3 News - 7 July 2016

Val Rossetti interviewed about the Niagara Bottling invasion of Bloomfield, Connecticut on WFSB Channel 3 News on July 7, 2016.

Why should we who live here accept this?! We should not.

We should not have to take shorter showers, let our crops wither and die and thus depend solely on grocery stores for fruits and vegetables, nor have less water to cook them, nor less with which to wash dishes and ourselves.

Save Our Water Button - Bloomfield

Our natural security is at stake, so we will not accept this situation and let our town politicians, nor the Metropolitan District Commission (MDC), nor Niagara Bottling move along without constantly ruining their peace and quiet enjoyment of life after unleashing this invasion of our ecosystem upon us.

They shall not be allowed to simply proceed without being bothered endlessly about it.

Transparency was thwarted in this entire process.

Notice and an opportunity to be heard was denied.

Money was placed ahead of independent research and long-term ecological health.

The public was lied to by omission, stealth, and deceit.

We will not accept this and surrender to drought.

It is unreasonable to announce that we will not have a drought in the foreseeable future.

We already have a drought advisory.

Just for that, the deal ought to be off with Niagara Bottling, and their entire investment in this area for naught.


Who Do You Think Creates U.S. Currency?

Who do you think creates U.S. currency?

I don’t mean who prints it or issues it, because that is the United States government, specifically the U.S. Treasury Department.

Seriously…who do you think creates it?

A. The U.S. government.

B. The U.S. Treasury Department.

C. Some other entity.

Perhaps it will help to take a look at some actual U.S. currency.

Here are some bank notes, a one-dollar bill and a five-dollar bill.

Federal Reserve Note - One Dollar - U.S. Bankster CurrencyFederal Reserve Note - Five Dollars - U.S. Bankster Currency

Look carefully at them. They are green on the backs, and have U.S. political figures on the fronts. (By the way, U.S. money doesn’t have to have U.S. Presidents on it. Benjamin Franklin is on the one-hundred-dollar bill, and he was a diplomat, not an office holder.)

Keep looking.

Look at the top of the fronts, and remember what I just called them: bank notes.

They’re not created by the government at all! They’re created by a bank.

But wait, you might say, the bank in question is called the Federal Reserve.

Doesn’t that make it part of the United States government?

No, it doesn’t.

The Federal Reserve System was created in 1913 at the behest of our nation’s leading banksters, who included J.P. Morgan, plus corporate leaders in steel and oil, namely Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller.

They insisted upon having the word “federal” included in the name.

The idea was to fool the United States public into not taking a second glance at it, and to not question the fact that we are using money that has been conjured into existence by banksters. It’s not backed by anything. It’s called “fiat” money, which means it’s all brought into existence by a mere declaration.

Who is doing the declaring? Banksters. The Chairperson of the Federal Reserve is always someone from the banking world.

Just go onto Wikipedia or whatever other site you wish – or better yet, a combination of sites – and check that.

The United States Constitution, in Article I, Section 8, Clause 5, grants to Congress the power “to coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures.”

It does not have the power to create currency itself.

The United States government is therefore merely a numismatist – a dealer in coins.

The last time we had government-created currency was during the Civil War, when Abraham Lincoln issued it. That was when the term “Greenbacks” came into use. Our money, regardless of who was issuing it, has been decorated with green ink on the obverse side ever since.

U.S. Currency - Civil War EraU.S. Currency - Greenbacks - 1863 - 10 Dollars

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, published in 1900, was actually about banksters. “Oz” was a reference to 16 ounces/oz. of silver.

The Wizards of Wall Street are still running a brisk business of currency conjuring, inflating bubbles of credit and loans for you name it, far beyond anyone’s capacity to ever pay. If they fail, the Fed bails the preferred banks out, and lets the rest roil in misery.

Who are they? Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, Citibank, Bank of America.

Those are the “preferred banksters” who are allegedly “too big to fail” even though they do fail, only to be rescued.

We the public are being played by the wizards behind the curtain, who don’t report how or what they are doing.

I describe some of this in The Book of Thieves, which is written like a short, dark, metaphoric fairy tale retelling of the 2008 meltdown.

Books by Stephanie C. Fox, J.D_clip_image004

Our government borrows whatever money it needs to keep going from the Federal Reserve System.

Our taxes go straight into the Federal Reserve to pay the every-increasing national debt.

This is, in large part, why we are drowning in debt, individually and as a nation.

It gets worse when you look at the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

The International Monetary Fund regulates the value of nations’ currencies relative to one another by having it “float”. That means that it can increase or decrease the value of each nation’s currency as it sees fit, thus crashing or rebooting any nation’s economy while regulating exchange rates.

The World Bank provides credit to war-ravaged and underdeveloped nations.

The two organizations date back to the end of World War II and the Bretton Woods Accords.

We really ought to insist that our government amend the U.S. Constitution to grant Congress the power to create ALL U.S. currency.

We ought to disband the IMF and the World Bank and thus depose the banksters.

We ought to actually declare our independence – from banksters.

I don’t think we will, but we ought to do so.

Instead, we are living under the thumbs of financial terrorists, endlessly buried in debt slavery, paying taxes that don’t benefit us.

At the very least, someone might read this blog post and wake up.

That would be something positive.

On that note, Happy Independence Day.





While You’re Watching Television, Your Television Is Watching You.

While you’re watching television, it is watching you.

Television with Eyes, Watching the Viewer

It knows what you are watching and saves the data.

If you talk in front of it, it records that, too.

Then it allows hackers and the Orwellian No Such Agency to reap the data.

The government thus learns your interests and entertainment preferences, along with your political, religious, social, and economic views.

So do corporations who want to use that data to market their products to you.

Sound like a science fiction story?

Well…bad news: it’s not just a story anymore. It’s a reality.

I’m terrified of my new TV: Why I’m scared to turn this thing on — and you’d be, too

We are living in the Orwellian police surveillance state right now.

I didn’t dream this up. It’s the hardware and software built into and encoded with your television, computer, and hand-held device.

In Vaccine: The Cull – Nae-Née Wasn’t Enough, I describe the narrator’s husband, a nanobotic engineer, taking apart new TVs and putting them back together again just to thwart this.

Vaccine - The Cull - Final Cover Illustration by Steve Palmerton

In the next Nae-Née novel, currently in progress, this is done again, with emphasis on hacking the devices right back. I won’t say anything more on the plot here, but the police surveillance state will still be a presence in that series.

So…what can we do about this in reality?

Take a lesson from Mark Zuckerberg, for one thing, and put a piece of tape over the camera in your laptop, and over any other camera associated with your digital devices. Turn the microphones off, too, when you aren’t using them to communicate.

Mark Zuckerberg Covers His Laptop Camera. You Should Consider It, Too.

It’s none of the government’s or any corporation’s damned business what you like, what you say, or what you think.

Anyone who says otherwise is willing to sacrifice the U.S. Constitution and all of its liberties to safeguard someone else’s security…like the Farmers (banksters, hedge fundsters, and corporatists) that I write about in my Nae-Née series.

That’s just fiction, written to provoke thought about issues that matter, NOT a prescription for reality.


Resources are Strained, and People Wonder Why Brexit Happened! Really!?

Seriously?! How can people not understand why Brexit happened? The causes are no great mystery. They are all around us:

Human overpopulation leads to ecosystems collapse which leads to economic collapse.

Add to the mix developed nations treating a crowded and crashed ecosystem like an expendable gas station of a nation, plus religiousness to the mix, and pretty soon there’s a resource war with economic migrants and climate refugees (who are the same people!) leaving in droves.

Where will they go but wherever they imagine life is better?

They will be utterly heedless of the consequences to that place, which are overcrowding and a crashing of its social welfare net…leading to crime by both migrants and natives, followed by social unrest.

And so here we are at Brexit.

What explains Britain’s Brexit shocker?

Focusing part of the blame for economic woes on immigrants is NOT irrational. Resources are finite, NOT infinite. The problem is sharing them with hordes of newcomers. That strains standards of living.

We are entirely too addicted to growth in the developed world. We ought to focus far more on a sustainable standard of living, especially in corporations, which are obsessed with their bottom line and paying shareholders. Banksters and hedge fundsters are a major contributing factor to the problem as well. Just look at what George Soros did:

Soros FAIL: The Man Who Broke the Bank of England Can’t Make Them Stay

Add to all that the fact that many immigrants come from cultures which treat women as less than men and ruin our freedom of movement and sense of security, and then add to that the fact that immigrants arrive pregnant, with children, and with the intent to reproduce some more, and you get Brexit.

Welcome to the land of heavy surveillance at every turn combined with policies that seek to avoid seeming callous and horrible by admitting as many migrants as possible, even though the host nations cannot possibly afford to do so. The Orwellian police state is a reality.

A CCTV camera trained on Parliament Square is seen in front of Houses of Parliament in London, England. Oli Scarff for Getty Images

A CCTV camera trained on Parliament Square is seen in front of Houses of Parliament in London, England. (Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

Natives of those nations see – quite accurately – their way of life being threatened as the newcomers want society to bend to their culture. NO.

Why should they do that?!

It means that women’s freedom and schedule of movement and other quality of life issues are threatened. Once that is suggested, you’ve lost me, and you’ve lost any other woman with half a brain. News flash: we all have whole brains, so none of us are in favor of that!

This is why I wrote Vaccine: The Cull – Nae-Née Wasn’t Enough. I wanted to provoke thought about these issues, and I included them all in it.

Vaccine - The Cull - Final Cover Illustration by Steve Palmerton



Success! The Sign Kept the Insecticide Demon Away.

Some of what I tell you in this blog post may come across as politically incorrect.

My intention is not to be offensive to anyone, but rather to accurately and completely explain the difficulties that I am up against.

Here is the situation:

I live in a condominium. The association hires an insecticide sprayer each year to poison lawns and gardens.

Individual residents can do little to stop the insecticide demon from toxifying their flowers and edible plants, but I did something, and it worked.

As I have mentioned before, I grow beautiful flowering plants each spring, and then shift my attention for the rest of the growing season to food.

It’s going well this year, and I’ll share some beautiful photographs in this post.

But first, the sign: I made a sign on my computer, printed it twice on matte photo paper, put each one into a clear heavyweight sheet protector with the bottom part open, which I then sealed with clear tape, and then hung them up on both of the wooden light-posts in our yard with clear tacks.


Here is the sign as a PNG image. Anyone who wants it is welcome to copy it off of this website and use it in their yard to protect bees:

NO Insecticides to Be Sprayed Here - Sign

I showed it to my husband, and he said that I ought to have included something about surveillance:

Digital Eye of Surveillance  Dome type CCTV camera security - watching at all times

But no…the signs were up, and I decided to give them a chance. I could always rush outside and forbid the insecticide demon to spray a drop.

Here’s the politically incorrect part of the story: my father said that the sign was beautiful, but that there was a problem with it. What was that, I asked him? “It’s in English,” he replied.

I told him that I had met the insecticide demon last year, and he spoke fluent American English with no accent and no grammatical errors.

My father thought that I had met only the boss, and that some employee demons might not be able to read the sign.

Well, this week, an insecticide truck pulled up when I wasn’t watching, but my mother saw the whole thing.

A guy with a transparent, whitish container of poison on his back and a long, metal nozzle connected to it hopped out, walked into our yard, saw the sign, and stopped short. He leaned over and read the sign, and then turned around, left our yard, and got back into the truck, which moved on.

It worked!

I knew those demons were fluent in English. They handle poison, after all!

Here are some images from this spring’s Foxhole flower garden:

Beverly Sills Pink Iris with Blue Victoria Iris - May 2016 - side view  Blue-and-White Iris - May 2016 - 2  DSC_1509

The pastels in pink, blue, lavender, and white are my favorites. I feel as though I wait all year for this part of the growing season, and now it’s here.

DSC_1591  Raspberry Pink Peonies - June 2016 - 1

The peonies have been spectacular, and they smell wonderful, too. It’s all worth it. I can thank the bees who have visited my yard for it, too.

I’ve seen several beautiful, big, furry bumblebees. They’re nice animals, and I have actually talked to them, thanking them for coming.

If you just leave them alone and don’t try to touch them, don’t try to bother them or swat at them, all is well.

My neighbor asked about it, and I told her what the difference in appearance is between wasps (no fur, and they brown wings) and honeybees and bumblebees (fur and clear wings). She seemed relieved to know which is which.

The bees are worth all this effort and trouble.

That’s why I wrote The Bear Guarding the Beehive.







Scheherazade Cat: The Story of a War Hero – A Tale/Tail of Adopting a Wonderful Pet

Scheherazade Cat: The Story of a War Hero is a book about a wonderful Kuwaiti cat who was adopted by a soldier at the end of the war there. She became his honored pet, and lived for 15 years.

We are currently seeking a literary agent to represent this book to a publisher, so if you know of one who might be interested – or if you are such an agent – please post a comment and tell us!

Scheherazade Cat - The Story of a War Hero - Cover Art - QueenBeeEdit Watermark

In 1991, at the end of the Persian Gulf War, Lt. David D. Haines, a U.S. Army chemical weapons officer, was assigned to lead a mission on Failaka Island, which can be reached via ferry from mainland Kuwait.

The mission was to collect any military equipment of value.

It was complicated by thousands of dust-colored, camouflaged cluster munitions, which had been dropped on the island to push out the Iraqi invaders. With them gone, French militia were working to remove the cluster bomblets, but it was a monumental task, and the remaining ones posed a significant threat.

While leading his unit across the island one day, David encountered a beautiful Kuwaiti kitten, a black-and-orange-and-white calico, playing with one of these cluster bombs.

It was a dud, and it looked like a little ball to her, but the humans knew it could be lethal.

He ordered a halt, and the unit left the area, but he couldn’t stop thinking about that kitten, so the next day, they lured her and caught her.

This is the image in which David first held Scheherazade:

David Holding Scheherazade Kitten Up - They are Assessing Each Other - QueenBeeEdit Watermark

To find out the details, you’ll have to read the book.

The story has been eloquently written by the soldier’s wife, Stephanie C. Fox, and beautifully illustrated in watercolor by Milena Radeva.

To see a teaser-preview of the book and read about the cat and the people involved, see:

Scheherazade Cat Book – 10-Page Teaser-Preview

This is Scheherazade Cat, napping in the sunlight:

Scheherazade Cat Asleep on Our Bed in Kuwait - Stephanie C. Fox Photograph - QueenBeeEdit Watermark

About the Author:

Stephanie C. Fox, J.D. has written and published 10 books in a variety of genres, including dystopian science fiction, memoir, history, travelogue, short story, and one of her own creation: short, dark, metaphoric fairy tale about a social issue, such as honeybee colony collapse. Her work can be viewed at

Bee Lives Matter – Let’s Keep Our Yards Bee-Friendly!

It’s spring, soon to be summer, and the growing season is underway.

I love it.

I love watching my iris plants blossom, followed by the pastel and raspberry pink peonies.


This is how my iris garden looked last week, in full bloom. It’s all pastels – pinks, blues, whites, and lavenders. (Photo by Stephanie C. Fox)

As soon as the local nursery offered its yearly supplies of heirloom tomato plants, other tomato plants, nasturtium plants, zucchini squash, and others that grow edible items for sale, I went shopping and planted my garden just behind the irises. That’s where I put the food plants: behind the pretty stuff. I also have a small raspberry bush in among the iris bulbs.

Tomato plants with Fox statue - she has a new pink ribbon - May 2016

This is my vegetable garden. I will water it as needed all summer, water bottling corporation be damned! Take that, Niagara Bottling, MDC, and any other entity that might try to tell me that I can’t grow my own food! (Photo by Stephanie C. Fox)

It’s a condominium, so keeping bees is out, or I would try having a top-frame beehive. That would be fun.

Natural model beehive with honeycomb inside - 2

This is a top-frame beehive with the cover off. Each slat is a top-piece that fits into the frame. Pull one out, and it’s a hanging honeycomb, made by bees, with varying sizes of hexagonal cells. This is better than a Langstroth beehive in that leaving the bees to control the size of the cells makes it easier for them to keep mites out of the harder-to-reach ones. (Photo by Stephanie C. Fox, from The Bear Guarding the Beehive)

But there’s another reason why I wouldn’t do that: every year, whether the residents like it or not, a man with an insecticide bottle strapped to his back and holding its long, narrow, metal dispensing nozzle, goes around to our yards looking for weeds. He sprays this crap on anything he thinks is a weed. What if it’s not a weed, but a plant that we want?! What if a resident has written to the board of directors to say that they don’t want this?!

We need a new policy, allowing people to opt out of this. I want to opt out. It’s a waste of money at the very least, and a travesty at worst.

Last Friday, I wrote a letter to the board of directors of the condominiums where I live, copied to the property manager, about the bees, and about my determination not to have insecticides sprayed without my consent on my plants. I don’t want my food poisoned. I want the bees to visit!

Here is that letter:

Dear Bxxxxxx Board:

Please make sure that NO insecticide is sprayed in my yard all summer.

I write this message each year, because nothing else works.

Even this doesn’t work perfectly; last year, the insecticide spraying demon appeared with his bottle of poison on his back and long metal dispensing nozzle anyway.

When I came outside, I said, “Don’t spray a drop!”

He actually had the gall to whine to me: “This is how I make my living.”

Well, he can just make his living another way.

Insecticides should not be uniformly sprayed all over everyone’s plants whether we want that or not, nor should this issue be treated as if it isn’t important.

It is a waste of money to toxify our yards.

We should have a choice about this, not be forced to lurk at home and rush outside to protect our flowers and other plants so that bees and butterflies survive to pollinate them.

I have done extensive research on this and published a book, The Bear Guarding the Beehive, which many of you have seen:

When insecticides are used, you can’t pick and choose which insects die – they all die.

Instead of poison, I shall weed my garden by hand. It’s great exercise, and healthier for all concerned.

I am copying this message to Lxxxx Wxxxx, but I want a reply assuring me that my plants won’t be poisoned.

Thank you very much for your attention and consideration.


Stephanie C. Fox, J.D.

After I sent it off, I called a neighbor who cares about this, and exhorted her to write a letter of her own.

Hopefully, more people will do this and things will change.

Bees are responsible for one out of every three bites of food that we humans eat. We need them.

Bee lives matter.



Sucking Deserts Drier for Bottled Water, Lawns, and Golf Courses: Another Definition of Insanity.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same result.

Insanity: sucking deserts, ecosystems that are meant to be arid and thus devoid of grass, greenery, and much water, dry for lawns, golf courses, and most idiotic of all, bottled water.

Spock - to destroy your planet's ecosystem is highly illogical

Money is created by fiat – declaration by banksters, who own and control the Federal Reserve (no, it is not owned by the U.S. government). The banksters create money. It’s imaginary. Corporations want that money, and will do whatever it takes, including crash ecosystems, to acquire it.

The rest of us get left with permanent damage.

Despite the lack of logic and sheer insanity involved, water bottling corporations such as Niagara Bottling and Nestlé seek to plunder whatever water they can acquire in whatever ecosystem they can get it from, whether desert, as in California, or verdant green, as in Connecticut, and damn the consequences as long as they get temporary financial gains by doing so.

Nestlé’s C.E.O., Peter Brabeck, has actually had the gall to say that there is no human right to water.

There are plenty of people all over this planet who disagree with him, and outnumber him, but his corporation has armies of attorneys.

He is armed and dangerous, loaded with the ammunition required to steal our water wherever he chooses to go, and to get legal permission to commit these environmental crimes.

This article asks an important question:

What Happens When the American Southwest Runs Out of Water?

Answer: drought-driven resource war, right at home in our own, developed and over-developed nation.

The very next line of this article, the sub-headline, talks about how we tried to “conquer” Nature.

Ludicrous! You can’t conquer Nature, only cope with it. It is the most powerful force there is, after all.

My mother found that article, showed it to me, and said that she wanted to see what Lake Mead looked like before it got depleted of water.

Funny! Depleted in a desert, where an artificial lake was created to fuel human growth – growth which doesn’t belong there…

I read through the article. No mention of any other image, so I did a Google Image search and found this:

Lake Mead in 1985 (top image), as compared to Lake Mead in 2010. Drought has brought the reservoir to all-time lows this year. Credit - NASA

Lake Mead in 1985 (top image), as compared to Lake Mead in 2010. Drought has brought the reservoir to all-time lows this year. (Credit: NASA)

The article mentions a concept called a “Great Climate Change Hoax” – a matter of opinion.

There IS climate change. Part of it is driven by Nature, and part by humans, so it is no hoax nor any falsity to say that it is anthropogenic.

It’s just wise to be objective and realistic.

Humans were never meant to settle in numbers that have reached tens of millions in the desert, yet that is exactly what they have done.

They have built golf courses and grown lawns – unnecessary water uses – in the southwestern United States – and then gotten upset over drought.

This is insane. Don’t like not having a lawn? Don’t live where lawns won’t grow without guzzling water!

Golf courses need SOME lawn space in order to putt balls into holes, hence more water guzzling.

Huge numbers of housing developments means more water use. Sucking up the contents of neighboring aquifers with a diagonally drilled pipe is water theft – just so that more houses and thus more human growth can be encouraged.

It should not be encouraged.

That encourages more human reproduction, more families, more houses, more water use, more consumption of finite resources.

The Earth can’t accommodate that.

This is why ecosystems and economies are crashing.

Growth is over. Economies are contracting.

Humans do NOT want to face this reality, and it is unpopular to point it out, but I don’t care.

I have never liked paths for being popular.

For me, it’s always been about what is logical, correct, and realistic. I get annoyed with “popular” and with people who insist upon that.

I’m not patient with illogic, failure or unwillingness to think and plan ahead, or stupidity.

We don’t have time or resources to waste on that.

I’m blunt and direct, and if anyone finds that offensive, I don’t have time for that, either.

No wonder diplomats take so long to achieve anything: they must avoid offending anyone.

Well, I’m not a diplomat. I study and think long-term. I’m into data, not soft-hearted inanity.

I’m not the only one who sees that there is drought in a desert, either. There are plenty of others, and here is just one report on it:

Think the Southwest’s Drought Is Bad Now? It Could Last a Generation or More

For a great view of the depleted water table in Lake Mead, this article offers a great photograph of the situation, plus commentary:

NASA Satellites Reveal Shocking Groundwater Loss in Colorado River Basin

(There’s nothing like a great image from NASA, nor data from its satellites.)

We don’t need bottled water.

We shouldn’t build more, more, more.

We shouldn’t reproduce as much as our species wants.

We shouldn’t act like water is infinite because it’s not.

Rainfall doesn’t renew water when 324 million Americans are using it.

We have reservoirs that are vulnerable to drought, aquifers that won’t be recharged by glaciers that are melting away, and artificial lakes that are drying up because too many humans are making too many demands on them…and many of those demands are insane.

It is insane to insist on endless growth.

It is insane to fail to recognize that endless growth is a fantasy.

It is insane to have no population policy.

It is insane to try to force an ecosystem to be something that it’s not.

It is insane to allow a corporation to take all of the water that it wants.

Each year, those who watch the data recognize Earth Overshoot Day. This year, it will be on August 8th, 2016.

Earth Overshoot Day 2016

The logo involved in its recognition is excellent; it shows that we are running out of time to protect our ecosystems:

Earth Overshoot Day Logo

Earth Overshoot Day refers to the fact that we humans are overdrawing on the Earth’s bank account.

What does the Earth have in its vault? Not money. You can’t eat or drink money. It’s water and other non-renewable resources.

Niagara Bottling, Nestlé, and other water guzzlers – including overpopulating humans – want to spend the Earth’s bank account to zero.

Get in their faces, in their way, and don’t be concerned about offending them simply by doing so.

Keep it articulate and polite so that they can’t shut you up with their armies of lawyers.

Never let them just take what they want and enjoy it without another thought.