We on the Autism Spectrum are Capable of Academic Success!

We on the spectrum are capable of academic success in advanced courses. Just look at the evidence throughout history: Isaac Newton and others show this. On the other hand, Einstein was likely on the spectrum and said that school failed him as much as he failed school. Of course, the German “gymnasium” system of high […]

Population Levels Mentioned, Yet Not Blamed…?!

While it’s good to see actual numbers of population levels now and projected ones cited – as well as those of water table levels – it is not good at all that no effort is made to face up to human overpopulation.

Religious attitudes are a huge factor in this crisis.

Capturing rainwater and reusing […]

What is a vaccination policy supposed to achieve? Herd immunity? Culls? What?

Here’s the rub: IS the vaccine in question – or ARE they vaccines in question – actually safe, with no secret population culling ingredients? If so, the hell with people who object to them for any reason, such as religion or other “personal” reasons. If not, well…that’s another matter, one which I wrote about in […]

At last! A drone use that’s good. :)

At last! Someone has thought of a drone use that isn’t surveillance.

It is a death delivery device, but that’s just fine.

Abortion is the eviction of an unwanted parasite from a woman’s uterus.

Polish women, thanks to the Catholic Church and to sharing a nation with Pope John Paul II, are trapped.

This drone […]

Too many people refusing to cooperate to make a difference.

Here’s a geoscience professor who understands the problem we are facing.

Like many other writers, he points out the fact that we humans must, as a species, adopt policies and practices that conserve and share resources as crucial to sustaining life as water is.

This means ALL humans, not just those who agree to that.


We are using up the Earth’s water. There are too many of us to service with what exists.

We humans are now so numerous – at 7.3 billion and rising – that there is no way for the available water to service us all.

This article falls short of saying that. It does come close to doing so, but that’s all.

The governments of the Earth are clearly not willing to say that […]

More people than water supplies. What’s next, and how soon?

It seems that we Americans all contribute to the drought in California by eating the foods grown there with its dwindling water tables. What should we do? Stop eating fruits and vegetables? That’s no solution. I say stop having babies. We should not inflict a future of scarcity on others.

Your Contribution to the California […]

This is the New World Order, a consequence of human overpopulation and insufficient resources.

This is the cajoling phase by corporations and government of inducing behavioral changes on the part of consumers.

Next up: offering ONLY water-savers devices, complete with SmartTech surveillance built in.

After that, fines and other penalties.

Welcome to the Future Police State of America.

This is the New World Order, a consequence of human overpopulation […]

Any journalist to be deemed an “Unprivileged Belligerent”? Really?

Journalists are not belligerent.

The U.S. military command at the Pentagon has confused them with paparazzi.

Journalists ought to be accorded the same protections as civilians to the extent that they don’t deliberately endanger themselves in pursuit of a story.

Journalists are civilians.

The military works on behalf of civilians.

That is one of the […]

You will now be surveilled. Welcome to the New World Order of Technocracy. >:(

You will now be surveilled.

Welcome to the New World Order of Technocracy.

I hate Google Chrome, which is ironic since I like Google Classic.

You can’t do online banking with Chrome. Online banking makes tabs to show you your data, and Chrome blanks those pages.

But this business of silently, stealthily, secretly surveilling us […]