Want Your Tubes Tied? Not if Catholics Own the Practice/Hospital/Physicians. >:(

This is an unreasonable situation for a woman to be in.

We need laws separating religion from health care all over the nation.

All that to keep religion off and out of our bodies.

Mom Denied Procedure During C-Section Sparks Campaign to Change Laws


Sea levels rise in Nae-Nee. Watch out for what happens in its sequel!

In the dystopian novel of Nae-Née – Birth Control: Infallible, with Nanites and Convenience for All, sea level rises. Much of the story is set in Manhattan, so these images show it before and after sea level rises, changing the land mass significantly.

This is the result of too many humans relentlessly using too […]

The Earth Cannot Support Us All, So It Simply Won’t. Soon We Will Feel It.

With this entry, I have cited many categories of problems, because ALL are related to exponentially increasing human population growth. We are not an endangered species. We are an invasive species. We need fewer humans to survive.

The Earth cannot support all of the humans that we are so carelessly, selfishly bringing into existence, so […]

While the World Focused on Cecil the Lion, a Family of 5 Elephants Was Murdered.

Elephants are very intelligent.

They never forget each other, nor individuals of other species, nor travel routes.

Meanwhile, superstitious Asians want their tusks as cancer medicine, even though there is none in them.

No one but an elephant needs tusks, but that doesn’t stop humans from continually murdering them for cash.

We can thank human […]

So much attention on one wildlife killing – and that’s just fine.

This is an awful lot of attention on one wildlife killer, but I don’t care.

Whatever works to bring more attention to the monstrousness and idiocy of species depletion is fine with me.

Demand Justice for Cecil the Lion’s Killer

Cecil the lion, murdered by an American dentist. Care2 image.


What Earth Would Be Like If All the Ice Melted…and It Will.

When I wrote Nae-Née – Birth Control: Infallible, with Nanites and Convenience for All, I included this very scenario.

Sea level has risen dramatically, decreasing land mass world-wide, requiring humans to perform great feats of engineering in some places while completely sacrificing others.

The novel is very much about human overpopulation and its […]

Soft-Kills in Foods: GMOs Shall Remain Stealthy Thanks to Lobbyists.

Thanks to the efforts of lobbyists – who are paid obscene amounts of money to soullessly pressure politicians to do corporate bidding – customers who go grocery shopping in the United States shall be denied information on food labels.

We shall not be permitted to know whether or not food in a can, a box, […]

I, Robot, here we come. No – I don’t want to.

I, Robot here we come. This robot’s artificial smile looks ominous in its insidious, benign, banality. Don’t do ANYTHING in your own home that you don’t want seen by a surveiller, because Big Brother can watch. Don’t change your clothes with this thing around. Don’t have sex with this thing around. Don’t use the toilet […]

Someone Else Sees a Link Between Overpopulation and Economic Collapse.

Hurray! This sort of story is great to find: someone other than myself seeing the obvious connection between human overpopulation and economic insecurity.

The world is full – no room for growth.

This writer touches on the issues that I deal with in my upcoming dystopian science fiction novel, a sequel to Nae-Née.

How population […]

40,000 Immigrants to Europe? Seems a Bit…Under-Reported.

Really? ONLY 40,000 climate refugees? That seems a bit low. The real numbers are likely being under-reported.

Ecosystems and economies in the nations that these refugees come from are collapsing, so here they come.

They will keep on coming.

Developed nations in the zones that are in better shape will not want them.

Already, some […]