Climate Refugees Will Inundate Non-Conflict Zones – Get a Vasectomy, Then Discuss.

So…it’s not just me who has been saying this! Grin here (that’s me grinning).

It comes as no surprise to me that Elon Musk of Space X and Tesla Motors is also pointing this out.

I have been pointing this out and pointing this out, but this guy has some serious star power (pun intended).


Control of one’s fertility is crucial. The lack of it walls a woman off from most options and controls her life.

One of the things that I hope to accomplish with this blog is to induce its readers to look at a wide variety of publications – geographically wide, across economic strata and at multiple cultures – and to consider why the people, particularly women, cited in them have the concerns that they have.

Control of […]

Women’s Lives Matter – Or Should.

India is definitely overpopulated.

It also has two-thirds of the world’s acid attack victims. That’s 1,000 women whose faces are permanently scarred up, some blinded, some deafened, with peeling, painful skin and ruined appearances. Women’s lives matter, or at least should matter, everywhere, but you wouldn’t know it in India.

The acid-attacked women get shunned […]

Iran’s Fashion Police: They’ll Take You Downtown for a Lecture on Proper Hejab…or Worse.

This is an essay that I wrote in 2009. I decided to post it here after reading the article shared below, describing Iranian woman photographer Hengameh Golestan’s work.

The Fashion Police – Prada as Probable Cause

If only this title were a joke, as it would be in the Western world. Unfortunately, it is not. […]

Selfishly Grappling with a So-Called Conscience Over Abortion is Hypocrisy. We’re Overpopulated.

Women who don’t want to reproduce and who absolutely refuse to do so after using birth control that failed, after rape, after any sex that results in a pregnancy, will do whatever it takes to prevent that pregnancy from continuing.

This means fatally injuring herself in situations where she is unable to access a safe, […]

People in Non-Conflict Zones are Being Coerced Into Welcoming Migrants.

Many of the migrants fleeing from war zones and collapsing ecosystems are pregnant, are babies, are toddlers, and/or want kids.

They expect people in non-conflict zones, whose land is settled and stable, to accept them and accommodate this.

Anyone who dares point out that this means overcrowding and a slippery slope downhill from floodgates of […]

Men are Selfishly Holding Women Back in Iran.

Niloufar Ardalan is the captain of the Iranian women’s soccer team.

She has, not surprisingly, trained hard for every game.

This year’s Asian Cup soccer game will be held in the Malaysian town of Nilai from September 21-26, 2015.

She wants to be there, and she should be there, but she won’t.

Instead, she will […]

The Global Footprint Network shows how much we each use…but camping out is out.

Every so often, I like to try the “game” on the Global Footprint Network page – the Footprint Calculator.

When I do that, I enter my data, trying to reflect what feels like a reasonable effort not to use too many resources.

It doesn’t offer an exact option in the housing choices for the sort […]

This is reassuring: someone else sees collapse. After that, it’s not so reassuring.

Everything this author says in his essay about Hitler, genocidal maniacs, and ecosystems collapse is what I have been thinking about.

I was thinking about it when I wrote Vaccine: The Cull – Nae-Née Wasn’t Enough.

A cull is a removal, by whatever means, including, but not limited to, murder, of anyone or anything deemed […]

Monsters Rape and Monsters Withhold Abortions and Abortion Care, in Conflict Zones, and Out.

There are two kinds of monsters doing their damnedest to inflict and sustain misery: warlord-terrorists and anti-abortion zealots.

They are in two different areas: inside and outside of conflict zones.

The warlord-terrorists operate in the conflict zones, in Sudan, South Sudan, Nigeria, Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere.

They rape women, gang-rape women, with the intent to […]