Terrible, Reckless, Insane Policy Change – China to Allow 2 Kids Per Family.

Chinese policy-makers have caved to civil unrest about the one-child policy and eased it.

With that action, they have condemned their population to a near future of malnutrition and starvation.

This is all about making current citizens happy with no regard for the misery that those who will be born under this easement will endure.


All About Men, and Not at All About Women – and That’s All Kinds of Wrong.

This afternoon, I came across this article about a Chinese academic – male, of course – who seeks to solve that hugely imbalanced ratio of marriageable males to females in the population with polyandry. That means multiple husbands to a wife.

Here is the article, followed by a gem of a quote:

An Academic’s Answer […]

Greedy Humans Will Take It ALL from Nature Before Changing Habits.

We humans are a greedy and short-sighted species.

Well, most of us are.

That is precisely the problem: most of us can easily out-vote the few of us who plan ahead, think long-term, and are willing to leave Nature alone and do without every last thing that can possibly be harvested from Nature in order […]

Too many humans, and that’s looking at non-migrants.

Water shortages and drought.

Check Out the Homes of Some of the Bay Area’s Biggest Water Guzzlers—Including Billy Beane

The human penchant for wanting more, more, more of water and any other resource, like an addiction.

California’s water paradox: why enough will never be enough

Aging infrastructure and budget shortfalls to remedy that.

EPA: […]

Already, the flow of migrants is more than the Europeans can handle.

Already, the flow of migrants is more than the Europeans can handle.

Now watch outsiders who don’t understand what this is like start shrieking that it’s cruel to deny them entry, passage, and whatever else they both need and want.

I have written about this topic before, and I will do it again, and then […]

Parenthood is forced on many by withholding contraception, abortion, and sex education.

Religiousness and idiocy go together when it comes to control of one’s fertility.

People other than those whose body will go through a pregnancy continually insert themselves into the decision, and substitute their judgment for that of women, with no regard for the economic situation of those women, nor for their future health.

This is […]

Independent, Determined Women are Heroes to Admire.

This woman absolutely refuses to do a thing that she has no desire to do: live a traditional, breeder’s life.

She wants to be a journalist, no matter what Iran’s Shi’a Islamic government wishes for all Iranian women.

Iran’s Shi’a clerics have demonstrated to her that they do not like this.

They won’t let her […]

Thoughts on Migrants, and Their Expectations Once Out of Conflict Zones.

On the subject of migrants from conflict zones, I looked around to see what sorts of things happen once they get to non-conflict zones.

Some are not happy once they arrive in non-conflict zones, while those who already lived in those non-conflict zones are being pushed aside.

Finding such stories means accepting accounts from sources […]

People on the Autism Spectrum, Beware of This Pernicious Software.

This is how Big Brother, the Bankster-Farmers, and whoever else will track you: by getting everyone you know to report on you and judge you.

Yelp for Peeple is about to go online.

Human society is doomed as is, most particularly, anyone with Asperger’s and on the autism spectrum; we will be harassed by this […]