European Women’s Safety and Freedom is Being Usurped by Migrant Rapists.

I spent 6 months in Kuwait in peacetime, 2004-2005. Islamic societies really are as described in this article, which gives details on what is proving to be an invasion of one culture by masses of soldier-age males from another, misogynist one.

I was delighted when it was time to go home, so that I would […]

They have eaten up their own ecosystem, and now they want ours.

Reading editorials that have been carefully crafted by educated people who have real-life experience with the issues that confront us never ceases to provoke thought. Here are a few that I read today.

One ought to be able to slam terrorists in an articulate manner without resorting to incoherent, overly emotional profanity. Rhetoric that provokes […]

The Truth is an Invasion and a Resource War.

A friend with European relatives sent this video:

It shows migrants moving through Europe.

They are being carefully guided along their way by border guards, given food, water, places to sleep, and other assistance to get to the nations they wish to relocate to: Germany, Sweden, France, Britain, and other wealthy, Western European […]

So…they really don’t plan ahead, think long-term, or care to stay child-free unless and until they can afford kids.

So. They don’t plan ahead, romantic entanglements form, and pregnancies result, “without anticipating the burdens that a new child will bring.”

Well, they should anticipate it, and they should be getting birth control to prevent any that they cannot afford, and staying unhappily celibate unless and until they acquire that birth control!

Immigrants with no […]

Malthus was a realist with a logical view of the effects of human overpopulation.

This is my current reading material. Thomas Robert Malthus, An Essay on the Principle of Population, 1798. This Cambridge professor and British cleric was the original population economist. He was not without emotion, despite his detractors, who were the “Romantics”. Those individuals prized emotive slants over cold logic, which is what Malthus put first. […]

Happy World Vasectomy Day 2015!

This date is about fear of fertility, which was believed to be controlled by Freya, whose day was Friday the 13th.

Control human overpopulation by doing your part.

Don’t let all the effort to women.

Birth control pills aren’t 100% reliable, and can cause illness later on.

A vasectomy won’t.


Future American Climate Refugees – They are Easy to See Right Now.

This island will not be saved.

The residents are in denial.

Money will NOT be allocated to save it from rising sea levels.

This is not New Orleans, after all.

It is one tiny island.

It’s depressing, but that’s how it is.

These Americans are future climate refugees, and that future is just a few […]

The Islamic World Will Not Get a Population Policy.

So…there is no hope of avoiding human overpopulation in the Islamic world.

I guess they will just reproduce until, in the deserts that used to comprise a Fertile Crescent, they find that they cannot provide food for themselves.

Right now, they grow some in greenhouses and on farms during the cooler months, and import the […]

Drafting a Third and Final Installment of the Nae-Nee Series.

The image shown below is not the one that I will be using for my final installment of the Nae-Née series, but it provided plenty of inspiration for it.

Miami, Florida, will be one place that the characters visit, just to enable readers to take a tour of the looming ecological catastrophe there.

The title […]

Ethnocentric Observation: Taliban Males Are Monsters.

This is ethnocentric and politically incorrect to say, but I just don’t care: Taliban males are monsters.

They are criminals who want total control over women, and if they can’t have it, they will hunt the women in question down and torture them to death.

Sometimes they let them live, but destroy them physically, by […]