To Muslims who think they shall take over our non-conflict eco-zones: You’re going to hate it here.

We in the West have places to live that are not collapsed ecosystems, and therefore our economies keep going along, even if not perfectly. This is in significant part due to our lack of interest in deliberately reproducing in such huge numbers as to outnumber other groups. If you reproduce too much, you collapse your […]

China seeks to repair a gender imbalance with more authorized births. Too late!

Christine Lagarde, who heads the International Monetary Fund, is seen in this interview saying that this is a good thing for the aging population – more caregivers! NO, it is NOT. People should have the guts to age without insisting upon a human insurance policy, chained to their future in-laws. This is all about getting […]

Researched Issues Carefully and Extensively, Checked Sources – Still Got Accused of Ignorance.

The desired combination of political views, one which I write about in my Nae-Née series and in this blog, is pro-abortion AND limited immigration.

When I do that, I include sources, which I check with online encyclopedias (including Wikipedia entries) and with de-bunking sites such as Snopes.

What I will not do is discount any […]

Human Negligence and Recklessness is Torturing Sea Life to Death…and We Eat Many of Them.

Human negligence and recklessness is torturing sea life to death…and we eat many of those species.

There are even 5 patches of garbage in the Pacific Ocean that are as large as continents – continents comparable in size to Australia, and larger.

Great Pacific garbage patch

The Ocean Is Contaminated by Trillions More Pieces of […]

Look what the stork brought – too many more!

The delegates to the 2015 Paris United Nations Climate Change Conference have done an extremely effective job…of ignoring the link between human overpopulation and climate change.

We are too many for the Earth’s bank account – which is its ecosystem – to accommodate.

Unlike money, which can be treated like a computer game of […]

No Mention of Human Overpopulation in Paris at the U.N. Climate Conference.

This week, the United Nations is having its much-touted climate change conference in Paris.

I wondered how much of that discussion, IF any, deals with human overpopulation.

So…I did some more online searches.

This write-in question to The New York Times asks about just that, and the only response was that SCIENTISTS aren’t ignoring the […]

Letter to a Chat Group of English People Whose Town is Full of Migrants.

Hello Everyone.

I hope you don’t mind having me in this group. It’s exactly the sort I was hoping to find.

This issue both horrifies and fascinates me, because this is happening everywhere. Human overpopulation has led to ecosystems collapse in the tropics of chaos, which in turn has precipitated economic collapse.

Banksters and hedge […]