Why We Don’t Need Bottles, Nor Bottled Water: We Need to Protect Our Ecosystem.

By the time the political process cycles around to changing our politicians (which, unfortunately, are NOT changed as often as diapers, contrary to Mark Twain’s recommendation), Niagara Bottling will already be settled into its location in Bloomfield, Connecticut, and pumping our water.

Soon we will live in a crashed ecosystem – a beige desert instead […]

The Mayor and Town Council Let the Farmers In. Toss Them ALL Out.

The Farmers of the financial world are: Banksters + Hedge Fundsters + Corporatists

This is the story of how gross incompetence, negligence, and an impeachable abrogation of their oath of office let in some Farmers.

Niagara Bottling is attempting to come to Bloomfield, Connecticut. It wants the water from a reservoir that 8 towns draw […]

It’s a Choice: Either Include Islam in Cultural Diversity and Accept Mass Rape, or Reject Both.

Migrant sexual emergencies?! Bunk.

We can have cultural diversity with literate, non-militant members of any other culture, even Muslims. I know this from experience.

But…those Muslims are usually women. Usually.

Surrendering one’s safety, security, and freedom of movement is an unreasonable price to pay for multiculturalism.

Send them all back, however unwilling they are to […]

Precariat Jobs – Be Careful to Keep Them! No, Wait…Even So, You Won’t Keep Them.

I have always loved new words – the kind created to express a socially relevant situation.

They’re fun, they’re apt, and they soon become a part of the English language because they are catchy and express their concept so efficiently.

Now for the grim aspect of this one: “precariat” jobs are the precarious ones that […]

Articles About Migrants Should NOT Include Petitions to Take Them In!

It is idiotic to see a petition to take in yet more refugees at the end of this article! When does this nonsense end?

The problem is that the planet is overpopulated and in a state of ecosystems collapse where the refugees originate from. That is why they are migrating – to get away from […]

Europe is Being Invaded by Migrants. Citizens Know It. Politicians Ignore It.

This is a ridiculous way to have to live. The migrants are invaders from a collapsed ecosystem. They must be pushed back there. They have proven themselves to be incompatible with the host culture, and to be utterly unwilling to adapt to it. They prefer to take over the territory. Unacceptable outcome! >:(

This […]