Water, Water…Not Enough to Drink, Cook In, Wash With…Too Many People.

“Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink…” – from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 1798.

How ironic that that was published in the same year that Thomas Robert Malthus published his An Essay on the Principle of Population.

Coleridge was observing that the mariner was surrounded by undrinkable […]

This is a resource war.

This is a resource war.

These terrorists have overpopulated their own countries, crashed the ecosystems there, which crashed the economies there, which broke down civil society there, and then they migrated. Now they want life to be just like it was before all that, but in another, not-crashed ecosystem.

Answer from people already in the […]

Please Sign – Save the Connecticut Apiary Inspector!

There is a petition to save the Connecticut Apiary Inspector – please sign it!

Letter to Governor Dannel P. Malloy – Save Our Bee Lorax!

Because I am fighting to ensure that Connecticut continues to have an apiary inspector, I decided to write to the governor about it.

Stephanie C. Fox, J.D. E-Mail: Website: March 14, 2016

Governor Dannel P. Malloy State Capitol 210 Capitol Avenue Hartford, Connecticut 06106 Telephone: (860) 566-4840 E-Mail:

Re: Connecticut Apiary […]

Letter to the Editors of The Hartford Courant – Save the Bee Lorax!

The Hartford Courant has published a letter to the editors that I wrote on behalf of Connecticut’s Apiary Inspector:

State Bee Protector Crucial

Letters | March 14, 2016

State Bee Protector Crucial

The funding for his position is at risk due to budget politics.

The ecosystem is collapsing, threatening bee health, and our politicians […]

Letter to Connecticut State Senator Bye on Behalf of Our Apiary Inspector – Save His Funding!

Stephanie C. Fox, J.D. E-Mail: Website: March 12, 2016

State Senator Beth Bye Deputy Majority Leader Capitol Office Legislative Office Building Room 2700 Hartford, Connecticut 06106-1591 District Office 99 Outlook Avenue West Hartford, Connecticut 06119 E-Mail:

Re: Connecticut Apiary Inspector’s funding. Please save it.

Dear Senator Bye:

I am writing to […]

Our Bee Inspector is the Lorax of Honeybees – Save His Funding!

Mark Creighton, the Connecticut Apiary Inspector, performs a crucial function: he protects a vital piece of our ecosystem by speaking for it and ensuring that as many bees as possible are not poisoned by neonicotinoids, mites, nosema, and any other threat. He is the state’s Lorax of bees, and we need him! He speaks for […]

Connecticut’s MDC says we need new water delivery infrastructure. Crashing the ecosystem is not the answer!

The state should allocate funds for new water delivery infrastructure, and/or tack on a fee of perhaps $5 to water bills to pay for it rather than crashing our ecosystem and destroying our irreplaceable natural security. People will scream and cry that that is a terrible thing to do, but the money has to come […]

No, we do not need new water delivery infrastructure in exchange for a crashed ecosystem.

This is the most important sentence in the entire article:

“The plant went through the permitting process largely anonymously with no specific mention of its planned use or the name of the company, residents noted.”

The Bloomfield town council and mayor did this in secret – no transparency whatsoever – and it accommodated the request […]

How to File a Public Comment on a Bill – and Here’s Mine.

A bill that would deny water bottling corporations and any other commercial entity a discount on either water pumping or sewage spewing is up for consideration in the Connecticut General Assembly.

This is intended to make the idea of pumping water from our reservoir and then selling it elsewhere in the United States (or on […]