It’s All About William DiBella – He, Himself, and Him.

A retired, Harvard-educated, New York City social worker (and cousin-in-law who was a great friend of mine) who cared about, among other good things to care about, the environment, often liked to explain individuals who came across as inexcusably self-absorbed with these words:

“It’s all about him.”

He would vary the pronoun as required, but […]

Overpopulation Means Economic Contraction Means Denied Aspirations.

Societies all over the planet need a reality check, however unwanted it is: the economy is contracting, and it will not grow again.

Growth is over.

Why is this?

Human overpopulation.

You can’t make more resources exist on a finite planet, which is what the Earth is.

This author argues that there aren’t enough jobs […]

Success, But Too Many Politicians Still in Fantasy Land About Never a Drought.

Today at the Connecticut Capitol, our natural security in Connecticut’s drinking water had a partial victory on Senate Bill No. 422, which would deny discounts to water bottling corporations based on either how much water they pump per day or how much sewage they spew each day.

A substitute bill was passed by the Connecticut […]

There is reason to be cautiously optimistic about the Bee Lorax. :)

It worked – it all worked! Thus far, anyway. Here is the section of the 2016 budget for the State of Connecticut that deals with the funding for the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, complete with the funding for the State Apiary Inspector, with a slight raise:

The budget for the State of Connecticut still […]

Water Warriors: How and Where to Find Our Politicians.

Save Our Water! This is the button being worn by the people who object to the plan for Niagara Bottling to draw 1.8 million gallons of water per day from our reservoirs. This plan would cause a factory to be built in Bloomfield, with just a few menial, hourly wage jobs for humans and […]

Invasion of the Islamic Borg: Let’s Trade Superstition for Atheism, But Value Cultural Diversity.

At last: Muslims who blame Muslims for terrorism perpetrated by Muslims. It’s voices of reason, logic, and responsibility. One of them is a Saudi (Ghassan Charbel), another a Jordanian (Tareq Masarwa), and another a Kuwaiti (Khalil Ali Haidar):

Self-Criticism in the Arab World Following Brussels Attacks: Muslim Justification of the Attacks Is Unacceptable; We Must […]