While You’re Watching Television, Your Television Is Watching You.

While you’re watching television, it is watching you.

It knows what you are watching and saves the data.

If you talk in front of it, it records that, too.

Then it allows hackers and the Orwellian No Such Agency to reap the data.

The government thus learns your interests and entertainment preferences, along with […]

Resources are Strained, and People Wonder Why Brexit Happened! Really!?

Seriously?! How can people not understand why Brexit happened? The causes are no great mystery. They are all around us:

Human overpopulation leads to ecosystems collapse which leads to economic collapse.

Add to the mix developed nations treating a crowded and crashed ecosystem like an expendable gas station of a nation, plus religiousness to the […]

Success! The Sign Kept the Insecticide Demon Away.

Some of what I tell you in this blog post may come across as politically incorrect.

My intention is not to be offensive to anyone, but rather to accurately and completely explain the difficulties that I am up against.

Here is the situation:

I live in a condominium. The association hires an insecticide sprayer each […]

Scheherazade Cat: The Story of a War Hero – A Tale/Tail of Adopting a Wonderful Pet

Scheherazade Cat – The Story of a War Hero is a book about a wonderful Kuwaiti cat who was adopted by a soldier at the end of the war there. She became his honored pet, and lived for 15 years.

We are currently seeking a literary agent to represent this book to a publisher, so […]

Bee Lives Matter – Let’s Keep Our Yards Bee-Friendly!

It’s spring, soon to be summer, and the growing season is underway.

I love it.

I love watching my iris plants blossom, followed by the pastel and raspberry pink peonies.

This is how my iris garden looked last week, in full bloom. It’s all pastels – pinks, blues, whites, and lavenders. (Photo by Stephanie […]

Sucking Deserts Drier for Bottled Water, Lawns, and Golf Courses: Another Definition of Insanity.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same result.

Insanity: sucking deserts, ecosystems that are meant to be arid and thus devoid of grass, greenery, and much water, dry for lawns, golf courses, and most idiotic of all, bottled water.

Money is created by fiat – declaration by banksters, who […]