An Inflammatory Topic No Matter How One Addresses It: Human Overpopulation!

There is no chance that, if people see what others write about human overpopulation, none of them will have a strong reaction to it.

Take this statement, for example:

One Million Women wants to induce people to reduce their impact on the planet? Really? Then encourage people not to reproduce. We are too […]

Drought Advisory + Niagara Bottling Sucking Us Drier = Natural Insecurity.

Connecticut has been issued a drought advisory asking private citizens to consume less water.

State Issues ‘Drought Advisory,’ Farmers Worried Lack of Rainfall Damaging Crops

Anyone, be they professional farmers whose livelihoods depend on growing crops or homeowners with small gardens, are urged to use less water.

People are being asked not to water […]

Who Do You Think Creates U.S. Currency?

Who do you think creates U.S. currency?

I don’t mean who prints it or issues it, because that is the United States government, specifically the U.S. Treasury Department.

Seriously…who do you think creates it?

A. The U.S. government.

B. The U.S. Treasury Department.

C. Some other entity.

Perhaps it will help to take a look […]