Book 3 of the Nae-Née Series is Out: New World Order Underwater.

At last, I can announce that I am the author of a completed series of novels on human overpopulation.

Here are their covers, done by artists Katelyn M. Gagnon (Book 1) and Steve Palmerton (Books 2 and 3):

The name of the series is Nae-Née, for a birth control nanite. The name is […]

Don’t Heil Trump.

In late July, I went out to the local movie theater to see a limited showing of…something…entitled Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party.

Here is a link about it from the Internet Movie Data Base:

Poster for the presentation (, and my ticket stub/receipt.



“Documentarian Dinesh D’Souza […]

Drafting a Third and Final Installment of the Nae-Nee Series.

The image shown below is not the one that I will be using for my final installment of the Nae-Née series, but it provided plenty of inspiration for it.

Miami, Florida, will be one place that the characters visit, just to enable readers to take a tour of the looming ecological catastrophe there.

The title […]

Dystopian Novels are Warnings, NOT Guidebooks.

Dystopian science fiction novels exist to make people think by pointing out problems, options for dealing with those problems, and how those options are ripe for abuse. They are warnings.

What dystopian science fiction novels are not is guidebooks.

They are not suggestions or instruction manuals.

When I was a student at William Smith College […]

Latest Book Release – Vaccine: The Cull – Nae-Nee Wasn’t Enough.

It’s time for my big announcement: I have released a sequel to my novel about human overpopulation. This one is nasty, to show how a covert resource war might be conducted. It’s scary, and it shows the dark side of U.N. Agenda 21 – the unseen mask of green sustainability is illustrated in unsettling detail.


Attempts at Immortality…or at least at Circumventing the Aging Process.

This is a fun article to read from a science-fiction-becoming-science-fact viewpoint…until one realizes that these adventures are only accessible to the very, very, very wealthiest of humans.

The rest of us must shrivel and die to enable this elite few to have enough resources to consume in their extended lives.

Perhaps that can change. Economies […]