It’s a Choice: Either Include Islam in Cultural Diversity and Accept Mass Rape, or Reject Both.

Migrant sexual emergencies?! Bunk.

We can have cultural diversity with literate, non-militant members of any other culture, even Muslims. I know this from experience.

But…those Muslims are usually women. Usually.

Surrendering one’s safety, security, and freedom of movement is an unreasonable price to pay for multiculturalism.

Send them all back, however unwilling they are to […]

Thoughts on Migrants, and Their Expectations Once Out of Conflict Zones.

On the subject of migrants from conflict zones, I looked around to see what sorts of things happen once they get to non-conflict zones.

Some are not happy once they arrive in non-conflict zones, while those who already lived in those non-conflict zones are being pushed aside.

Finding such stories means accepting accounts from sources […]

Iran’s Fashion Police: They’ll Take You Downtown for a Lecture on Proper Hejab…or Worse.

This is an essay that I wrote in 2009. I decided to post it here after reading the article shared below, describing Iranian woman photographer Hengameh Golestan’s work.

The Fashion Police – Prada as Probable Cause

If only this title were a joke, as it would be in the Western world. Unfortunately, it is not. […]