The Water Will Cover Florida…and a Nuclear Power Plant.

Miami, Florida is just a few feet above sea level, and within a few decades, it will be level with the sea.

The water won’t stop there.

It will rise another few feet, and likely another few feet after that, for a total of at least 9 feet above its current level, before this century […]

The GOP Refuses to Hear the People

Last night, I saw a video online that expresses a symptom of the decline of democracy.

It is disturbing on a level that I think most people will miss at first, because they will get caught up in the emotion of the individuals concerned, so I’m going to describe it, because this other, deeper, underlying […]

Help this Kid with Rare Bone Cancer Fight His Insurance Company!

This article includes a petition about a college kid with an extremely rare form of bone cancer is mentioned in this op-ed. The insurer is stealing his chance to live because the treatment that the doctors found – one with a pretty decent chance of saving him – is not “routine” – lame excuse! Such […]