December 2017
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Stephanie C. Fox


The GOP Agenda is Hateful, But the Rose Garden is Beautiful

Today is the Summer Solstice.

It’s a time to enjoy the longest day of the year and smell the roses.

It’s a day when one is meant to be happy.

Happy Summer Solstice!

Well…not so happy.

The GOP keeps getting its way with elections and its politicians keep breaking their oaths to uphold […]

Algorithms, Suppression of Opposition Speech, and Psy-Ops.

As I write this, the Oscars are on. Why not? They’re fun.

I still want to see Hidden Figures, and I hope it wins big, because I’m such a sucker for all things outer space and feminist. My law thesis was on outer space law – but that’s another story, and also a fun one.


Electoral College, This is Not a Game. Go Rogue. Put Hillary in the White House.

The popular vote in our November 8th, 2016 Presidential election went to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

That, however, does not matter one whit.

The Electoral College vote tally – a mere guesstimation and/or prediction of what its members-for-a-day will actually do on December 19th – gave it to Donald J. Trump.

Trump is an orange Nazi […]

Running for POS and POTUS

Depending on which candidate you want to win the 2016 U.S. presidential election, we have fringe candidates with virtually no chance of winning (must not forget them!) but of course always some possibility of taking votes away from a possible winner…plus one running for POS and one running for POTUS.

For anyone who doesn’t get […]

Libraries Need More Room and Respect From Budget-Setters.

Keeping books underground to save on storage space has risks – of flooding.

I’ve seen this happen to the law library where I attended – and worked – during my time in law school, and I wrote this into Nae-Nee – Birth Control: Infallible, with Nanites and Convenience for All. The librarians had to frantically […]

Not everything can, will, or should be digitized. We need books and libraries!

Since digitization is the wave of the future, I shall comment on an extrapolated example of this as seen in Star Trek.

Captain James T. Kirk majored in history at Starfleet Academy while in the command training program. He LOVES books – old-fashioned, turn-the-page, paper books. There was a joke about a stack of books […]