Never mind worrying about U.F.O.s – it’s I.F.O.s that we have to watch out for.

Orbital debris is relevant, it affects us, and it is once again in the news.

Orbital debris is junk in outer space.

Outer space and all things associated with it has always fascinated and excited me.

I know I’m not alone in that. Star Trek is certainly evidence of that, as are the works of […]

Don’t Expect Celebration of a Fascist Authoritarian.

It has finally happened.

Hell has frozen over, or whatever this state of disunion is.

We are officially living in the Untied States of America, and that is not a typographical error.

The size of the crowd must have been deeply disappointing to man whose ego is inextricably wrapped up in perceptions of size.


Revolt Against the Pumpkingropenfuhrer. Now. No Need to Wait.

People have been asking when to revolt. Do it now. We’re out of reasons to wait.

The Electoral College has failed to go rogue, perhaps out of cowardice in the face of state legislation that seeks to constrain them via fines and/or prison time (even though federal law supersedes state law.

So…how to revolt? Little […]

This Classic Star Trek episode depicts our future.

In “The Mark of Gideon“, a classic Star Trek episode, an overpopulated planet is one of the stops made by the USS Enterprise.

If you have never seen it, you really should.

In it, the people of the planet Gideon have eradicated all disease and solved the problems of sanitation and hunger.

They have had […]

Julia Roberts Narrates for Mother Nature…She Doesn’t Need Us, We Need Her.

Nature Doesn’t Need People

Nature doesn’t need us. We need Nature.

Nature will evolve. Nature is prepared.

Are we?

Views of the Planet Earth, 43 Years Ago and Today.

Astronaut Scott Kelly, writing about NASA’s photographs of the planet Earth, compared old and new images today.

A New Blue Marble

What I would really like to see are images from the same vantage point, then and now, that show ice mass and ratios of brown, drought-ridden areas to green, vibrant ecosystems. I’ll bet they […]

Orbital Clutter – See It at Stuff in Space.

21,000 bits of orbital debris around the Earth. Wow.

It used to be so much easier to admire our planet from space, and the International Space Station is only 200+ miles up.

This reminds me of my law thesis, which was for a seminar in international environmental law.

My paper was on orbital debris – […]