Book 3 of the Nae-Née Series is Out: New World Order Underwater.

At last, I can announce that I am the author of a completed series of novels on human overpopulation.

Here are their covers, done by artists Katelyn M. Gagnon (Book 1) and Steve Palmerton (Books 2 and 3):

The name of the series is Nae-Née, for a birth control nanite. The name is […]

Do you ever worry about people to take offense at your choice of words? Not anymore.

Intriguing exchange…

Question: Do you ever worry about people to take offense at your choice of words?

Answer: No. I decided to count on it and stop wasting emotional energy over it. I write about inflammatory topics as it is, so offense is practically guaranteed. I learned long ago that the Aspie demeanor tends to […]

Unhappy Earth Overshoot Day!

Unhappy Earth Overshoot Day!

Today is the day that we humans as a species are officially considered to be overdrawn on our use of the Earth’s Bank Account.

What is the Earth’s Bank Account?

That term refers to the Earth’s natural resources: healthy food, safe and clean water, clean air, space in which to live, […]

Who Do You Think Creates U.S. Currency?

Who do you think creates U.S. currency?

I don’t mean who prints it or issues it, because that is the United States government, specifically the U.S. Treasury Department.

Seriously…who do you think creates it?

A. The U.S. government.

B. The U.S. Treasury Department.

C. Some other entity.

Perhaps it will help to take a look […]

While You’re Watching Television, Your Television Is Watching You.

While you’re watching television, it is watching you.

It knows what you are watching and saves the data.

If you talk in front of it, it records that, too.

Then it allows hackers and the Orwellian No Such Agency to reap the data.

The government thus learns your interests and entertainment preferences, along with […]

Resources are Strained, and People Wonder Why Brexit Happened! Really!?

Seriously?! How can people not understand why Brexit happened? The causes are no great mystery. They are all around us:

Human overpopulation leads to ecosystems collapse which leads to economic collapse.

Add to the mix developed nations treating a crowded and crashed ecosystem like an expendable gas station of a nation, plus religiousness to the […]

Ignore Anyone Who Tells You Not to Watch or Read Something – and Watch or Read It!

Here is a version of Vaccine: The Cull – Nae-Née Wasn’t Enough, as a movie that is banned in some places: Gray State – The Rise.

It is a terrifying depiction, one without the relief offered in Vaccine: The Cull, which gives breathing room punctuated by moments of absolute horror and violence. This movie trailer […]

Climate Change: Beware of Peer Pressure When Evaluating It.

When I prepare a blog post, I check off the categories and tags on the sidebar. This time, I noticed that I checked off most of the ones that I deal with in my Nae-Née series, which is dystopian science fiction about human overpopulation as an underlying cause of ecosystems collapse.

In that series, at […]

Why We Don’t Need Bottles, Nor Bottled Water: We Need to Protect Our Ecosystem.

By the time the political process cycles around to changing our politicians (which, unfortunately, are NOT changed as often as diapers, contrary to Mark Twain’s recommendation), Niagara Bottling will already be settled into its location in Bloomfield, Connecticut, and pumping our water.

Soon we will live in a crashed ecosystem – a beige desert instead […]

Precariat Jobs – Be Careful to Keep Them! No, Wait…Even So, You Won’t Keep Them.

I have always loved new words – the kind created to express a socially relevant situation.

They’re fun, they’re apt, and they soon become a part of the English language because they are catchy and express their concept so efficiently.

Now for the grim aspect of this one: “precariat” jobs are the precarious ones that […]