Articles About Migrants Should NOT Include Petitions to Take Them In!

It is idiotic to see a petition to take in yet more refugees at the end of this article! When does this nonsense end?

The problem is that the planet is overpopulated and in a state of ecosystems collapse where the refugees originate from. That is why they are migrating – to get away from […]

How can we not address human overpopulation as food insecurity looms?

This evening, I watched a 60 Minutes story in which a man who had been abandoned as a 2-week-old baby wondered about his mother.

Why had she abandoned him?

He will never, ever find out the answer to that question.

There are various possibilities:

She didn’t want a baby, but had no access to birth […]

No Mention of Human Overpopulation in Paris at the U.N. Climate Conference.

This week, the United Nations is having its much-touted climate change conference in Paris.

I wondered how much of that discussion, IF any, deals with human overpopulation.

So…I did some more online searches.

This write-in question to The New York Times asks about just that, and the only response was that SCIENTISTS aren’t ignoring the […]

Letter to a Chat Group of English People Whose Town is Full of Migrants.

Hello Everyone.

I hope you don’t mind having me in this group. It’s exactly the sort I was hoping to find.

This issue both horrifies and fascinates me, because this is happening everywhere. Human overpopulation has led to ecosystems collapse in the tropics of chaos, which in turn has precipitated economic collapse.

Banksters and hedge […]

Future American Climate Refugees – They are Easy to See Right Now.

This island will not be saved.

The residents are in denial.

Money will NOT be allocated to save it from rising sea levels.

This is not New Orleans, after all.

It is one tiny island.

It’s depressing, but that’s how it is.

These Americans are future climate refugees, and that future is just a few […]

Drafting a Third and Final Installment of the Nae-Nee Series.

The image shown below is not the one that I will be using for my final installment of the Nae-Née series, but it provided plenty of inspiration for it.

Miami, Florida, will be one place that the characters visit, just to enable readers to take a tour of the looming ecological catastrophe there.

The title […]

Terrible, Reckless, Insane Policy Change – China to Allow 2 Kids Per Family.

Chinese policy-makers have caved to civil unrest about the one-child policy and eased it.

With that action, they have condemned their population to a near future of malnutrition and starvation.

This is all about making current citizens happy with no regard for the misery that those who will be born under this easement will endure.


Thoughts on Migrants, and Their Expectations Once Out of Conflict Zones.

On the subject of migrants from conflict zones, I looked around to see what sorts of things happen once they get to non-conflict zones.

Some are not happy once they arrive in non-conflict zones, while those who already lived in those non-conflict zones are being pushed aside.

Finding such stories means accepting accounts from sources […]

Climate Refugees Will Inundate Non-Conflict Zones – Get a Vasectomy, Then Discuss.

So…it’s not just me who has been saying this! Grin here (that’s me grinning).

It comes as no surprise to me that Elon Musk of Space X and Tesla Motors is also pointing this out.

I have been pointing this out and pointing this out, but this guy has some serious star power (pun intended).


Control of one’s fertility is crucial. The lack of it walls a woman off from most options and controls her life.

One of the things that I hope to accomplish with this blog is to induce its readers to look at a wide variety of publications – geographically wide, across economic strata and at multiple cultures – and to consider why the people, particularly women, cited in them have the concerns that they have.

Control of […]