DeVos is with the Kochs, the Uihleins, the Mercers, the Trumps – not with the People.

Betsy DeVos has never had to worry about money.

We have a Non-Secretary of Education in Betsy DeVos.

Betsy DeVos. Photograph by Bill Clark, CQ Roll Call, ZUMA

She has no idea what it feels like to worry about paying bills, about being able to pay bills, about how she will pay student loan debt, nor how she will cope with duns for payment.

She is the daughter of a billionaire auto parts dealer, Edgar Prince. Here is the history page of his company’s website:

Edgar Prince. Corporate Photo.

Her brother, it is worth noting, is the notorious and infamous Erik Prince of Blackwater Security (, which now operates under another name due to abuse. It was changed to Xe Services in 2009, and then to Academi in 2011. See Just click on the hyperlink for Blackwater in his Wikipedia article. It redirects to one entitled “Academi”.

Blackwater CEO and founder Erik Prince. Photograph by Sara D. Davis, AP

This is the guy who had a secret meeting in the Seychelles with a Russian confidante of Vladimir Putin in January of 2017, arranged by the U.A.E.

Blackwater founder held secret Seychelles meeting to establish Trump-Putin back channel

This rogues’ gallery isn’t complete without a look at her husband, Dick DeVos, of the Amway products empire, so here he is with her at a GOP Michigan fundraising event in 2016:

Here is an inventory of her property, co-owned with her husband:

  • Primary residence, valued at $10 million, in Holland, Michigan, measured at 22,000 square feet.
  • Summer “cottage” overlooking Lake Michigan, valued at $2.4 million.
  • Home in Vero Beach, Florida.
  • Chalet in a Colorado skiing area.
  • 3 aircraft: 1. Cessna Citation III; 2. Cessna Caravan; 3. Cirrus-SR 22.
  • 2 helicopters.
  • 10 boats, including a 50-meter superyacht called the SeaQuest.

Here is a [partial] gallery of the DeVos property holdings:

DeVos Mansion in Holland, Michigan. Betsy DeVos’ Palatial 22,000 Sq. Ft. Michigan Summer House is Making Headlines For All The Wrong Reasons

A Cessna Citation III.

A Cessna Caravan.

A Cirrus sr22.

SeaQuest – the DeVos’s superyacht.

What does it mean that she has access to all those planes and helicopters? She has no need to ever mingle with the masses while boarding or disembarking from any aircraft. She can just use her own transportation while in office, and thus not get dinged for using taxpayer funds to accomplish that.

Thus, she will never have to endure the “indignity” of meeting citizens while en route to wherever, as Scott Pruitt did, who can ever have a chance to tell her off in person.

Betsy DeVos doesn’t have to take care of life’s mundane details herself, such as home maintenance or shopping for gifts. She pays someone to do that for her – and to think of what to buy.

She is so far removed from reality as to have no concept of time management combined with anxiety about the ability to make financial ends meet, yet she controls an entire government agency that is responsible for ensuring that funds for education are fairly accessible to those who seek them, which is the key to qualifying for employment that enables one to make financial ends meet.

Betsy DeVos is no Secretary of Education, despite what her job title says.

She is instead the Secretary of Elitism and Betrayal.

Betsy DeVos is with the Kochs, the Uihleins, the Mercers, the Trumps – not with the People.

She betrays her oath as a matter of policy.

She knows exactly what she is doing and she absolutely means to do it.

There is no mistake in her actions and inactions.

She intends to enable fraud, to facilitate debt slavery, to disable actual education, to addle the mental faculties of students with religious nonsense of her preference, and to see that students are ill-prepared for the professions and mental disciplines for which the public and private schools that they attend purport to train and educate them for.

For full details, one can read a short, 77-page book called Schoolhouse Wreck: The Betsy DeVos Story by Jason Linkins with Phil Lewis, published this year (2018).

The book comes with footnotes to stories by the journalists that the Trump administration and Herr Pumpkingropenfuhrer himself revel in dumping on ad nauseam ad infinitum.

It lays out the case against DeVos by describing her background, her lack of qualifications, the reasons behind her attitude toward life, difficulties, religion, student loans, for-profit education, vouchers, public schools, private schools, parochial/religious schools, her agenda about charter schools, her contempt for students with disabilities, her donation machine, and the intentions behind her actions and inactions.

Website for disabled kids disappears as DeVos takes office

It ought to be read by any American citizen who cares about the future of our nation.

If the Founders read it, they would turn over in their graves.

Betsy DeVos wants to remake the U.S. education system in her own fantasy of Christian Calvinism, separation of religion and state be damned.

Rather than focusing on preparing students to compete in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines, she would have them know mythology inside out.

Imagine field trips to the Creationist Museum for schoolchildren, who would, under her direction, be taught that humans and dinosaurs once coexisted, that the Sun is not billions of years old, that the Earth was created in a day rather than over the course of eons, and so on.








William Jennings Bryan would be so proud, while John T. Scopes would be disgusted.

The constant spewing of anti-intellectualism is a patently obvious hatred and fear of being exposed as being against following the law, doing one’s duty by representing the citizens of the United States as required by the oath of office that Betsy DeVos, Donald J. Trump, and the rest of his non-administration took.

Betsy DeVos is all about causing our nation to be populated and overpopulated by a people so poorly educated as to be incapable of critical thinking or of questioning those in positions of authority.


Because once this is accomplished, it will be far easier for her and other Farmers – yes, back to the banksters, hedge fundsters, and corporatists – to run roughshod over government, policy, and the people.

She is definitely a Farmer with a capital “F”, i.e. one who views the people as a crop to be manipulated for her own gain.

Betsy DeVos has never had to worry about money in her entire life. She came from money, she married money, and she intends to hoover up more money from the education industry.

It doesn’t matter to her whether or not the source of that money is legal. If not, she will simply not enforce any law, regulation, or policy that gets in her way.

Federal courts may order her to do so, but she will simply fabricate reasons to delay doing so.

She will issue rules that make it illegal for state attorneys general to sue her and the U.S. Department of Education to compel her to enforce the law, which is also known as doing her job.

She is not qualified to do her job, and does not care.

She used Lauren Maddox, a lobbyist who helped a for-profit law school that failed to prepare most of its student to pass the bar exam, to shove herself down the throats of the confirmation process, which, despite short questioning times for the senators involved, showcased her incompetence.

DeVos Offers a Lifeline to For-Profit Law School That Hired Her Former Adviser The feds had cut off federal student aid to Charlotte School of Law. Then it hired Betsy DeVos’s confirmation “sherpa.”

This incompetence is irrelevant to her agenda. Her agenda is to enable for-profit pseudo-universities to defraud students, and to ignore their pleas for debt reviews and relief.

For-profits schools have been shut down and then been allowed, under Betsy DeVos, to re-open, while others are still defunct. DeVos owns stakes in some of these corporations, in a blatant conflict of interest.

Here is are some of the for-profit schools, and corporations that manage them, that have failed to meet the criteria for being granted federal student loan service contracts, yet were granted such contracts anyway:




These for-profit schools have their own lobbyists, too. One organization that aids and abets them is called Career Education Colleges and Universities.

The Consumer Financial Protection Board (CFPB) and the Government Accountability Office (GAO) documented loan servicing companies misplacing paperwork, charging unexpected fees, and providing inconsistent information. Obama-Era guidelines for the Department of Education that were meant to curb, deter, and otherwise block such behavior have been rescinded under Betsy DeVos.

There are laws and regulations in place to assist defrauded students and student-loan debtors, which Betsy DeVos intends to ignore.

She wants their money, both for herself and for her Farmer friends, whether paying it would leave them enough to survive on or not (it would not).

She does not care.


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