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Stephanie C. Fox


Do you ever worry about people to take offense at your choice of words? Not anymore.

Intriguing exchange…

Question: Do you ever worry about people to take offense at your choice of words?

Answer: No. I decided to count on it and stop wasting emotional energy over it. I write about inflammatory topics as it is, so offense is practically guaranteed. I learned long ago that the Aspie demeanor tends to be sharp and direct, with no gaming to it, and that the majority model of human brainstem owners – NTs (neurotypicals) – don’t like that, especially when they don’t know what we’re like. Too bad for THEM. They do not get to decide how everyone ought to be just because they are in the majority. And the fact that human overpopulation is the underlying cause of ecosystems collapse while also being a deeply unpopular truth to the majority – who wish to breed and therefore don’t want to contemplate this – is no fault of mine. I won’t shut up about it to make them happy!

So funny…this question was about Aspies, bit it fits perfectly with Nae-Née, because Avril, its narrator, is an Aspie who won’t keep her articulate and well-researched views on human overpopulation to herself. That can really grate on people. Evil grin here!

Who are these people who take offense?

Are they people you will have to spend lots of time with?

Are they people who have some measure of control over your life?

Take it away from them!

Don’t stay near them. Life is too short, even with access to fresh, clean water, clean air, sufficient space for personal privacy and comfort, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, reliable sanitation, and whatever else one might need or want, such as a well-stocked library that includes books that have had the honor of ever having been banned.

You are not responsible for other people’s happiness or approval just because you have Asperger’s or see that there is an overpopulation crisis.

Ask yourself: do you obey the law, are you truthful/honest, do you make sure not to hurt others?

If yes, then don’t worry.

You have the right to think and say unpopular truths.

We should all do that much more.

It is stifling to keep quiet among a group of judgemental individuals who give off a heavy aura of nonacceptance.

No one died and made them the final arbiters of what can and cannot be thought and said.

If I sound like I’m arguing for freedom of speech, academic freedom, and freedom from religion as well as freedom of it, I am.

So does Avril, for three dystopian science fiction novels (New World Order Underwater is coming soon).

Final Nae-Nee Cover Art - Katelyn M. Gagnon - Lulu Publishing Format Vaccine - The Cull - Final Cover Illustration by Steve Palmerton new-world-underwater-author-title-data


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