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Stephanie C. Fox


Eating Cake While Dropping Bombs…

Trump loves to put on a show. Dinner and a show. Dessert and a show.

Herr #Pumpkingropenfuehrer isn’t happy unless he’s showing off.

Now that he holds the codes to every war toy the U.S. military possesses, he’s playing with them, and doing it while entertaining foreign leaders.

He bragged that his latest guest, China’s president, Xi Jinping, was treated to what Trump considered “the most beautiful chocolate cake you’ve ever seen” and an announcement that he was bombing Syria as they ate. Lovely…our travesty of a leader thinks this is cool. It is anything but.

“The most beautiful chocolate cake you’ve ever seen,” Trump calls it. It’s just Chocolate Cake à la Mar-a-Lago, imperfectly sliced.

Usually, I devote a blog post to railing against the fact that the Farmers – banksters, hedge fundsters, and corporatists – have been allowed to not only buy our politicians but stand in for the executive branch of our government. I’ll do that just enough here to comment that having the Farmers as our leaders is a dishonor to our nation, a travesty, and a mistake that may just get many of us killed. It has already gotten some of us killed, and for no good reason.

We currently have a disparity of wealth between the wealthiest one percent of Americans and the rest of American citizens that is comparable to the disparity of wealth between the French aristocracy and royalty and the French populace in 1789. No good came of that. Think about that.

But back to the cakes.

Cake is a great symbol of wealth, clueless indifference to the suffering of others, and selfishness.

Marie Antoinette, I must add, NEVER said “Let them eat cake.” That was an early example of fake news, designed to sell newspapers in Paris.

It worked, too.

What la reine de France actually was guilty of doing was grossly overspending on frivolities, thus running through resources with nothing useful to show for doing so. Death seems like a bit too harsh a punishment for that. A vast reduction of access to resources would do instead if she were being dealt with today.

Melania Trump seems woefully unaware of all this. She posed for Vanity Fair magazine twirling jewels as if they were a gourmet pasta dinner.

Melania Trump’s Vanity Fair cover shot, twirling jewels like pasta…it’s like Marie Antoinette all over again.

Again, back to cakes.

I agree with the observation of Saturday Night Live‘s Michael Che, who said, “You don’t know what cakes I’ve seen!” Just for fun, I decided to look through the inventory of photographs I’ve taken over the years of chocolate cakes that I have made, using a variety of recipes.

Although beauty is a highly subjective attribute, I consider my creations to be more attractive than Chocolate Cake à la Mar-a-Lago.

I am a gourmet cook and baker. It’s a hobby for someone who appreciates natural ingredients, food art, and delectable things to eat.

It’s also less expensive than restaurants and bakeries, which don’t always offer the variety than a home baker can access if she likes to do the work.

There were plenty of chocolate cakes from birthdays in my photograph collection, plus a few from other occasions…or even no particular occasions.

My grandmother loves chocolate, and she’s not alone in the family on that count.

Liberty Bar Chocolate Cake with Edible Pansies and Sweet Peas. This cake was for my grandmother’s 100th birthday party.

I inherited a love of chocolate from my grandmother, apparently, though this recipe is from the other side of my family.

Chocolate Orange Cake – a Fox family recipe, and favorite. This is what I like to make for my own birthday.

Sometimes it has been fun to bake just to test a recipe and my own baking skill.

Old Fashioned Chocolate Layer Cake. It’s sliced perfectly, too.

And it’s always important to use that skill to spoil people on their birthdays. My mother – my grandmother’s daughter – loves chocolate too.

Chocolate Red Raspberry Cake. This was for my mother’s birthday. I forget what year it was.

This was one of the most fun cakes I ever made, because it was for my law school class on toxic torts. A tort with no “e” is a civil wrong. A torte with an “e” is a decadent chocoholic dessert. 😀 This one is a Chocolate Almond Torte with Blackberry Liqueur in the Almond Paste, then covered with Chocolate Ganache, and then decorated with red frosting and a radiation symbol. A couple of years later, I reprised it with a biohazard symbol at a Williams Sonoma staff potluck party. We had them when we counted the inventory twice a year. It was a big hit…each time. 😀

Toxic Torte for a law school class called Toxic Torts. It was a Chocolate Almond Blackberry Torte.

Well, you decide which cake is more beautiful.

We might as well enjoy life as long as we can, because our buffoon of a Thief-in-Chief may end it for us sooner rather than later.




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