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Stephanie C. Fox


Electoral College, This is Not a Game. Go Rogue. Put Hillary in the White House.

The popular vote in our November 8th, 2016 Presidential election went to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

That, however, does not matter one whit.

The Electoral College vote tally – a mere guesstimation and/or prediction of what its members-for-a-day will actually do on December 19th – gave it to Donald J. Trump.

Trump is an orange Nazi fascist misogynist who surrounds himself with idiots and sycophants.

He does this because he has a weak ego with no impulse control, as his Twitter account shows.

It is amazing (perhaps that should be changed to “doubtful”) that he accomplishes anything of value, nor anything at all, given that he can’t leave his hand-held device alone and focus on the job of organizing an administration AND learning how to do the job he sought. The presidency of the United States is a far cry from running a corporation and starring in a reality show.

The President-Elect Is an Internet Troll

He knows almost nothing about the U.S. Constitution, a document which he will be required to swear an oath to defend and uphold in order to take office as President of the United States.

He shows little interest in learning about it, about what it means, nor about how it all works. It’s a complex document. No matter; he can just ask someone – one of his appointed sycophants. Or look it up online.

Donald Trump Has Broken the Constitution

He has foisted an idiot and bigot named Mike Pence on us all.

Pence has gone on national television since the election and said in an interview that he has every right to spout off fictitious data just because he likes what it says.

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asks Mike Pence about false voter claim

Not only that, but Pence is the ultimate pot calling the kettle black about e-mails.

After blasting Clinton, Pence in an email battle of his own

Trump doesn’t worry about guarding the state secrets he is already being told about. He has been seen holding confidential documents on the outside of a leather folder, his arm carelessly across the middle.

He has surrounded himself with individuals who treat women like commodities. What else would one expect from a beauty pageant owner, though?! Bannon the wife-beater is just one of them. No matter that the case never went forward – his wife outed him, and he can’t take that back.

Donald Trump’s Campaign Chief, Stephen Bannon, Faced Domestic Violence Charges in 1996

He has already begun to cooperate with Wall Street banksters, a direct violation of the hopes of his own voters (no surprise there), who are already expressing buyer’s remorse. He has even added one to his team, as Secretary of the Treasury.

Bank Owned by Trump’s Top Treasury Pick Foreclosed on a 90-Year-Old Over 27 Cents

He doesn’t understand what it means to be a public citizen, which is what a holder of a national office is. It means that he must take it without complaint when he is criticized, and that he is no longer merely entitled to his own opinion. All views must be backed up by verifiable facts.

He has already begun to communicate and meet with foreign leaders, and in so doing, has comingled attendees from his businesses. We can expect more trouble over conflicts of interest. Not only that, but he has not studied our track records of communications with these leaders and nations He is not up to date on what has been said and done thus far. He is winging it, and that is dangerous.

Obama’s, Bush’s top ethics lawyers: Trump must sell businesses or Electoral College must reject him

The Array of Conflicts of Interest Facing the Trump Presidency

He has already made significant moves to quash transparency and freedoms of speech, the media, the right to peaceably assemble, and more.

Trump Summons TV Figures for Private Meeting, and Lets Them Have It

I’m told his name is “Fart” in German. How eminently suitable that is.

I have been reading James A Michener’s book on the Electoral College.

Here is the bibliographical data on it:

James A. Michener, PRESIDENTIAL LOTTERY: THE RECKLESS GAMBLE IN OUR ELECTORAL SYSTEM, New York: The Dial Press and Random House, L.L.C., 1969.

He served in it as a Pennsylvania Democrat in 1968.

His conclusion was that Electors may in fact go rogue and vote in whomever they deem most fit to hold the highest office in our nation, regardless of the laws of individual states that attempt to prohibit or inhibit them from doing so. Yes, some states will impose fines on Electors for voting in contravention of any statutory pledge or requirement that they cast their ballots for the candidate that most popular votes chose. But once cast, there is nothing that can be done to take an Electoral Vote back. It’s done.

The vote, if inconclusive, can go to the incoming House of Representatives.

Our incoming group is heavily GOP – hence my urging that the Electoral College take care of this problem definitively on December 19th.

Yes, we ought to get rid of this insane, flawed system and elect our Presidents via the popular vote. But we certainly won’t get rid of the Electoral College system in time to salvage our current situation, so the best thing that can happen is for the people who are to serve in it for a day to go rogue, any potential personal consequences be damned, and vote Hillary and Caine in.

On December 19th, if the members-for-a-day of our nation’s Electoral College understand what they ought to understand, they will go rogue and keep Trump out of the White House, and Pence too. They must understand that an election is a responsibility, not a game. They must play it for keeps. Simply keeping Trump out will not solve the looming crisis.

At least one of these Electors has already said he won’t cast his vote for Trump.

Why I Will Not Cast My Electoral Vote for Donald Trump

I just hope that there are enough people like him to have the sense to not only go rogue in the Electoral College, but to see that this is not a game and to vote Hillary in, because Mike Pence is another horrific, fascist disaster.

Here are some of the pieces on the Electoral College that have been published in the past few weeks surrounding our latest and most disgraceful of presidential elections:

The electoral college isn’t a real place. But someone has to answer all the angry phone calls these days.

Three common arguments for preserving the Electoral College – and why they’re wrong

There are plenty more.

This is not a simple matter of being disappointed over a loss to a Republican. I’ve had experience with that, and been upset, but not sick to my stomach, not losing all hope for the future of our nation, our democracy, and our national dignity. This is different.

This is a catastrophe for individual liberty, for basic freedoms, and for the pursuit of happiness.

A century’s worth of great laws are under threat because of populist discontent and stalled growth. I’m thinking about the right to control one’s fertility, which is both about personal health and personal economics.

A Trump/Pence Administration is a Threat to Women, Science and Human Rights

I’m thinking about atheism. Some idiots put “under God” into our Pledge to the Flag in 1954 where there was none before. I don’t say those words when I recite the pledge of allegiance, and I don’t have to. I want it to stay that way.

I’m thinking about what happened, other than popular discontent. Sexism is a part of it. It demanded and required utter flawlessness of character from a politician – an unreasonable, unrealistic fairy tale of a demand if ever there was one. A woman should not have to meet a higher standard than a man in order to hold the highest office in our nation, and a woman will never meet that standard. She ought to be in that office nonetheless.

It wasn’t just ‘fake news’ presenting a fake Hillary Clinton

With the election and its mania over, we are now finding out some alarming, though not astonishing, things about the news that was available before it was over. Fake news was being served up – lies to slant the results of the election. Climate change data was skewed with lies by none other than the Goebbels-reincarnate Steve Bannon on his hijacked monster of a site, Breitbart. I have a difficult time believing that Andrew Breitbart, its dead founder, would be pleased.

News Report on Global Temperatures Is Wrong, Scientists Say

Frightened by Donald Trump? You don’t know the half of it

Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan is one big scam

What does Trump know or care about climate change, ecosystems collapse, diminishing soil nutrient capacity for growing crops, international law and diplomacy, handling national secrets, and so on? Nowhere near enough, and he can’t just Google it or rely on the knowledge of others. That data needs to already be in his brain to be of use.

A president with a limited attention span and a disdain for details and data is a liability.

Catering to big business interests at the expense of the ecosystem will lead to collapse.

Here I am, an educated person with a law degree (from a school that ranks significantly higher than Pence’s, I might add!), citing articles and research to back my statements. I make no apology for doing so. Many might call me elitist for doing so. I call it due diligence.

We as a society have encouraged growth for the sake of growth in a blatant and callous disregard for the fact that the Earth’s bank account of resources is both real and finite.

Tangible resources still exist – water, food, soil with crop-growing nutrients, mineral deposits, land – but they are dwindling in the face of continuous and rapid human population growth.

Few people are even willing to look at this data, let alone read or hear about it.

They prefer inane distractions, they think only a few weeks ahead at most, and they don’t care about anything other than their immediate comfort.

There is a word to describe them: populists.

We are faced with populist discontent.

An appetite for more, more, more of everything – human reproduction and resource consumption – has led to more, more, more growth, and it has been fed. Now we have 324 million human beings living in the United States.

This is lethal to themselves and to others.

Those who function this way vastly outnumber the thinking members of the population who look at long-term situations, plan ahead, and face the data no matter what it reveals.

This is a lethal situation, and a prelude to a resource war.

No wonder I have taken to calling my country the Untied States of America.

We have come undone.

I won’t shy away from saying things that most prefer not to deal with.

This goes back to my earlier determination to be right even if that means not being popular.

I have no use for populism. I expect and require thought, research, and long-term thinking from everyone, whether that suits them or not, and I won’t stop that.

That’s why I was so determined to write my entire Nae-Née series. I would worry about getting readers later, I told myself, after I had taken care of the problem of bringing it into existence.

Vaccine - The Cull - Final Cover Illustration by Steve Palmerton

We have the exact same situation now – the same political makeup looming ahead of us – as we faced in 1928: a Republican House, Senate, and President.

Does anyone, even the most disengaged populist, happen to remember what that led to?

I’ll tell you: excesses of one-sided, growth-heavy decision-making and legislation that favored greed on Wall Street, which collapsed our nation’s economy in October of 1929, and after that, the economies of nations around the planet.


Hooverville in Central Park, New York City. (Image via the New York Daily News archive.)

Good times.

At least there are still people like Christiane Amanpour around, refusing to sugar-coat reality.

She is absolutely right: We ought to believe in being truthful rather than neutral.

Christiane Amanpour: 2016 Burton Benjamin Memorial Award Acceptance Speech

Go rogue, Electoral College.

Tip the political balance out of that scenario with Hillary before it’s too late.

Even if we must endure a term of inertia, that would be far better than total meltdown.

1 comment to Electoral College, This is Not a Game. Go Rogue. Put Hillary in the White House.

  • David D. Haines

    STEPHANIE: This is NOT an argument for Trump. He’s surrounding himself with RINOs and neocon/Bushies, political class who I believe are more dangerous that the useful idiots who call themselves “Liberals”, but who are actually corporate fascist communitarians (as Rosa Koire described).

    If you are going to post political blogs, great! Do it. But you should avoid framing your arguments so that they can be easily demolished. There are plenty of serious problems with Trump, but calling him names without supporting evidence, makes you look childish and from the perspective of readers, puts you in the same class as the trembling buttercups and special snowflakes on colleges campuses who demanded play dough, therapy dogs and counseling to deal with an event that had no relevance to earning grades in math (for instance) – or using their college experience to pay back their parents or creditors for 4 years+ of … whatever.

    You also bring ridicule on yourself by parroting the tiresome canard that Clinton won the popular vote. Well… she might have if corpses and persons confirmed not to be U.S. citizens are counted.

    Bringing public spotlight on this and other electoral larceny by Hillary, might in fact be Jill Stein’s real endgame She is obviously no fan of Trump, but she also very clearly equated a Clinton presidency with planetary incineration. She was very specific about that. Indeed, her statement would have been the same if she had paraphrased Linda Evans’ character in Terminator 1. Words to the effect: “….. about a month into a Hillary Clinton presidency, anyone not wearing 2 million sunblock is going to have a very bad day….”

    That has to be her objective and in that respect I’m gaining a lot of respect for Dr. Stein. Indeed she appears to be playing Machiavellian politics very skillfully and to the benefit of human survival. She knows that upsetting the electoral process and putting Hillary in the White House is highly improbable. Moreover if by her actions, such a nightmare scenario actually happened, she would probably liquidate her entire estate to provide her family with 2 million sunblock, then cut her wrists.

    That won’t be necessary. An inevitable effect of Stein’s actions is very close public scrutiny of the general phenomenon of election fraud. There is no evidence of fraud on the part of the Trump campaign, but some pretty egregious fraud by Hillary’s minions – the best publicized example this far being the theft of the Democratic nomination from a deluded but honorable old hipster – an event that Stein is starting to talk about more frequently.

    The end effect of broad public understanding of the degree to which HRC’s minions perpetrated voter fraud, will be the final nail in her political coffin. Her criminality, including treason and abetment of sexual predation by her incubus of a husband are well known. However when the dust storm that Jill Stein has started dis down, HRC’s election-related crimes will be forever emblazoned into the consciousness of the U.S. public and the world. The old monster will go down and never again threaten continued human existence on the Earth.

    3.5 cheers for Dr. Stein!

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