Enjoy Saying “No”. Don’t Apologize. Resist the Haters.

We are in the middle of a resource war that is fueled in the United States by resentment, hateful behavior, and populism.

In other parts of the world, resource war involves all of that plus necessities such as living space, food, clothing, health care, education, and jobs.

There are areas of the Middle East where war and ecosystems collapse have leveled human settlements, causing mass migrations.

For years, the migrants huddled in camps, waiting.

They waited in southern Turkey in tents.

They waited on islands like Malta in camps that housed them in cargo containers.

Many still wait there.

Others continue to migrate.

Meanwhile, in the United States, we are seeing a backlash against years of liberal policies.

Several years ago, a Republican relative sent an e-mail extolling the virtues of American life in the 1950s, complete with a longing nostalgia for it.

It came with a question, asking if the reader didn’t also long for that simpler, easier time.

I wrote back, of course. “Simpler and easier for whom?!”, I asked. “Why, for white males and females, of course, and the neurotypical ones of those at that,” I continued, answering my own question.

For women who wanted to be called “Ms.” rather than “Mrs.” or “Miss”, it could mean being disowned by one’s family and the loss of an education.

Sheila Babs Michaels, also known as Sheila Shiki-y-Michaels (May 8, 1939 – June 22, 2017), was an American feminist and civil rights activist credited with popularizing Ms. as a default form of address for women regardless of their marital status.

For African-Americans, it could mean being unable to access higher education, to buy a home, or worst of all, a lynching.

For those who happened to fall in love with someone of a different race or culture than their own, their marriage could be blocked.

Loving v. Virginia, 388 U.S. 1 (1967)

For gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people, it meant a life underground, constantly worried about being outed and persecuted or worse, killed.

For those on the autism spectrum with the ability to speak, learn, and study our way to earning an academic credential (or more than one), it meant being thought of as having a disability rather than a minority model of a normal human brainstem. The world is still set up for the convenience of neurotypicals, but at least now autism is known and somewhat understood, and famous geniuses have been identified as having had the traits, quirks, and abilities of the condition, thus making it an accepted part of life.

Anyone who thinks that those were the “good old days” for their definition as the days when white males had almost everything their own way and the right of first refusal on the best of what life has to offer as the way that it ought to be forever is not a reasonable person.

Actually, anyone who thinks that way is a selfish, rotten, and quite possibly dangerous person.

There are white people who are neurotypical and heterosexual who agree with me.

These people are not safe around many of those who disagree, and who wish for a return to those selfish times.

For decades, things got much nicer for the “rest” of American society: the women, the Aspies, the other races than whites, the LGBT people.

These are the liberal policies that we are seeing backlash against.

That backlash has shown itself not to care whether or not the Russians hacked the 2016 U.S. presidential election, proof or no proof.

Proof will make itself known eventually. Some is even making itself known already, and of course it is being denied.

“Connecticut’s online voter registration system was targeted by Russian hackers during last year’s presidential campaign, Secretary of the State Denise Merrill said Friday.

Merrill said officials from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security informed her the system was scanned but not breached.

“In essence, this is good news for us because our system worked and turned back whatever targeting was done,” she said. “It does tell me that we need to be vigilant on this.”

The hack targeted outward-facing, or public, components of the office’s online system, including its website, online voter registration system and voter lookup system. The hack did not reach vote tabulation machines, which are not connected to the internet.”

Connecticut Notified Russians Scanned Election System

All weekend, I have vaguely noticed reports of this and complaints about it. As someone who has absolutely no interest in football other than the research conducted by Dr. Bennet Omalu into concussive brain injuries, I did not focus on it until just now, when I read this article (it’s the arts, movies, and books that occupy my thoughts for the most part).

Accordingly, I looked it up and read about it, just to understand what is going on. It’s a protest about the abysmal treatment of African-Americans in U.S. society due to police brutality – including lethal treatment by police – and racism.

So…I agree with the reasons behind these protests. Any visitor to my pages sees that I have no use for Trump the divider, Trump the corporatist Farmer, Trump the misogynist, and so on and on.

I wonder about the protestors’ choice of method, however. This is confusing, kneeling during the national anthem. Some think it disrespects war veterans and those active in the military.

A separate protest, conducted after the anthem and before the game, might have been a better way to go. After all, the football players ARE the stars of their own show. Granted, it’s a little late to adopt another protest method, but not too late. They could switch, with a little planning and coordination. I doubt they will, but I agree with the reasons why they protested.

Here’s another thought: they can’t just be fired and replaced. The football players have a skill that is unique. Thus, these particular players can’t be conveniently dumped and others found in time for the next game. Training and strategy takes time. I find it hilarious that the masses of populists who don’t approve of this protest are crying about boycotting football. They love football! They’ll all be back watching it again, protests or not.

That was one issue that I looked at.

Another was the recent election in Germany, in which Angela Merkel won another term as chancellor.

Angela Merkel Makes History in German Vote, but So Does Far Right

She won, but the alt-right of her country, the fascists, or the populists as they are now called, also won some seats in Germany’s parliament.

This is widely seen as the result of telling the migrants from the crashed ecosystems of the Middle East, particularly war-torn Syria, to come on in to Germany and share its resources and social welfare system. They have overwhelmed that system, and there have widespread reports of rapes and of women and children losing the freedom and security to move about as before, dressed as they have always dressed with hair showing, makeup on, and less clothing covering them up in warm weather, without being harassed, attacked, intimidated, and otherwise bothered.

This election results is therefore not surprising. Alarming and ominous is more like it. Human overpopulation is a threat to democracy.

I am a political liberal, and shall remain one, but even I think that Merkel went too far. So did Sweden.

Sharing resources sounds great – like a wonderful, humanitarian thing to do – until women lose out.

Either figure out a way to insist that the women who are already there lose nothing, or rethink the entire plan. Let the migrants wait while you figure it out. Of course, it’s too late for that.

So what happens now?

What do I think is going to happen?

I think that it will all get worse.

Resource war is already upon us, both in Europe and in the United States. It is also happening in Canada and Australia.

It will continue to get worse.

We are seeing reviews of populists, both living and dead, and watching the living ones show just how hateful and nasty they can be.

Clockwise, from left: White nationalist William Pence, domestic terrorist Timothy McVeigh, white nationalist Richard Spencer, British journalist Milo Yiannopoulos, professor Kevin MacDonald, and Breitbart News founder Andrew Breitbart. (Nick Lehr/The Conversation)

The Seeds of the Alt-Right, America’s Emergent Right-Wing Populist Movement

One of things that these populists like to do is say that white women ought to focus on breeding with white men, and never mind an education or a career. These males are quite loud, belligerent, aggressive, condescending, and they exude an air of entitlement and selfishness.

The first thought that comes to mind when I observe them is, “Why would any woman want to have anything to do with them, let alone mate with one of them?!”

I’m never going to stop studying, I won’t take care of babies or children let alone bring any more into existence, I’m fascinated by human overpopulation and resource depletion, love to see all things to do with outer space (law, science fiction, physics, astrophysics, astronomy, etc.), insist upon using the courtesy title of “Ms.” and no other, and although I am attracted to white males, they had better be nice people or the attraction is extinguished.

A reasonable, sane, intelligent person wants a nice guy who treats her respectfully and who does not expect or require her to live her life in any way other than the way that she wishes to live it.

There is a shortage of reasonable behavior and of reasonable expectations when people choose emotion over logic.

Emotion never goes away, but it should not rule our view of the world.

That is the problem I have with populism and masses: they let their wishes, wants, insecurities, and angst rule their thoughts and actions.

What do I think will happen next?

Just look at people around the planet, not only in the United States, as they are now.

They are polarized in thought, opinion, and in how they think the world ought to be.

They refuse to consider scaling back on human reproduction with any population policy.

Even China has reversed its population policy, citing worries that the older generation won’t have enough younger caregivers (which is in large part a result of a cultural preference for sons, so that daughters-in-law will be acquired to do that care-giving…never mind their own parents!).

Looking at it that way, human reproduction is a Ponzi scheme that won’t pay off for most humans.

So…we shall both continue to reproduce past the Earth’s capacity to supply our species with the necessities of life (living space, food, clothing, shelter, breathable air, education, health care, and meaningful work).

Religious groups and races with vie for prominence.

Stir that pot and you have a resource war.

Heather Heyer’s murder was a mere taste of how bloody it’s going to get. Just wait – it will get far worse.

We know what we ought to do to reverse this:

  1. Get a population policy;
  2. Put a ban on gerrymandering into an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution;
  3. Clamp down on any attempt to merge religion of ANY variety with the government. (Start by removing “under God” from our Pledge to the Flag. It was added in 1954, during the McCarthy Era of political witch-hunts.)

Keep calm and continue to resist hate speech, the weaponization of freedom of speech, and don’t forget to enjoy life.

I like to watch the late-night comedians. Stephen Colbert is my favorite.

I love how he mocks the alt-right, Donald J. Trump (whom I call the #Pumpkingropenfuhrer), and other haters. He’s one of the court jesters of our time.

I’m glad Alec Baldwin won an Emmy Award for his portrayal of the #Pumpkingropenfuhrer.

It’s probably the only award that Trump can get, i.e. one by comedic proxy.

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