Fox News – How Dare It Share My Cool Last Name! – And Other Observations

Fox News – how dare it share my cool last name!

Actually, I prefer to call it Fixed Noise, a la Keith Olbermann. He switches between calling it Fixed News and Fox Noise, but I like my combination of his terms.

Fox News/Fixed Noise is anchored by a disturbing mix of college dropouts, spin doctors, the intellectually lazy, by those who disparage intellectual accomplishments, by those with a religious bent, by white supremacists, and by individuals who react to criticism with inane defense mechanisms rather than with measured, calm, thoughtful rebuttals.

In judging the quality and credibility of a news source, it is important to consider whether or not is actually is a news source, or just an opinion channel, such as Fox News. Some are mixed, such as MSNBC. Both are at opposite ends of the political spectrum.

One way to know whether or not a source is credible is to see if it has won any awards. For example, there is the highly prestigious Alfred I. DuPont—Columbia University Awards, given to honor excellence in broadcast and digital journalism in the public service.

I often come across comments and complaints both in face-to-face interactions and on the internet in which people say that “the liberal voice is stronger.”

That sounds whiny.

Who says that, and why would they do it?

The people saying it are a contradiction of factors all in the same individuals.

They are not well educated and they admit it to the others in the discussion.

They are not well read.

They are not liberals, obviously.

I found these people in two places.

One of them was in a discussion of human overpopulation in which a concern about that issue is present.

Yet, for the non-liberals in the group, it is more about expressing disgust for children, parents of children who happen to be obnoxious and self-entitled about passing on their own DNA while displaying gross discourtesy to others about noise and mess caused by their offspring when out in public.

Oddly, these individuals support Trump, the GOP, and abortion, birth control access, and a population policy.

Everyone in the group supports abortion, birth control access, and a population policy.

But to support all that is oxymoronic.

It’s contradictory.


Just apply a little logic: Trump is trying to pack the U.S. Supreme Court with justices who will eviscerate our rights to abortion and birth control. If they were ever to institute a population policy, it would resemble ethnic cleansing and genocide, war crimes that would qualify them as defendants on trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC), rather than one that would reduce births evenly throughout the entire human population, and therefore attempt to save our ecosystem from collapse due to resource depletion and pollution.

This portends a turn in the wrong direction, one that will make the world alarming like the dystopian nightmare that I depict in Nae-Nee Book 2, Vaccine: The Cull – Nae-Nee Wasn’t Enough.

I should mention that, unlike in the world of Nae-Nee, the United States is not subject to the ICC because it has refused to ratify the Rome Statute ( To see the text of that document, visit:

The United States is notorious for refusing to subject itself to any law other than its own while remaining a member of the United Nations.

The group also has many posts about ecosystems collapse, many about species depletions and plastic pollution.

At this point, I should mention that this group also has liberals in it, and that the posts about overpopulation and ecosystems collapse come largely from us.

How can one support Trump and his company of Farmers (I’ll list them again: banksters, hedge fundsters, and corporatists) such as the Kochs, the Uihleins, the Mercers, the Princes, the DeVoses, and other one-percenters, while also supporting a solution to human overpopulation?!

It is not logical.

It smacks of either whining or criminal intent.

Fortunately, it seems to be more of the former than of the latter.

However, too many votes, whether induced by Russia’s Internet Research Agency, by America’s Alex Jones or Rush Limbaugh, or cast by tiki torch-toting white supremacists, can do plenty of damage for decades to come.

Remaking America into a nation of religion-addled, intellectually lazy and mentally unskilled citizens is treasonous and dangerous. It will quickly make us, by and large, helpless to take care of our own interests.

I worry that we will soon be like the Roman senators as the Goths sacked their capital city: obsessed with astrology, wasting their lives. At that point, they didn’t deserve sovereignty, let alone an empire. They were no longer capable of managing either.

Supporting an administration that is quite possibly headed by an unindicted criminal with dementia is crazy behavior. Trump – whom I love to call Herr Pumpkingropenfuhrer – cannot pronounce basic words, cannot parse a sentence that makes sense or with eloquence, as required of a nation’s leader, he makes up names of nations and mistakes fictitious nations for real ones, and he readily admits to treasonous acts with casual nonchalance.

This is the behavior of a narcissist, a criminal, and one with dementia.

Supporting him and his crew is against one’s own interests, because this administration is out for itself, and out to remake our declining empire as a conservative Christian one of the barely literate, unable to compete or even function on our own in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) disciplines, without sex education beyond admonitions to abstain from it unless procreating, until most of its voters are clueless cannon fodder, blithely tithing away chunks of their income while laboring at below-poverty-level mcjobs and gigs, never able to pay off student loan debt, be it from for-profit schools or legitimate ones.

That was a long sentence – longer than the ones I usually write – but it sums up what we are facing.

But that is what Betsy DeVos is trying to remake our nation’s majority of citizens into as she destroys its public school system and refuses to stop debt slavery from crippling graduates of either for-profit schools, which she and her fellow Farmers profit from, or graduates of other schools.

This is an array of scammers and swindlers who seek money from gullible fools who want others to do their thinking for them. No wonder so many voters fail to research how to vote in their own interests. They want an easy way out of having to bother to do that.

These fraudsters, and others like them, are allowed by many to serve as their fact-finders and news sources.

They are culturally sanctioned conspiracy theorists, much like Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh.

There was another source that I got my information from: face-to-face conversation.

“All I know is what I feel” is what I was told recently in a discussion of politics, law, and the economy.

Really?! What you feel?!

What about the data?!

Facts, research, logic, measured reasoning – these are the things that ought to inform one’s voting decisions.

What this person “felt” was that the economy seems to be doing better now that Trump is in office.

What I told him was that always, when we see how the economy is doing, we are experiencing the effects of the efforts of the previous administration, because nothing is immediate. Policy implementation takes time to have an effect.

Liberals – we horrid creatures who coldly think things through based on science, data, logic, and other Spock-like factors – do not operate on simply emotion.

We have emotion, but our voting behavior is not ruled by it.

That is not to say that we don’t feel rage at the idea of having the right to abortion on demand and easy access to birth control cut off, or at being choked by coal ash instead of moving forward on the Paris Agreement (, which is an agreement within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) ( Many states are moving forward on it without the federal government, including Connecticut, which has just one coal-fueled power plant left, in Bridgeport.

So don’t give up on fighting for real news. Learn how to identify it. Watch and listen to it.

Ignore those who would manipulate you into voting to suit their interests rather than your own.

Think of how life was – and what distractions did not yet exist – when our republic was functioning as it ought to.

Then focus only on the information sources that aid and are relevant to your interests.

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