Happy Spring – Avril of the Nae-Nee Series Loves This Time of Year.

Happy Spring! This is the time of year that Avril, the narrator of the Nae-Nee series, spends a lot of time going for walks, setting up her garden, and appreciating nature.

The Nae-Nee series consists of 3 dystopian novels about human overpopulation and ecosystems collapse. The story is told by Avril, a lawyer and professor who has Asperger’s, and who is the co-inventor of the birth control nanite that the series is named for. The books are in print and in digital format, available via Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Avril enjoys her life as much as she possibly can, growing irises, peonies, raspberries, a huge garden full of herbs, fruits, and vegetables, and she keeps bees.

She also goes for walks, often with her camera, much to the chagrin of Ed and Aaron, the Blackout Security guards who keep her and her husband company whenever she goes out.

This means that Avril comes back with many photographic souvenirs of whatever she sees, be it flowers, the Georgia Guidestones, or displaced humans (due to sea level rise and coastal depletion) who are being relocated by militarized police and U.S. Army personnel.

Actually, Aaron and Ed aren’t concerned about the images of things such as flowers and carved stones – only about things that could get their client arrested and made to disappear.

But they are worth every penny that Hamish, Avril’s husband, pays them, so of course Avril is able to collect evidence of anything and everything that interests her as the story progresses.

So…it’s spring again, and the ecosystem is coming alive beautifully.

Avril’s garden is much more spectacular and intricately arranged – as well as spread out over more space, i.e. an entire back yard – than mine is, but she would see lots of beautiful flowers and other plants while walking around near her home, just as I do, so I shall share some images from my walks in this post.











In the Nae-Nee series, Avril plants an elaborate garden in her own back yard with the purpose of growing much of her own food. This includes herbs, because she is a gourmet cook and baker, with rosemary, basil, lavender, and whatever else she uses in her recipes. Her French-American family uses what she grows, too. She has top-frame beehives in the back yard as well, and tends those herself. She has an enclosed conservatory on one back corner of her home, full of more herbs, plus raspberries of several varieties (red, golden, and black raspberry vines). She sets up an irrigation system in her outdoor garden that captures rainwater and slowly distributes it from a decorative, metal collection tank throughout the area.

Avril doesn’t just put in the effort necessary to grow food for her family; she enjoys it.

She lives in a time of climate change and food insecurity, and although it takes a while to show that such things are affecting her part of the world, which is Connecticut in the U.S.A., she doesn’t wait for it to show she is. Avril knows about these problems and changes her life and habits early on, expanding them and making them more elaborate as time goes on. She is an above-ground survivalist, as we all must learn to be.

This doesn’t have to be unpleasant, as Avril demonstrates. It is free exercise of the physical kind (no health club fees required!), and it gets her out in the fresh air.

While she is out there, she sees and smells all of the most beautiful plants and flowers that nature has to offer.

Happy Spring!

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