It’s Earth Overshoot Day! And It’s Earlier Than Last Year, as Usual

Time to check the world population clock again.

Let’s see what it says…

We’re at 7,522,504,008 humans now.

Earth Overshoot Day comes earlier each year.

Earth Overshoot Day marks the point in the calendar at which our species as a whole has officially used up all of the resources – food, water, and other materials – that our planet can offer in a year. It is the day on which we are thus operating at a deficit, using next year’s allotment.

The problem is that we have been doing this for decades, so that marker is a slightly calmly fiction when one considers that we are already heavily into a deficit before the year even starts.

Last year, 2016, Earth Overshoot Day was on August 8th. This year, it’s on August 2nd.

August 1st was Child-Free Day, for those of us who choose not to reproduce at all. It’s almost funny that Earth Overshoot Day came right after it.

Our numbers continue to increase as if soil nutrients and agronomic advances are eternal.

We don’t have more Earths, and we’re not going to have more Earths.

The Earth we have can support less than 2 billion humans, and we are demanding that it support 7.6 billion and rising. It won’t work. We are near the point of a resource war every which way we look. We last had 2 billion humans in 1930. Since then, our species has inflicted much damage to our planet’s ecosystems, thus decreasing its carrying capacity for us resource guzzlers, and causing the 6th mass extinction in the history of the Earth.

Welcome to the Age of the Anthropocene.

Producing fewer humans won’t solve the problem, but it is most of the solution. The rest of it is to use fewer resources. A human uses far more of those in a developed nation than in another one, thus its ecological footprint or carbon footprint or whatever you want to focus on for a footprint will be far more significant in the United States, Switzerland, or Japan than in India, Sudan, or Congo.

Any comment about a population policy continues to be met with moral outrage, just as child-free people are met with the same attitude by those who have chosen to reproduce.

This is something that most people don’t want to hear.

Most people prefer to vilify anyone who lives child-free as selfish. That we may be, but our decision is not impacting their lives beyond our disinterest in the perpetuation of their DNA.

There are other ways to live a fulfilling, memorable life, but they don’t believe it.

Nothing lasts forever, though.

Even lines of DNA eventually end. Someday, everyone’s last descendant will not reproduce, for whatever reason, be it choice, infertility, early death, or something else. The cycle of birth, life, death and repeat should not be about projecting one’s wishes onto future generations of individuals, who won’t care about the wishes of those who bring them into existence…but it usually is. The offspring never has a choice in being brought into existence. Why should we worry about disappointing others by not reproducing?! We have no obligation to do that.

Want libertarianism? Start with your reproductive decisions and don’t have kids, and therefore don’t force them to live without sufficient access to fresh fruits and vegetables, clean air and water, high-quality education without debt slavery, health care without debt slavery, and interesting and meaningful work that earns enough money to have a happy, productive life. No unwanted nor any unplanned humans should be brought into existence. That already puts them at the back of the line for all of those crucial things.

Why worry about continuing that cycle? Get a vasectomy, get your tubes tied, and relax. There are plenty of things to worry about without an unwanted pregnancy.

Governments ought to keep abortion on demand not only legal but conveniently accessible, and give out birth control like candy.

Religious groups should be banned from maintaining pregnancy counseling centers whose purpose is to keep a pregnant woman talking and showing her fetus images and videos until it is too late for her to get an abortion, always ignoring her pleas for directions to an abortion clinic or doctor.

Religious entities should be barred from buying control of hospitals and doctors’ groups for the purpose of barring them from offering abortions.

There should be no restriction on discussion of abortion for entities around the world receiving money from governments – ANY governments.

Let’s face it: many people on this planet have no fun to look forward to, therefore, they WILL have sex. Let’s remove reproduction from the list of consequences of having sex – everywhere.

This blog isn’t meant to cheer people up with lies or platitudes.

If you want that, go watch a movie. Reality is merciless. Most people will only look at politics and argue about that. So…

The news of the slow-motion car crash of democracy in the United States continues.

It’s been a non-stop stream of insanity, inanity, and outright lunacy.

I thought nothing would improve, not one iota, until an encouraging headline cropped up:

The Mooch is OUT!

Life will now cease to imitate a mobster movie with the exit of wealthy and toilet-tongued hedge fundster Anthony Scaramucci.

Anthony Scaramucci removed as White House communications director

What a relief. Our list of national embarrassments was just too damned long. It still is, but every deletion from it feels really good. He can no longer mouth off to news organizations’ driveway correspondents at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And his wife dumped him on the day that she gave birth to their son…so he won’t be making any more with her.

P.S. Every report on his antics inspired the thought, “Such a pretty face; such a filthy mouth.” Good riddance.

Our comedians are sorely disappointed at the loss of such great material as The Mooch encouraged.

‘Goodbye, Mooch’: Late-night comedians bid farewell to Anthony Scaramucci

But our government should present a more dignified front. It should not provide such easy fodder for jokes. This goes beyond anything that we have seen before, and that is nothing to applaud.

Life will not, however, cease to imitate a movie about an elderly guy with Alzheimer’s disease, or a political parody.

This is the reality show that keeps on writing its own script.

So is human overpopulation – but too few people tune in to that channel, because they find it too apocalyptic to accept. Instead, most prefer to write the concept of a human overpopulation as a myth, and a population policy off as social engineering, an attempt at implementing a police surveillance society.

A World With Ten Billion People Does Not Turn Out Well

I’m one of the people who wants no part of a resource war, nor the misery that that entails.

I didn’t reproduce, I didn’t wage wars of aggression, and I’m not willing to foot those bills.

I refuse to do so.

Here is a tally of the bills: resource war, famine, cannibalism, plague, mass deaths.

Oh, some may say, but it is God’s/Allah’s/Whatever Entity’s will that we reproduce and suffer.

Religiousness is poison to logic and humanity.

I still prefer atheism, most particularly for putting science and reason ahead of all else. It tends to cut down on sociopathy.

Of course (as the conventional statement of denial goes), we can all just cram ourselves into a space the size of Texas and live in stacks of high-rises – 11 billion of us – with no privacy, space, access to the natural, non-urban world, and there will be enough for all.

But there won’t be enough, and our antibiotics are failing. We used to have more than one strain of those, but the last one is rapidly losing its ability to resist evolving pathogens.

Cram humans too closely together, and they get cranky, then angry, then combative, then homicidal – even in a developed area that supposedly has enough food, water, and other resources, such as New York City.

But don’t take my word for it.

Go out and see it for yourself.

Get stuck in a traffic jam, with or without a motor vehicle crash being cleaned up, and you’ll experience this. (By the way, a traffic jam without a crash is a classic example of human overpopulation.)

Go somewhere in the developed parts of the world during rush hour to see it.

Try to get from one place to another in a city in Southeast Asia such as Decca, Bangladesh or Bangkok, Thailand. You’ll spend a few hours trying to progress behind a few blocks.

I wish I were making this stuff up, but I’m not.

When I did make stuff up, it was to include all of these points in a dystopian series on human overpopulation and ecosystems collapse. Disclaimer: including every facet of the topic does not constitute an endorsement of the actions taken in the series.


Unhappy Earth Overshoot Day to you!















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