Keeping women poor – by making abortions more expensive.

Driving up the cost of abortion rather than mitigating the cost of unwanted pregnancies and unwanted babies. Idiocy!

She waits, and she waits…until the cost of waiting and paying for hotels, food, travel, and possibly child care entrap her into a pregnancy that she does not want, distorting her body and forcing an unwanted baby on her.

She loses her job during any travel time required to avoid this.

It is the same for either rape victims or women who voluntarily had sex and made a reasonable effort to use birth control.

This is how Republicans and any other anti-choice twit seek to keep women poor and entrapped with unwanted pregnancies and babies.

If a woman is so lucky as to miscarry, they charge her with murder.

Is this really the United States?! It’s difficult to recognize under such oppressive conditions.

Waiting Periods and the Rising Price of Abortion

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