News to Enrage and Controversy to Stir Up

When Barack Obama was president, he did something to help with human overpopulation, women’s health, women’s freedoms to choose our futures, and women’s wallets: he eliminated co-pay requirements on birth control pills.

Trump undid that last week.

That’s the same guy who, when his mistress at the time, Marla Maples was pregnant, wanted her to get an abortion. She didn’t, and now The Donald must pay for the upkeep of Tiffany Trump. Granted, he’s paying, and that includes her law school tuition, but he didn’t want her. He loves Ivanka best. Who would want to be the offspring of a parent like that, even with money?! Not I.

Now, because it suits the Pumpkingropenfuhrer to take away control of women’s reproductive future – to take it away from as many as possible, which means those of us who are not economically comfortable – that’s what he has done, as smiling demons watched his pen move.

It is impossible not to feel intense rage over this.

Trump administration guts Obamacare’s birth control coverage mandate

I posted this article, with the above comment, on my personal Facebook page last week, as well as on a political chat group’s feed, and on two of the pages that I run for my books: Nae-Née and The Book of Thieves.

This is definitely theft of women’s futures in terms of controlling their time, their money, and their freedom to do anything other than focus on an 18+-year, mobile prison sentence (that’s what an unwanted baby is).

After I posted the link with my comment, I only had to wait.

That reminded me a meme that another Friend shared years ago. I made my own colored version.

After several hours, during which I participated with my own comments on the matter, I had quite a thread of discussion to consider. I was also down by one Facebook Friend, but I won’t miss her. I did, however, consider what sort of person she was: blond, female, a GOP member, a children’s book author, and the sort to bolt from the conversation after failing to make a clear, cogent argument.

Here is the comment thread, with names changed, replies and all:

Eowyn Mallory If for some reason you aren’t sickened or outraged by this, simply read the comments on any news sources social media. A popular comment is “keep your legs closed”. Angry

Jonquil Rhea That’s because what this entire argument REALLY boils down to is controlling FEMALE sexuality. Notice how they NEVER have an issue with men using Viagra for recreational sex. 😡

Emmaline Nevers Takes two to make a baby. Idiots.

Ayesha Reachfar This is a crime! It is easy to understand the depth of discrimination that this administration encourages against minorities and women!

Trill Song What a stupidinsane fkwit. You’d think he’d be chopper dropping them over his vile wall…he hates Mexicans so much. Someone put everyone else out of this misery soon PLEEZE!!!!

Trill Song It’s such a shame his mother didn’t swallow the night he was conceived!! Love

SueAnne Farnon Oh my…

Martha Ruth But they still cover Viagra. Bastards.

Stephanie C. Fox Of course they do. Hard-ons covered, opt-outs of pregnancy not. Damn them all for this.

Stephanie C. Fox It’s when I feel a guarantee against unwanted pregnancies and babies being withdrawn that I feel that rage. It feels personal, like someone is trying to ruin MY life. If a woman doesn’t feel that, it makes no sense.

Daphne-Mallory Wynstead It’s not even all about what any woman wants or thinks as an individual.
Plenty of people are anti-abortion, and there’s nothing wrong with that in and of itself… the problem is when you try to make laws about it, so EVERYONE suffers!
YOU can do whatever you like with your body, I believe in that right for all of you to have.
But I might make different choices, and the laws should not restrict me from those options.
That’s what it’s about.
Not a woman as an individual, but making sure all options are available for all of us to CHOSE from! 😢😢

Stephanie C. Fox Are anti-birth control voters happy to pay for child care costs for people who reproduce but can’t afford to raise the results of unwanted pregnancies? I am not.

Daphne-Mallory Wynstead Not really, no.
They whine and moan about their taxes paying for all those ‘pieces of trash choosing to spread their legs and have kids they can’t afford, and I don’t want to pay for it! It’s their problem!’ They scream!
Then they go across town to Planned Parenthood clinics and scream at women for being murderers and burning in hell and all that crap! Even if they’re there for other health tests having nothing to do with pregnancy, they’re STILL evil monsters for wanting any access to healthcare for their bodies!
That’s what’s more frustrating than anything else!
They hate other women terminating pregnancies, but they also hate having to pay for the children that come out of those women in any form!
Not every mum is on welfare for her own family, but taxes also go towards other things that are all to do with children, like schools and nutrition programs for kids!
Why should taxpayers invest in ANYTHING to do with children at all, even the things that benefit them?
They need to go to school in order to learn things and grow up to be able to look after you when you’re old, you know!
It’s ridiculous!! 🙄😞 Angry

This segment was deleted by the woman who unFriended me and left the comment thread. That’s how it works on Facebook when you delete your comment: any replies that appear under are also deleted.

Lindsey Floater: I don’t want to pay for your birth control or for 62 million women access to contraception at no cost. The government isn’t responsible for our sex lives. Do they pay for condoms? Nope.

Stephanie C. Fox Are you happy to pay for child care costs for people who reproduce but can’t afford to raise the results of unwanted pregnancies? I am not.

Stephanie C. Fox Pregnancies and their results cost taxpayers far more than contraceptives. It is fantasy to think that we can avoid paying for those, but reasonable to pay for preventive measures.

Lindsey Floater: Then my question is if they are getting free birth control why the pregnancies and why so many abortions each year? People have to start taking care and being responsible for themselves. The gov is not responsible for us!

Stephanie C. Fox The government has been taken over by thieves. These thieves are wealthy banksters, hedge fundsters, and corporatists. I call them Farmers with a capital ‘F”. They want to roll back the state of society to the 1950s, when white males could just ignore other groups. They are hypocrites who claim to hate abortion and birth control access as long as the donors keep paying them, but when their own girlfriends or mistresses get pregnant, they whisper a different tune. Meanwhile, there are plenty of women who are economically poor and willing to use birth control responsibly if only they can get it. They don’t have enough money to get it. The idea that poor people will simply never have sex and ought to be punished with unwanted pregnancies only creates more poor people and more cannon fodder for taxpayers to pay for.

Stephanie C. Fox There will be more abortions – perhaps with unsterilized tools – If these monsters get their way. Providing birth control reduces the number of abortions.

Stephanie C. Fox We are still grossly overpopulated, even with voluntary pregnancies. Forcing more women to continue pregnancies because they couldn’t afford or otherwise access birth control and/or abortion will just make that worse.

Stephanie C. Fox I dare someone to try the “If we all settle for living compressed together in an area the size of Texas we will have enough” argument. I’ve seen it many times. It’s absurd. We’re headed for a resource war right here in the United States.

Marcus Kirk: They are the same people that make laws to protect you from yourself and others. Can I opt out when it’s time to extinguish a fire in your house? Can you just pick up your own mail from someone so I don’t have to pay for it? Can you also buy an electric car so my tax money no longer subsidizes your personal fuel? See, I think you’d be sad if the government suddenly stopped being partially responsible for you.

Women should have contraceptives. It surprises me a woman would make such statements, especially when Viagra is government subsidized.

Lindsey Floater: Marcus Kirk, then women can pay for it on their own. Why should the government? They are not responsible for our bodies or our actions!

Marcus Kirk: You literally missed every supporting fact of my argument. Have a good evening.

Lindsey Floater: Marcus Kirk, and you obviously missed all mine.

Lindsey Floater: Stephanie C. Fox, and yet they’re up. I don’t want to fund PP either. It’s out of control, there is no accountability no responsibility!

No research from her, just a blanket statement that shows her lack of thought on the matter. Here’s some research for her, and for all of us:

The abortion rate in America falls to its lowest level since Roe v Wade

Stephanie C. Fox Lindsey Floater, I want to fund Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Rights Action League, and any other group that enables as many abortions as possible. Fewer babies for women to pay for and to take care of!

Stephanie C. Fox I am completely unwilling, no matter how a pregnancy might ever come to be in my own body, to continue it, experience the distortion and after-effects of it, or be responsible for having enabled another human being to come into existence. I find kittens and cats cute, but NOT human babies. I never liked kids when I was a kid. I only like adults and older people. I spent childhood waiting for it to be over so that I could be with adults only and enjoy the quiet and read. (At least, during childhood, that happened at the end of each day. That made it bearable.) Not all women want anything to do with babies.

At this point, I was suddenly unable to post a comment to continue the thread under hers. This is what I saw, and the fact that it showed in gray and would not work was a tip-off that she had deleted her comment and the entire thread of replies under it:

Without touching anything – without refreshing the page, or doing anything else that might make the thread vanish – I hit “Print Screen” and copied it all to the Paint program immediately. I also copied and reposted all of my comments outside of any thread other than the one that I had begun, so that the other participants could still see them, and wrote a message to thank Marcus Kirk for adding such well-thought-out arguments to the discussion.

The thread resumed:

Stephanie C. Fox I have made screen-shots of this thread. When I had difficulty posting another comment in the reply thread, I suspected a deletion, which would make it all disappear. So…I reposted all of my comments and saved a copy of the exchange.

Stephanie C. Fox Confirmation! She deleted her comment and made the others vanish. Too late! I got it all!

Stephanie C. Fox And now to check my Friend count…

Stephanie C. Fox I KNEW IT!

Stephanie C. Fox Unfriended over reproductive freedoms…or the withdrawal of them.

Jonquil Rhea Looks like the trash took itself out 😂

Emmaline Nevers Who needs people like that in their lives?

Stephanie C. Fox Marcus Kirk: Thank you for your great arguments. I have preserved them in screen-shots…after I realized that she had unFriended me and deleted her comments. She wasn’t arguing logically. She just wants to control others with moralistic crap. Good riddance.

Stephanie C. Fox Kim A. Joansie: Please look at this. I have no compunction about offending people who disagree with me just by saying whatever I think, plus backing it up with my research. I feel a blog post building up.

Jennie Rivers More cannon fodder for the 1% to use for profit in their wars. Angry

Stephanie C. Fox Indeed! I mentioned that, but it was part of a rather long comment. It’s easier to see that point in your short one. But…I had to say everything that was on my mind, so it went in there…

Joey Grendell What you say is truth. The contradictory idiocy from the other side is monumental. Kill anyone in whom we have already invested time money education and effort, but just think about avoiding tissue or excising it…

Daphne-Mallory Wynstead But…it’s not always about sexual protection!
Plenty of women need this medication for other health reasons. Regulating their cycle and controlling their menstruation!
Plus it can help control the pain, too… some women cop quite brutal pain from their cycle!
And if you are a fusspot about making every woman have a million kids, did you ever think that maybe after dealing with intense pain and erratic bleeding and all those nightmares, that women might think ‘fuck this, I can’t cope with pregnancy, which is probably much harder than this!’
So they will NOT have children at all! Ever!
Which will lower the birth rate you’re so desperate to bolster!
Why are you so desperate to make women miserable and sick?!! 😢😢 Love

Jules Keller Posted an angry Samuel L. Jackson meme.

Joey Grendell Wish I’d stayed in Greece.

Willy Bentley Betting odds are, if something is ridiculous, unfair or absurd, the Trump administration is either doing it or already did it…

Robert Wendell Absolutely spot on Willy. 😊

James van Wilders Just one more reason we should’ve had a woman president! Love

Karlie Carey Another line item in the world according to Dump and The Republicans:
“Women’s bodies are to provide pleasure for men, but, these said men bear no responsibility in the prevention of unwanted pregnancies or the choice of these same women to acquire an abortion if they so decide.”
Hypocrisy again, at its max.

Lily Aylmer Yet ANOTHER reason to VOTE!

Jocelyn Aquarius I agree…too late for me but my granddaughters are at the age when they need to take it😡

Robert Wendell ‘Making America regress again’.

Daley Riley What a POS. Too bad his mother chose not to abort such an abhorrent and disgusting excuse for a human being. It would have saved millions of people untold misery every day he wakes up and takes a breath!😡

Belinda Corrigan Can an employer refuse to provide medical coverage from a plan that pays for vasectomies?

Patricia Bernley I cannot grasp WHY these dumb shits want to restrict birth control. They don’t want anyone to have abortions or children out of wedlock. If they take away prevention, they are just multiplying the other problems. People DON’T stop having sex just because they don’t have birth control. Here’s a thought: Maybe they should stop trying to legislate morality.

Stephanie C. Fox I posted this on my own page. Now I’m in possession of some great material that will be useful for a blog post. 😀 Also, I’m down one Facebook Friend because she is a traitor to her sex. Too late! I saved screen-shots of it ALL. Insert maniacal laughter here.

Stephanie C. Fox Of course, I won’t be using the screenshots without obscuring names, but I have the statements, and that’s what I need.

Mary Jane And I’m sure employers are still fine with paying for boner pills…

Stephanie C. Fox They are paying for those. Hard-ons covered, opt-out of reproduction not.

Marissa Alyssa O U T R A G E O U S.

That concludes the collection of comments from everyone who weighed in on the topic.

I shall add this here: Don’t beat your bible or other religious book at me. I’m an atheist. Keep law and religious nonsense separate at all times, and keep religion out of law.

U.S. Congressman Ted Liu, a Democrat from California who trolls Trump on Twitter, added his comment on that forum:

This brings back memories of a baby doll that spoke (“Mama!”) and peed when water was poured into its mouth from a bottle. It was given to me when I was perhaps 8 years old. My mother and I set the toy up and tested it out, doll diaper and all. One use, and I was disgusted by the work it made. I vowed never to change a single diaper on a real human baby in my entire life. I also didn’t like it when the doll spoke. What a nuisance. I’m not maternal. I like to study and be free. Sue me. You’ll lose! (Maniacal laughter here…)

Sometimes, where other people just see a lovely, heartwarming story, I see a thoughtful and eloquent consideration of human overpopulation – one in which much good came from that.

This weekend, I watched a movie called Lion that had all of that in it.

It is a biopic, based on an autobiographical story written by Saroo Brierley of Khandwa, India and of Tasmania. It is the story of how he got lost on a train at age 5, falling asleep in the area of his hometown in central India and waking up in Kolkata 28 hours later. He went from an area in which Hindi is spoken to one in which Bengali is spoken, not knowing his mother’s name because he was so little.

He managed to survive without getting trafficked, though it was close. He was a smart kid who ran away, recognizing the danger just in time, and ending up at an orphanage.

From that situation, Saroo was adopted out to a nice couple from Tasmania.

Saroo was a normal, healthy kid who soon adjusted happily to his situation. His new parents, Sue and John Brierley, met him with a stuffed koala toy and lots of hugs.

Meanwhile, they were also working on another adoption: they wanted another Indian orphan boy named Mantosh, who was mentally ill. They knew he was mentally ill and wanted him anyway.

Saroo did not understand this, and watched his new mother cry from time to time as Mantosh screamed and hit himself. He hated what Mantosh had done to Sue, he told her when he was an adult.

That’s when she told him something: she and John were NOT infertile. They had adopted both boys deliberately, because they wanted them. There were already far too many people in the world, his mother told Saroo. Sue had fallen in love with John because he agreed with her about human overpopulation.

These lovely people wanted kids but did not feel the need to perpetuate their own DNA, so they gave a wonderful life to Saroo and a safe home to Mantosh, where no angry mental health aide would ever burn him with cigarettes again.

The rest of the story shows Saroo searching for his hometown, Ganesh Talai, on Google Maps/Earth and on Facebook, and finding it. He wanted to find his Indian family and tell them that he was okay, and he succeeded.

His mother, Fatima Kamla Munshi, had deliberately not moved away from that town so that if he ever tried to come back to her, he would be able to do it.

Saroo’s mothers are both delighted to know each other, and his siblings are all doing well. His sister Shekila is a teacher and his brother Kallu is a factory manager. His mother was able to pay for their educations with fewer children left at home.

Saroo also found out that she had actually named him Sheru, which means Lion.

That’s a terrific story, but those of us who are female and who are not maternal ought not to be stigmatized for that. Attaching social stigma to women who have no interest in child care is how humans ended up overpopulating our planet and leading it into the Sixth Mass Extinction of its natural history.

There’s a reason why I stay in my own country and write – beyond loving what I do.

Whenever there has been any discussion of me living in another country as a professor’s wife (Kuwait, Hungary), I have declined. The people who suggest it invariably either have no clue that I have a graduate degree and love to research and write, or they just don’t care.

Here is a classic example of what they say: “Why doesn’t Stephanie come here? There are lots of jobs she can get taking care of babies and little kids!”

And with that, I’m absolutely determined not to even visit.

If I’m just traveling for a short time and have a return plane ticket, great – it’s a research opportunity, fascinating travel, and can be written up when I get home as a travelogue. Otherwise, I see no point to it. I will not just go there and be stuck with no other way to earn a living. That may sound inflexible and selfish, but that’s a good thing. Interesting work for women ought to be accepted without a second thought. The planet would be better off, and so would women everywhere.

Of course, that’s more on how life ought to be rather than how it actually is, but what else is a blog for if not to compare and contrast those points of view?

Here’s another comparison:

Should young people be allowed to choose sterilisation?

YES, they should be allowed to choose this. It is maddening to someone who doesn’t want to ever get pregnant, be pregnant, complete a pregnancy, get stuck with a baby, take care of a baby and change its diapers, give up freedom for a baby for 18+ years, someone who doesn’t like babies nor approve of adding another human being to the planet’s population, to be told to “come back at age 30 and ask again”. By that time, she can’t get back those years wasted being careful and worrying about a failure of whatever birth control method. That is just completely unacceptable.

Doctor after doctor puts their own emotions and reservations into the mix, deliberately causing delays of sterilization procedures. Meanwhile, a twentysomething who wants such a procedure and never wants kids spends a wasted decade being nervous about getting stuck with unwanted parenthood. Twentysomethings are old enough to be responsible for their decisions. No one should be confusing inadvertent parenthood with responsibility; choosing sterilization, however, is a clear demonstration of taking responsibility for oneself.

Our planet is grossly overpopulated with humans. Risking adding more when those “more” are not wanted is selfish idiocy. Doing a procedure that a patient asks for does not affect that physician’s life. It is not for that physician to worry about. It is not about that physician. It is not about whether or not that physician feels “comfortable” doing the procedure. Just do it already. Don’t put determined patients in the position of having to go physician-shopping to find someone who will get on with it and free them of this worry.

After all that online reading and aggravation, there is always more.

The news never stops.

It’s not even about keeping journalists in business.

It’s just the way life is: things keep happening and being researched or otherwise found out.

Here are a few more stories that caught my attention in the past week:

Russian Hackers Stole NSA Data on U.S. Cyber Defense

What’s the lesson to take away from this story? Don’t use Kaspersky antivirus software. It’s actually a hacker’s tool to mine your computer for whatever you don’t want shared with the world, one that enables digital dumpster diving. The hacker simply takes all the data, sifts through it, and steals whatever he or she finds to be of nefarious value.

Next item:

E.P.A. Announces Repeal of Major Obama-Era Carbon Emissions Rule

Damn Pruitt. He’s going to ruin the ecosystem and kill us all.

Coal is not the answer. There is less and less of it to get, and robots are doing that.

Renewable, clean, non-nuclear energy is what we need, and it will produce jobs for humans.

It will mean less carbon being emitted to heat up the planet and cause heat exhaustion in babies and the elderly.

We should be taking care of the people who already exist, not forcing more into existence, and not damaging the quality of life that this planet has to offer for all species. Farmers (the ones with the capital “F” in their moniker, the ones who are banksters, hedge fundsters, and corporatists) should be blocked from extracting every last drop of temporary wealth from the Earth, because in so doing, they are crashing its ecosystems.

I know of one individual who will call this blog post “pablum” – metaphoric mush.

I don’t care. It is anything but pablum. Calling it that just comes across as whining and raging and railing against the way things are. The way things are is that the Earth is finite, and we can’t afford to waste it, even though Farmers are doing their utmost to achieve its destruction to get money today, tomorrow be damned.

Tomorrow will likely come during their old age, and during their children’s lifetimes.

At least these Farmers’ children will have the opportunity to rage at them, thanks to their ability to buy the very best longevity-inducing healthcare with the loot that they are extracting.

There was actually one piece of positive news in the past week, incredibly enough: The European Union’s parliament has blocked Monsanto’s lobbyists from its premises. The reason is the Monsanto’s C.E.O. refused to show up and answer questions from parliament members.

Monsanto Banned From European Parliament

In case anyone has forgotten, Monsanto is an insecticide manufacturer.

Its product is poisoning bees and other pollinators with neurotoxins, adding to the problems that Nature throws at them.

Bees and pollinators are responsible for one out of every three bites of food that we eat.

Without them, we won’t have fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, or honey.

That means dying of malnutrition, which would be a slow, dragged-out, deeply unpleasant way to go.

That’s why this is worth celebrating.

With so little to celebrate from the past week, I’ll take it.

Oh, and I’ll also take this latest, just-in quote from comic Stephen Colbert:

“On Friday, Donald Trump made it harder for women to access birth control. Pretty soon, the only contraceptive women will have, is his face.”







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