Populism is the Enemy – NOT Population Studies

Well, at last, after weeks on end of watching populism rear its hideous hydra of a head, a voice from the population scientists has been heard.

Bill Nye – the Science Guy – took on the question of reproduction in developed nations.

He said that, considering the fact that our resource use is far tougher on the Earth’s ecosystems than that of people in undeveloped or developing nations, yes, there ought to be limits for us. There ought to be some sort of penalty or disincentive to reproduce for us.

Bill Nye: Should parents having “extra kids” in developed countries be penalized?

Like clockwork, he was promptly vilified on Twitter.

He was called Hitler and other absurd names, and shrieks about individual rights were tweeted.

Here is what I have to say about Bill Nye’s statements:

Bill Nye is absolutely right. Human overpopulation is the driver of climate change and ecosystems collapse. We are crashing the Earth’s ecosystems by selfishly and thoughtlessly reproducing with reckless abandon. The responses of outrage and shrieks about impinging upon human rights sounded like people had been threatened with a population cull, not asked to exercise some thoughtful restraint and long-term planning for their kids’ future on this finite planet.

Calling Bill Nye “Hitler” is a knee-jerk, emotional reaction, one rooted in primal instinct.

Hitler pandered to populism to get what he wanted.

Bill Nye doesn’t do that. Trump and the GOP do that.

Bill Nye expects and requires people to exercise caution and to think.

Most would rather not.

After all, it is far simpler to do what is popular rather than what is right.

Mark Twain pointed that out a long time ago when he said, “It is better to be popular than right.”

Twain was being sarcastic, making an observation about human nature. He wasn’t suggesting that it is better for all of humanity to go with what’s popular when he said that; he was saying that it is easier for the individual to take that lower road. It’s tougher and requires intellectual and emotional self-discipline to take the high road.

That self-discipline is something that few humans demonstrate.

Remember, populism is new fascism.

We all know what fascists are and how that turned out for its acolytes.

White people and Christians are not under siege.

Their way of life is not threatened just because other races and cultures exist and can legally enjoy their own ways without being lynched for it.

This is craziness.

Of course, craziness is what works in a resource war when reason doesn’t.

Reason and logic just don’t get through to people who want it to be the 1950s forever.

Or maybe they want it to be the 1850s forever…

That really is most unreasonable.

Well…I did mention that reason doesn’t get through to hateful creatures in human bodies.

They play victim and threaten Liberals with cries that rapists are coming to attack them.

We’re not going to be under siege by rapist immigrants in the United States.

We have too many for-profit jails filled with detained immigrants for that to even be likely.

We have an ocean in between North America and the Middle East, plus a stringent vetting process that refugees must go through. They are also required to take out loans to pay for their plane tickets to get here. Coming to the United States isn’t an economic windfall. Unlike in Europe, where any male Muslim who wants to escape the hellhole of ecosystems collapse and resource war in Syria can just walk or swim on over, or any African who wants to escape the dearth of economic opportunity due to human overpopulation can do the same thing, not all of them are coming here.

Get a grip, populists.

If anyone is planning to put you under siege, it’s the GOP, the one-percenters of Wall Street, the Koch-heads who buy influence in Congress so that they can have an extra-large share of it, thus outsizing that of the rest of us, and any other corporation that uses the travesty of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. 310 (2010) to get what they want and thus pervert democracy.

We humans are the top predator on the planet. We want what we want, and for most of us, that is all that there is to that, right or wrong. We’ll likely kill ourselves off with that attitude.

I for one do not want any part of that, but I see it coming to that during my own lifetime.

Population studies is an objective science that tells people things that, although true, are also things that most of them simply don’t want to hear.

The truth can be unpleasant, after all.

Here is that truth, briefly outlined:

The Earth’s carrying capacity for humans, when last measured, was found to be at 2 billion.

We had that many humans in existence in 1930.

Since that year, our species has done so much damage to the Earth’s ecosystems and depleted so many of its resources that that number needs to be recalculated.

No wonder the Georgia Guidestones, depicted on the cover of Book 2 of my series on human overpopulation and ecosystems collapse, say that there ought to be only half a billion of us.

We are continuing to do irreparable damage to our finite planet.

Trump is a leader in this effort to squeeze every last drop of fossil fuel from it as quickly as possible, consequences be damned. The GOP is enthusiastically behind him on this.

He just announced his intent that many of our National Parks and Monuments shall be delisted.

Here are the national monuments being reviewed under Trump’s order

We have a selfish lunatic in the White House who won’t study, has a limited attention span, and cares only how exciting of a show he can make out of his every move.

Every year, we find ourselves in overshoot earlier and earlier. In 2015, Earth Overshoot Day was August 13th. Last year, 2016, it was on August 8th. It will be sooner this year.

The ecological footprint of developed nations is a measure of how fast we are using the Earth’s resources and the impact that that use has on the planet’s ecosystems. It is an indicator of how long we can continue to overspend the Earth’s finite bank account before it runs empty.

Developed nations may have fewer humans living in them, but our lifestyle means that we use a grossly disproportionate amount of resources as compared with developed nations.

I do much more than outline the truth in my Nae-Née series. I provide a set of 3 dystopian novels to hash out the science of human overpopulation and ecosystems collapse, the ethics (or lack thereof) involved, the resource war that comes from human overpopulation, the effects on the Earth of resource depletion, and the consequences to us all, and the emotions of all concerned.


These books can be found on Amazon at my Author Page:

I admit to being one of the few humans who has a different reaction to population studies.

I want a population policy.

I am someone who loves animals and is outraged when I hear that a pet cat has been taken to a kill shelter because a baby has been born. The baby might be allergic. The cat might not interact well with the baby. The parents might not want to do the work required to take care of the cat. (Interchange your animal species of choice with the word “cat” in this scenario.)

We do not need more humans on this planet.

If you have ever sat in heavy traffic with no motor vehicle crash being cleaned up, barely moving for an outrageous amount of time, you have experienced human overpopulation.

Think of colleges and universities that are inundated each year with applications from students with stellar grades and multiple extra-curricular activities, a strong sense of direction and admirable ambition, and yet are wait-listed or turned down due to a lack of space.

It hasn’t always been like that. There used to be room enough for all qualified applicants.

Jobs are being eliminated not due to a rejection of fossil fuels but due to the depletion of them.

Jobs are also being taken over by bots, both mechanical and cyber.

Yet humans – “most” people – cry that it is their “right” to reproduce as much as they wish.

What about the offspring that they reproduce?! They have no say in their own existence.

Religions insist that suicide is a sin. The offspring must accept the misery ahead, without objection, clinical depression and/or lack of opportunity be damned.

That’s one reason why I’m an atheist.

Another is the phoniness of the idea of religion and religiousness.

Another is the huge drain on one’s time and finances that religiousness causes.

I would rather direct my shares of such things elsewhere, and to vary them from time to time.

I don’t want kids, I prefer cats.

I want enough sleep.

I want to do, and SHALL do, whatever it is my ambition in life to do.

Thus far, I have made decent progress on my “bucket” list. I’m a believer in not treating that bucket like something to do in a big hurry, almost at the last minute of one’s life, just after a doctor hands one a terminal diagnosis.

Do it all now, bit by bit, so that you won’t have regrets.

Any dope can have sex and reproduce.

Doing so is not an achievement.

If you manage to both reproduce and raise a functioning, educated, productive, happy human being to adulthood who is able to go on to have a successful, pleasant life, great.

But don’t imagine that that success was entirely or even mostly because you made it happen.

A lot depends not only on the sort of offspring you get, but also a combination of random chances of health, talent, financial resources that both you and that offspring can access, and more – much more.

There ought to be more to life than having kids.

There ought to be a lot more to it.

Simply carrying out the “American Dream” – a fantasy that has fallen by the wayside as North America has become completely settled by humans and resources have been strained to the point that the wealthiest one percent of Americans now possess the majority of property, money, and access to more – is no longer possible for most.

We cannot all have a house, a car for each spouse, a pet, 2.5 or more kids, college educations for each kid, vacations each year, health insurance (yes, we’ll need the Affordable Care Act for everyone to even hope to access health care), and clean water, and fresh fruits and vegetables, throughout our lives.

Trump and the GOP are doing what they can to make that situation permanent…and worse.

Trump Tax Plan Would Shift Trillions From U.S. Coffers to the Richest

Trump is what I call a “Farmer” with a capital “F” – of the corporatist variety.

There are 2 more: bankster and hedge fundster.

Farmers treat the rest of the human species as a crop to be manipulated as they see fit and a weed to be erased as we irritate them, a thing that we do by demanding recognition and respect for our individual rights to exist, to earn a living, to live without debt slavery, to have access to interesting work and educations, to clean water, and fresh fruits and vegetables, and so on.

I wrote about the banksters in The Book of Thieves.

In the Nae-Née series, I wrote about them all. They are the villains of Nae-Née.

It is they who carry out a population cull rather than a population policy.

For someone who researches this data to the point of daily monotony, it is maddening to be brushed off repeatedly by people who have to actually see the damage done by voting it into office before they believe what I tell them is coming. They can’t see the writing on the proverbial wall and understand that a vote for “change” and “making America great” will skew our citizens’ share of resources to an even great extreme than it already is. We’re talking about seeing France in 1789 in our mirror when we look at our domestic economic situation.

Just look at our #Pumpkingropenfuhrer as the resource-greedy Farmer that he is (Okay…I admit it. I was so pleased to find these images that I HAD to share them!).

When I read that article about the tax plans, I thought, “What a shock. This is exactly what I expected.  But no…I’m just biased as hell, don’t take anything I say seriously, regardless of all of the research I have done and continue to do…”

So look at the population scientists and think of that.

The movie Inferno came out last year, based loosely on Dan Brown novel of the same name.

Some significant changes – SPOILER ALERT – were made to the villain’s agenda:

Whereas in the novel, the billionaire Zobrist’s virus plague was to make two-thirds of the entire world’s human population randomly infertile but not sick, in the movie, half of us were to die horribly after suffering from a painful and disfiguring plague.

I liked the plague in the book better. It spread infertility without actually hurting people.

It also got deployed into the ecosystem.

The one in the movie didn’t.

Either way, Ron Howard didn’t alter the billionaire’s TED talk:

INFERNO – “Zobrist’s Manifesto” Vlog

The argument that Zobrist makes is valid: we are in ecological overshoot.

7.5 billion humans on the Earth is more than it can provide with the necessities of life, let alone the luxuries of it.

Therefore, the Earth simply won’t do that.

A population scientist isn’t a villain simply for pointing that out.

An objective fact is just that: a fact.

It is the action that one takes with facts that makes one either ethical or unethical.

A population policy aimed at preventing or alleviating suffering is not unethical.

A population cull aimed at the same purpose is grossly unethical.

It’s why we have the International Criminal Court (I.C.C.) in The Hague, in the Netherlands.

Recently, at the Monsanto Tribunal, the judges of that Court convened for a special analysis of the damage done to the environment by the insecticides that that corporation manufactures with relentless greed and determination.

I discussed the problems – both legal and ecological – faced by honeybees and other bees (there are many species of bees in the wild that pollinate flowers and crops) in my book, The Bear Guarding the Beehive. A fictitious corporation called Beargenics, which manufactures insecticides, is featured both in the cover art and in the book.

It was eminently satisfying to see the judges of an international court deal with those issues in real time.

International Monsanto Tribunal Calls for Human Rights Over Corporate Rights

The judges concluded that Monsanto has done irreparable harm to the world’s bee population and ecosystems, and lamented that ecocide is not one of the crimes listed in the Rome Statute.

The Rome Statute of 1998 is the body of laws that governs the actions of the I.C.C.

The Farmers are waging a covert resource war on the rest of us right now.

The Distractifier-in-Chief, the #Pumpkingropenfuhrer himself, is the Farmer-in-Chief.

Populists who chose what was easiest and what was emotionally gratifying at the moment enabled his rise to power.

Now he and the Koch-funded and other Farmer-funded GOP, which have no mandate but only a buy-in to power, are Farming us.

Wake up, people.

A World Resource War and much misery loom on the horizon.

If you can bring yourself to read about it, do so. George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four has already largely come true.

Or watch dystopian renditions of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale.

But do something to face reality.

There are plenty of metaphorical representations of it to choose from if reading straightforward history is too vivid for you. It can be tough to read about Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, John Birch, Joseph McCarthy and his attorney Roy Cohn (who also represented Donald J. Trump after McCarthy), and to see a pattern repeating today.

Read history. It repeats itself.

Read dystopian fiction. It becomes reality.






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