Precariat Jobs – Be Careful to Keep Them! No, Wait…Even So, You Won’t Keep Them.

I have always loved new words – the kind created to express a socially relevant situation.

They’re fun, they’re apt, and they soon become a part of the English language because they are catchy and express their concept so efficiently.

Now for the grim aspect of this one: “precariat” jobs are the precarious ones that cannot be kept.

They are unreliable rather than steady forms of employment.

They cannot be kept no matter how diligently one works at them, no matter how deferentially one relates to the employer/supervisor, no matter how promptly one arrives for work or late one stays, no matter how willing and accepting one is of grunt-work, no matter how well educated/trained one is.

Depressing it certainly is, and those are the sorts of jobs that are in the majority now – all over the planet.

The article I found that describes this horrid situation is from last summer, but the situation is current and likely to remain so for the foreseeable future and beyond.

This quote jumped out at me: “Especially worrisome is the fact that neither political nor economic leaders seem to have answers.”

Really?! Are you kidding me? How stupid and asleep do our political and economic leaders think we are?!

Extremely, apparently. They must want us to remain that way so that we won’t push them to fix this.

But fixing this situation means locking up the banksters, hedge fundsters, and corporatists – whom I collectively call Farmers – and promulgating a mandatory population policy.

The first action would be welcome, but not the second.

People don’t care about everyone else – only themselves. They want to reproduce, even though that is a huge part of how we got into this mess.

The planet and its ecological bank account are inextricably linked to the economy, and with it to the political situation.

It can only support so many humans in reasonable comfort and security.

Past that point, things fall apart, break down, and otherwise disappoint or crush.

We are too many humans.

There is no point in expecting the impossible of the Earth or praying that it will deliver the undeliverable, which is…more.

We can’t have more of everything.

People need birth control, free access to abortion, and a little perspective.

All of those or even most of those who wish to reproduce cannot expect to afford to do so.

Why else would migrants with families whom they cannot support be heading for Europe, Scandinavia, North America, Australia, and New Zealand?!

The people who are already there cannot afford to crash their own ecosystems and economies to take them in, accommodate them, and keep them.

That is the reason why we have precariat jobs: human overpopulation, and Farmers who have jiggered and triggered the world’s financial system to put the vast majority of the planet’s wealth into their own pockets.

Jobless workers queue at the employment centre to open in Sintra, Portugal, in May 2015, where the unemployment rate neared 14 per cent and is almost double that for young people. REUTERS

Jobless workers queue at the employment centre to open in Sintra, Portugal, in May 2015, where the unemployment rate neared 14 per cent and is almost double that for young people. (REUTERS)

Rise of the ‘precariat,’ the global scourge of precarious jobs

It would help a great deal to bring back the Glass-Steagall Act and straighten out the mess that Wall Street has inflicted upon the rest of us.

Books by Stephanie C. Fox, J.D_clip_image004

This mess is described in my story, The Book of Thieves.

But that won’t be nearly enough to restore balance, security, prosperity, or happiness to the human species.

We need a population policy.

Too bad most of us would rather reproduce into famine and war and kill each other than peacefully institute one.

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