May 2018
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Stephanie C. Fox


Revolt Against the Pumpkingropenfuhrer. Now. No Need to Wait.

People have been asking when to revolt. Do it now. We’re out of reasons to wait.

The Electoral College has failed to go rogue, perhaps out of cowardice in the face of state legislation that seeks to constrain them via fines and/or prison time (even though federal law supersedes state law.

So…how to revolt? Little discussion of that has gone on.


Run your own lives as if all of the liberal laws that you possibly can continue to live by are intact.

Refuse to stop writing and saying whatever you want to write and say.

Unlike the supporters of the Pumpkingropenfuhrer (I’m dubbing him that!), we don’t suggest criminal actions, so we’re not doing anything wrong.

Be thoughtful, be stealthy, and be determined.

Here’s one example: eco-friendly fuel efficiency.

Policy uncertainty discourages innovation and hurts the environment

Here’s another: continue to exercise your 1st Amendment rights, which to freedom FROM as well as OF religion, to freedom of speech, to freedom of the press/media, to peaceably assemble, and to write to your politicians to tell them what laws you want and what laws you don’t want.

Don’t be concerned that our incoming GOP Congress and Pumpkingropenfuhrer don’t care what the popular majority want. Do it anyway.

We’re watching a century of great laws that have made life freer and happier under attack by a group of childish brats who like to control others.

They call us sore losers while acting like fascists.

We’re not anything of the kind. What a ridiculous thing to say about people who genuinely care about the laws of the Founders, plus those that their successors fought to get for us (the end of apartheid, the right to control our own fertility, and the right for us all over the age of 18 to vote, to name just a few of those rights).

Women were force-fed in prisons so that I can vote and participate at all political levels, so I’m not going to shut up and go away.

When those who serve in the military do so, it’s not so that they and they alone shall have a say over all of the rest of us.

That flies in the face of democracy; the military does the bidding of the civilian government, and works to safeguard our freedoms.

The events of Book 2 of my Nae-Née series are about to play out: economic and ecosystems collapse, with as much of it disguised as “taking care of us”. Don’t believe it. Don’t trust a word that they say. And watch your bank accounts. Watch when the dollar gets devalued and you suddenly only have a small percentage of the value of what you previously had.

In the world of the Nae-Née series, a group of monsters just like the much-publicized Cabinet picks do their best to erase our freedoms, our finances, our ecosystems, and our lives.

I call these monsters the Farmers. They are the wealthy, indifferent rich – the one-percenters that are now on display…er, on parade…in the news.

A one-percenter is someone who is in the top one percent of the population that controls the bulk of our society’s wealth.

This graph shows the distribution of wealth in the United States. The portion owned and controlled by a mere one percent of the population is so great that the graph would have had to have been very, very tall to demonstrate it. Instead, that portion was chopped up into 3 pieces and placed on either side of the peak on the right side of the graph. (YouTube/politizane and Business Insider)

But what about that term “Farmer” that I love to use, the one spelled with a capital “F”?

Have a look at the wealth distribution in the United States, complete with graphs and charts and symbols. It shows the one-percenters holding most of it, or, as I prefer to call them in the Nae-Née series, the Farmers – banksters + hedge fundsters + corporatists – who treat the rest of us as a crop to do with as they please or to erase if we annoy them. These are the guys that Trump is picking for his Cabinet.

“Farmers” is a name that should catch on for describing the rule-ignoring, crop-reaping and weed-erasing attitude that they demonstrate.

I like creating names for monsters. It’s fun, and it saves a lot of time once they catch on.

I’ll explain how I chose “Pumpkingropenfuhrer” for Trump: Garry Trudeau of Doonesbury gets partial credit. He called Arnold Schwarzenegger the “Gropenfuhrer”. I’m not sure who came up with “Pumpkinfuhrer” for Trump, but Trump is both orange and a groper, so…you get the idea. Evil grin here. I must have my fun.

There have been wails of “he wouldn’t do that” about taking away the Affordable Care Act, about negating Roe v. Wade, about stopping Full Faith and Credit for gay and lesbian marriages, and more.

Bad news: he – and they in the mostly-GOP Congress, WOULD do that. They are a bunch of gleeful brats who can’t wait to do that.

They have no financial fears, no legal fears – no fears.

They now feel above the Constitution, and there are suggestions of using every loophole on the legal books and more, up to and including simply ignoring the law, in order to do whatever they want.

Conflicts of interest? So what. Just issue pardons.

Hate speech and fighting words? With hardly any liberals/Democrats in office, the most reprehensible, anti-social, bullying behavior is back.

Facts? Just ignore the ones that are inconvenient to business interests and spout off fake news.

We’ve seen the fascist playbook in action once.

We know how it all starts, and it’s starting now.

We know the misery and damage that it brings.

We also know what happens in the end to those who perpetrate it.

So revolt now.

Stare right back at them and promise them that, if they survive, politically or otherwise, for the full cycle of fascism, they won’t like the end of the story as it pertains to them.

Book 3 of the Nae-Née series doesn’t end well for the Farmers. It will be out soon. I doubt the Farmers will read it, but you can.



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