Right Rather Than Popular – We Are Overpopulated, and Do NOT Have a Right to More, More, More.

Mark Twain said: “It is better to be popular than right.”

He lived in a different time, when the Industrial Revolution was just taking off. Resources were not scarce.

Things have changed, and his advice no longer works.

The Earth has a lot of problems, starting with humans.

We use too much, and too many of us feel entitled to do so.

This planet and its ecosystem will not accommodate that.

We have become complacent about what and how much the Earth can produce for our needs and wants due to genetic engineering of plants, water irrigation, and fertilizers, but we are now seeing the beginning of the limits of what that can do to extend the food supply.

Fertilizers are running off of croplands, taking soil nutrients with them.

Insecticides are poisoning bees, both domestic honeybees and wild pollinators, and weeds have built up immunity to them, growing stronger.

Water aquifers and reservoirs are being depleted at rates far faster than they can be recharged. A little rainfall might temporarily fool us about the capacity of an reservoir, but not so with an aquifer. That takes an ice age to recharge.

Food production increases arithmetically.

Human population increases exponentially.

See the disparity looming?

It’s not pretty.

Neither are unwanted, starving humans with no hope of a comfortable, interesting life.

No matter how wonderful an anti-abortion, religious-addled zealot claims any and all babies to be, nothing with change the fact that, once born, that individual must have food, water, an education, space to live, work to do…and there aren’t enough of those things.

I have blogged before about this, and mentioned unreachable aspirations for the massive numbers of young people, college-age and newly graduated from their academic programs, in the U.S., India, and elsewhere.

Those individuals are going to feel lied to and miserable when they can’t find a way to earn themselves food and homes and then get married.

I’m all for getting married and being happy, just not for reproducing. Having a companion is enough. I won’t add more humans to this planet.

This is why I wrote Nae-Née, my dystopian series on human overpopulation – all this is why. I’m working on a third and final novel for the series.

Final Nae-Nee Cover Art - Katelyn M. Gagnon - Lulu Publishing Format Vaccine - The Cull - Final Cover Illustration by Steve Palmerton

I research every topic covered in each novel in the series, and fill a bibliography with categories on them, focusing mostly about what’s wrong with the world: human overpopulation and all of the damage that it does, fossil fuel and nuclear energy use, water depletion, food scarcity and insecurity, deforestation, human encroachment on animal territory, ocean acidification, plastics choking sea birds and sea creatures, and so on.

Then I add a few nice things, to remind us of what we ought to appreciate about Nature, and what still functions in it.

For example, today I went out into my garden and photographed the first iris to bloom:

Blue-and-White Iris - May 2016 - 2

That iris requires water to grow. So does the food that is just behind it (I put flowers in front, decorating the garden, and crops behind them).

If we have a drought – and sooner rather than later we can count on that – I will NOT let my crops shrivel up and die, rely solely on trucked-in groceries, and miss out on the results of my own efforts to feed myself while that corporation gets to keep making money off of my water!

That beautiful blue-and-white iris was not the only photography I did today.

I also drove out to the site of the future Niagara Bottling plant to get some images of the construction that is underway there.

DSC_1371 DSC_1379 DSC_1382

Construction, done by out-of-state workers, is underway. They saw me with my camera, but did not bother me.

Our idiot town council sneaked approval for this in with complete disregard for the requirements for transparency and for notice and an opportunity for members of the public to be heard on the issue, knowing that we would say “No, we don’t want this, don’t allow it.” Now, to stop this, the Bloomfield, Connecticut town government would have to breach a contract it signed with this bottling corporation, which is based in California (I hope Nestlé don’t buy them out – that would make it all worse!), and face an expensive lawsuit.

We who oppose having 1.8 million gallons per day of our water pumped out and trucked elsewhere would prefer that, of course.

When I find that people are not noticing news reports, or even deliberately ignoring them because those reports are unpleasant, I am always puzzled. How can people not think long-term and plan their lives and resource use accordingly? This just does not compute to me. Having heedless fun, doing whatever one wants, be it reproducing, building huge houses, buying more than one vehicle per driver, not bothering to recycle, and so on – all of these behaviors seem insane to me.

Here is one news report, by Reuters, that serves to remind me of why I wrote the Nae-Née series and why I am continuing it.

As populations swell and water becomes scarce, food prices could double: report

And here is another: it is from an online magazine called Culture on the Offensive, and it covers many of the points I make in Nae-Née.

This is a fascinating piece in that it expresses the exact same view as the first Nae-Nee – Dystopian Series on Human Overpopulation and Ecosystems Collapse novel: births ought to be licensed. It just amazes me to see it all reasoned out, much as the novel laid it out. I never expect other people to work out that same logic; instead, I expect outrage and stubborn refusal to see it.

It was delightful to see someone else, and a complete stranger at that, writing about human overpopulation and thinking about human rights.

There is No Right to Children

We have many great rights, but the right to overpopulate and toxify our planet is not one of them.

The decision to reproduce doesn’t just affect the people who churn out another human being. It also affects that human being, who then inherits problems that are more and more burdensome if not impossibly difficult to cope with as our planet gets more and more crowded.

But never mind…that’s for future generations to face, not us…let’s just use up the water, desertify and toxify our finite planet…


Think, plan ahead, and leave room for Nature, or our lives will soon be short, nasty, brutish, and not worth living.

I want iris blossoms, raspberries, honeybees, art, music, chances to do fascinating things, and plenty of clean air and water.

I did not ask to be born, but I’m here now, and I insist upon having these things.

Any human being should, and if she or he is at all awake to reality, she or he will insist on it.

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