Scott Pruitt is the Bear Guarding the EPA-Beehive – It’s a Blatant Conflict of Interest.

I wrote a book a few years ago about honeybee colony collapse that outlines the legal obstacles to applying scientific solutions to the problem, plus obstacles posed by wealthy and powerful corporations, which include the money that they throw at politicians and the lobbyists they hire to achieve this. The corporations inflict permanent damage on our ecosystems this way for money today, the health and continue of its source tomorrow be damned.

When I wrote that book, I did so using allegory and metaphor, and I did that because it’s fun. It’s fun to write, and it’s fun to read. It also condenses the narrative.

Sources for the assertions in The Bear Guarding the Beehive are provided in a bibliography at the end of the book.

I like allegory.

Allegory is defined as the expression by means of symbolic fictional figures and actions of truths or generalizations about human existence.

Source: Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, G. & C. Merriam Company: Springfield, Massachusetts, U.S.A., 1981.

I also like metaphor.

Metaphor is defined as a figure of speech in which a word or phrase literally denoting one kind of object or idea is used in place of another to suggest a likeness or analogy between them.

Source: Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, G. & C. Merriam Company: Springfield, Massachusetts, U.S.A., 1981.

As I said, both make writing more fun.

Straightforward, plain words can get dull, dry, and stale. Academic writing is like that, and it serves its purpose as source material, but it has an inaccessible feel to most people.

That’s not good when a writer wants to reach and connect with everyone else, particularly voters and future voters.

Present and future voters, along with the honeybees, the air and water quality, and academic science have been handed a traitor to natural security in EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.

Here is his portrait:

A perusal of his Wikipedia page shows all of the indicators of a traitor to natural security.

This statement from its introductory section sums up what the ecosystem and scientists and voters who care about it are up against with Pruitt:

“Pruitt rejects the scientific consensus that human-caused carbon dioxide emissions are a primary contributor to climate change. As EPA administrator, Pruitt reversed and delayed numerous environmental rules, relaxed enforcement of existing rules, and halted the agency’s efforts to combat climate change.”

Pruitt not only wants to wish science away – he wants to shove it away and launch it into the nearest obliging volcano. That won’t make science any less true, but he is doing his utmost.

He has waged constant war against the scientists of the Environmental Protection Agency since taking over its leadership, refusing to fully staff the agency, and undermining the efforts of its scientists to pursue inquiry into species collapses, air and water quality controls, shunting them into meaningless bureaucratic posts. He has gutted the scientific advisory boards of the EPA and defended huge budget cuts, hobbling the agency’s ability to do its work.

The EPA wasn’t perfect, but trying to kill it, as Scott Pruitt is doing, is the opposite of useful. A thing that is not perfect should be tweaked and improved upon, not destroyed.

Of course, a Farmer who spent his career before arriving at the EPA does not want to do that. It’s all about enabling huge corporations to make yet huger profits for him, the future be damned.

That’s why one of those scientists is suing him.

I’m suing Scott Pruitt’s broken EPA – here’s how to fix it

The damage currently being done is a huge step backwards in the effort to safeguard our natural security.

Getting rid of this Farmer and ensuring that he won’t simply be replaced with another one will be a huge undertaking, but that’s not all.

Once that is accomplished, scientists and attorneys will have to reinstate the parameters of the EPA as it was, thus wasting a lot of additional time that ought to have been spent on strengthening protections for bees and other pollinators.

That’s why I said that the bees need a good lawyer, and by good I mean ethical as well as competent.

There is hope in that Scott Pruitt’s lack of ethics is leaving trails wherever he goes.

EPA Chief Pruitt Faces Mounting Scrutiny For Ethics Violations

Pruitt has infested the EPA with Farmers who have ties to corporations that are regulated by the EPA. He has also hired lobbyists who worked for those corporations to staff the EPA.

That’s a conflict of interest.

He doesn’t want to hear a word of protest on airplane rides from the public, so he rides first class.

Scott Pruitt Has to Fly First Class Because Coach Is “Politically Toxic”

This is not the behavior of a public servant; it’s the behavior of a corporatist Farmer.

He doesn’t care. He prefers to blatantly conduct himself like a spoiled brat and one who would have been an aristocratic candidate for the guillotine in 1789.

His standard operating procedure is one conflict of interest after another, but I have provided references for it as well as examples of it.

Natural Security is the safety and future sustainability of a functioning ecosystem, one that is not toxic to the life forms that exist in it.

The problem is that corporations exist to make a profit for their shareholders, and corporations are soulless entities.

They exist to enrich themselves and only themselves. They exist to grow exponentially and without limits.

It is worth noting that this description also fits for cancer.

It is also worth noting that this description fits the definition of evil (I have got to stop letting Ash vs. Evil Dead run when it comes on television, but that’s another story.)

Here is another favorite metaphor of mine: Scott Pruitt is the epitome of a corporatist Farmer.

A Farmer is a member of the wealthy, selfish few who views the rest of humanity as a crop to be manipulated as he or she finds convenient, and to be erased as that rest of humanity demands civil rights and enough resources to have a comfortable, meaningful, happy life.

It’s another form of cancerous evil to be so avaricious and determined to grab resource after resource, no matter who or what gets in the way in the process, that few others have enough.

Political cartoonist Dan Wasserman summed up the problem very neatly in this March 2018 image:

There are actually 2 books that I wrote using allegory and metaphor to describe the legalized crimes of Farmers:

The first one is The Book of Thieves, which describers the banksters and hedge fundsters and how they caused the economic collapse of 2008, and then made sure that they didn’t have to pay a cent for it. We need the Glass-Steagall Act of 1932 to be reinstated, because it mandated a divorce and a consistent firewall between commercial and investment banking. That is the best way to protect against a repeat of the Great Depression, as well as against another Great Recession. However, the Farmers don’t want that. They want unfettered access to pension funds, savings accounts, and whatever else they can grab, the ability to comingle funds, and not a peep of protest from the rest of us.

The second one is The Bear Guarding the Beehive. I went on 3 beekeeper field trips for that one with my camera, which was a lot of fun. One of its points is that when one sprays insecticide into the environment, its effects reach any living thing that it touches and any living thing that touches what is sprayed. The upshot of that is that it is not just the insects that one doesn’t like who get nerve damage and die. They all die. The Farmers, of course, don’t care. All that matters to them is that homeowners with gardens and lawns seek monocrops of green grass, that huge agribusinesses use their genetically engineered crops and spray more neurotoxins every which way, poisoning farm workers and pollinator insects, and that no one without massive financial resources get in their way.

Farmers will hire attorneys who with prostitute – and pestitute – themselves and their legal careers for money and professional advancement. One of the end games is for such attorneys to eventually get seats on Federal benches, so that they may then rule in favor of continuing to allow the ecosystem to be toxified. As species die off and opposing attorneys put up a fight, those attorneys will be called “activists” – weaponizing that term as if it weren’t the most honorable use of freedom of speech…but it certainly is.

Farmers will sponsor politicians to do pass laws that favor their desire to market insecticides and create financial and legal loopholes that make all that easier and easier.

Farmers will pay lobbyists who have no ethics but instead want wealth and comfort for themselves, and damn the needs of anyone who comes after their own life spans.

We don’t have much time left to stop our ecosystems from being crashed, but let’s try anyway.

It’s better to fight than to just say that the Farmers have far too much money and power to be stopped.

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