Iris Blossoms, Peonies, and Global Footprint Calculations.

Sometime last week, I received an e-mail from the Global Footprint Network that said that this year, Earth Overshoot Day will fall on August 1st.

Global Footprint Network

It gets earlier every year.

-40% The Carbon Calculator Price: $5.99 Was: $9.99

Next year, we’ll have it in July. Yay, humans, for depleting a […]

Get Ready for Civil Unrest and Bloodbaths Where the Water Runs Out

Zero Water Day is approaching in Cape Town, South Africa.

Warnings about the consequences of water depletion were ignored.

Or so the reports say.

Watch: Cape Town Water Crisis – ‘City of Cape Town was warned’

I doubt that the politicians in Cape Town simply didn’t listen.

More likely, they don’t know […]

Researched Issues Carefully and Extensively, Checked Sources – Still Got Accused of Ignorance.

The desired combination of political views, one which I write about in my Nae-Née series and in this blog, is pro-abortion AND limited immigration.

When I do that, I include sources, which I check with online encyclopedias (including Wikipedia entries) and with de-bunking sites such as Snopes.

What I will not do is discount any […]

Letter to a Chat Group of English People Whose Town is Full of Migrants.

Hello Everyone.

I hope you don’t mind having me in this group. It’s exactly the sort I was hoping to find.

This issue both horrifies and fascinates me, because this is happening everywhere. Human overpopulation has led to ecosystems collapse in the tropics of chaos, which in turn has precipitated economic collapse.

Banksters and hedge […]

The Global Footprint Network shows how much we each use…but camping out is out.

Every so often, I like to try the “game” on the Global Footprint Network page – the Footprint Calculator.

When I do that, I enter my data, trying to reflect what feels like a reasonable effort not to use too many resources.

It doesn’t offer an exact option in the housing choices for the sort […]

Think the Water Won’t Dry Up in the Developed World? Think Again.

If you think that drought and water shut-offs due to economic collapse can’t or won’t happen in the developed, “first” world, think again. These things have already happened.

Avignon, France: An employee who worked at the water utility Veolia Eau got fired for refusing to shut off the water to 1,000 families.

Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.: […]

Population Levels Mentioned, Yet Not Blamed…?!

While it’s good to see actual numbers of population levels now and projected ones cited – as well as those of water table levels – it is not good at all that no effort is made to face up to human overpopulation.

Religious attitudes are a huge factor in this crisis.

Capturing rainwater and reusing […]

We are using up the Earth’s water. There are too many of us to service with what exists.

We humans are now so numerous – at 7.3 billion and rising – that there is no way for the available water to service us all.

This article falls short of saying that. It does come close to doing so, but that’s all.

The governments of the Earth are clearly not willing to say that […]

Droughts are miserable, but these ideas are worth considering.

When I think of Australia and drought, I think of the misery depicted in the Mad Max movies.

I hate the idea of no daily shampoos and showers or baths.

I want nothing to do with dirty laundry that can’t be washed in a machine, and dried in one also (better than doing it by […]