May 2018
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Stephanie C. Fox


Book 3 of the Nae-Née Series is Out: New World Order Underwater.

At last, I can announce that I am the author of a completed series of novels on human overpopulation.

Here are their covers, done by artists Katelyn M. Gagnon (Book 1) and Steve Palmerton (Books 2 and 3):

The name of the series is Nae-Née, for a birth control nanite. The name is […]

Latest Book Release – Vaccine: The Cull – Nae-Nee Wasn’t Enough.

It’s time for my big announcement: I have released a sequel to my novel about human overpopulation. This one is nasty, to show how a covert resource war might be conducted. It’s scary, and it shows the dark side of U.N. Agenda 21 – the unseen mask of green sustainability is illustrated in unsettling detail.


Keep Monsanto and GMOs Out of Our Food!

Tom Philpott makes some good points to think about, and admits that there are no easy answers to the problem of food insecurity combined with human overpopulation.

Whatever we do, we do not need genetically modified organisms in our food.

People have gotten entirely too used to seeing flawless fruits and vegetables for sale in […]

Blood-Traversing Nanobots! Think of the applications…

This is exciting to see – science fiction becoming science fact.

This nanotechnology is still in its infancy, not yet of ready use to all humans…or even some humans.

But even so, it is both exciting and alarming to think of the applications it could have:

Nanobotic birth control, such as in my novel, Nae-Née […]

When corporations buy science, they don’t respect its power = lethal result.

This is the best video segment of science fiction ever.

It sums up the dangers inherent in the misuse of Nature’s awesome power by humans.

It shows the exponential potential for the damage that corporations can – and will – do when they put a price tag on the use of knowledge as a product […]