December 2017
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Stephanie C. Fox


Book 3 of the Nae-Née Series is Out: New World Order Underwater.

At last, I can announce that I am the author of a completed series of novels on human overpopulation.

Here are their covers, done by artists Katelyn M. Gagnon (Book 1) and Steve Palmerton (Books 2 and 3):

The name of the series is Nae-Née, for a birth control nanite. The name is […]

Trump Has Kindly…or Perhaps Foolishly…Offered the Electors, and America, a Preview.

Donald J. Trump takes himself entirely too seriously.

He has demanded, in a reprise of the insanity and witch-hunting of the 1950s, that a questionnaire be filled out by the scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy. The questionnaire seeks to discover which scientific associations they are affiliated, where they have ever gotten grant money […]

While You’re Watching Television, Your Television Is Watching You.

While you’re watching television, it is watching you.

It knows what you are watching and saves the data.

If you talk in front of it, it records that, too.

Then it allows hackers and the Orwellian No Such Agency to reap the data.

The government thus learns your interests and entertainment preferences, along with […]

People on the Autism Spectrum, Beware of This Pernicious Software.

This is how Big Brother, the Bankster-Farmers, and whoever else will track you: by getting everyone you know to report on you and judge you.

Yelp for Peeple is about to go online.

Human society is doomed as is, most particularly, anyone with Asperger’s and on the autism spectrum; we will be harassed by this […]

Fresh Air vs. Air Conditioning: Window Wars

At last, someone else who is both American and not into air conditioning! I hate that refrigerator feeling in the summer, cut off from fresh air, spending money on ruining that, and being scolded for wanting my windows open!

In French Countryside, Too Much AC Ain’t Cool


Lapopie, in southwestern France, was built […]

Don’t question the motives of others?! Idiocy. >:(

Don’t question the motives of others?!

This is a terrible graduation speech with a disingenuous example. Just pick a different example, such as the insidious imposition of communitarianism, and we have a hideous idea at work. >:(

Biden may be a fun, nice guy, but he is dead wrong on the idea that it is […]