June 2017
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Stephanie C. Fox


The GOP Refuses to Hear the People

Last night, I saw a video online that expresses a symptom of the decline of democracy.

It is disturbing on a level that I think most people will miss at first, because they will get caught up in the emotion of the individuals concerned, so I’m going to describe it, because this other, deeper, underlying […]

Meet Julia, the Muppet with Autism. Trump and the GOP Want to Defund Her.

Meet Julia, the Muppet with autism, who has just joined the cast of Sesame Street – she’s the redhead with the toy bunny. Neurotypical kids will learn how to interact with kids on the autism spectrum, and be taught to accept us.

Julia, the Muppet with autism, holding her toy bunny, debuts on PBS. […]

The Raving Mad Tomato of InfoWars Explodes…Again

Alex Jones of InfoWars, that raving mad Texan with a radio show who shrieks nonsense, is Donald J. Trump’s favorite news source (or one of them, anyway).

No chance that the #Pumpkingropenfuehrer will call this Exploding Tomato of Idiocy and Vitriol fake news! The Thief-in-Chief swallows everything that Jones says, hook, line, and sinker.



The Chinese Built a Wall. The Mongols Still Got In. Think About That.

I guess you just can’t fix stupid, thoughtless, or unreasonable.

Still, the urge to try is irresistible, and the need to educate remains.

Donald J. Trump wants to build a wall, charge up the cost for the materials, labor, and deaths on the job to the American people, and then bill the Mexicans for it. […]

For Those Who Wonder Why the GOP Politicians Are Doing This…

…it is because the GOP politicians just don’t care about ethics nor their oaths to serve their constituents. They are so embittered that liberals got to make the reforms that we wanted and so many of them and they have given up and decided to cheat, because that’s the only way that they will be […]

Trump Has Kindly…or Perhaps Foolishly…Offered the Electors, and America, a Preview.

Donald J. Trump takes himself entirely too seriously.

He has demanded, in a reprise of the insanity and witch-hunting of the 1950s, that a questionnaire be filled out by the scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy. The questionnaire seeks to discover which scientific associations they are affiliated, where they have ever gotten grant money […]

Ignore Anyone Who Tells You Not to Watch or Read Something – and Watch or Read It!

Here is a version of Vaccine: The Cull – Nae-Née Wasn’t Enough, as a movie that is banned in some places: Gray State – The Rise.

It is a terrifying depiction, one without the relief offered in Vaccine: The Cull, which gives breathing room punctuated by moments of absolute horror and violence. This movie trailer […]

Climate Change: Beware of Peer Pressure When Evaluating It.

When I prepare a blog post, I check off the categories and tags on the sidebar. This time, I noticed that I checked off most of the ones that I deal with in my Nae-Née series, which is dystopian science fiction about human overpopulation as an underlying cause of ecosystems collapse.

In that series, at […]

The New World Order of U.N. Agenda 21, er, 2030. Don’t Be Fooled by Its New Label.

A plan for social change such as this one, presented by a Bankster, is ripe for abuse.

U.N. Agenda 21, now seen for what it is and hated for it, has had a new label slapped on it, but don’t by fooled by it. It is still a New World Order for handling the excess […]

Foreign Banksters are Buying U.S. Farmland. We Won’t Be Able to Eat Off of It.

The Farmers (euphemism for Banksters, Hedge Fundsters, and any of the One Percenters who would grab and use the planet for themselves while leaving everyone else to a resource war and a desperate scrabble for survival) are carrying out the plans in my novel, Vaccine: The Cull – Nae-Née Wasn’t Enough.

They want it for […]