Get Ready for Civil Unrest and Bloodbaths Where the Water Runs Out

Zero Water Day is approaching in Cape Town, South Africa.

Warnings about the consequences of water depletion were ignored.

Or so the reports say.

Watch: Cape Town Water Crisis – ‘City of Cape Town was warned’

I doubt that the politicians in Cape Town simply didn’t listen.

More likely, they don’t know […]

Nature Has Conducted Another Eminent Removal

Every year, almost everywhere on the planet, there is another natural disaster that wipes out human development.

It doesn’t necessary wipe out the humans who developed – built settlements – on that land.

Hurricane Harvey has destroyed homes and other buildings and flooded the area that it hit.

The storm inundated dams so that […]

Don’t Expect Celebration of a Fascist Authoritarian.

It has finally happened.

Hell has frozen over, or whatever this state of disunion is.

We are officially living in the Untied States of America, and that is not a typographical error.

The size of the crowd must have been deeply disappointing to man whose ego is inextricably wrapped up in perceptions of size.


Trump Has Kindly…or Perhaps Foolishly…Offered the Electors, and America, a Preview.

Donald J. Trump takes himself entirely too seriously.

He has demanded, in a reprise of the insanity and witch-hunting of the 1950s, that a questionnaire be filled out by the scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy. The questionnaire seeks to discover which scientific associations they are affiliated, where they have ever gotten grant money […]

A Vote for a Nebulous, Undefined “Change” is a Refusal to Think.

For months leading up the 2016 election for the President of the United States, I heard people who wanted Trump to win saying, “It’s time for a change” and “We need a change”.

What I heard far too little of was specificity as to just what that change might be.

There was discontent expressed with […]

Resources are Strained, and People Wonder Why Brexit Happened! Really!?

Seriously?! How can people not understand why Brexit happened? The causes are no great mystery. They are all around us:

Human overpopulation leads to ecosystems collapse which leads to economic collapse.

Add to the mix developed nations treating a crowded and crashed ecosystem like an expendable gas station of a nation, plus religiousness to the […]

Climate Change: Beware of Peer Pressure When Evaluating It.

When I prepare a blog post, I check off the categories and tags on the sidebar. This time, I noticed that I checked off most of the ones that I deal with in my Nae-Née series, which is dystopian science fiction about human overpopulation as an underlying cause of ecosystems collapse.

In that series, at […]

Success, But Too Many Politicians Still in Fantasy Land About Never a Drought.

Today at the Connecticut Capitol, our natural security in Connecticut’s drinking water had a partial victory on Senate Bill No. 422, which would deny discounts to water bottling corporations based on either how much water they pump per day or how much sewage they spew each day.

A substitute bill was passed by the Connecticut […]

The Mayor and Town Council Let the Farmers In. Toss Them ALL Out.

The Farmers of the financial world are: Banksters + Hedge Fundsters + Corporatists

This is the story of how gross incompetence, negligence, and an impeachable abrogation of their oath of office let in some Farmers.

Niagara Bottling is attempting to come to Bloomfield, Connecticut. It wants the water from a reservoir that 8 towns draw […]

It’s a Choice: Either Include Islam in Cultural Diversity and Accept Mass Rape, or Reject Both.

Migrant sexual emergencies?! Bunk.

We can have cultural diversity with literate, non-militant members of any other culture, even Muslims. I know this from experience.

But…those Muslims are usually women. Usually.

Surrendering one’s safety, security, and freedom of movement is an unreasonable price to pay for multiculturalism.

Send them all back, however unwilling they are to […]