July 2018
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Stephanie C. Fox


It’s Earth Overshoot Day! And It’s Earlier Than Last Year, as Usual

Time to check the world population clock again.

Let’s see what it says…


We’re at 7,522,504,008 humans now.

Earth Overshoot Day comes earlier each year.

Earth Overshoot Day marks the point in the calendar at which our species as a whole has officially used up all of the resources – food, water, and […]

The Water War in Connecticut is Heating Up.

We are in a state of war with our water needs in Connecticut now.

The ecosystem cannot deliver all of the water that the human population needs and wants.

This summer has brought us the drought that the MDC denied would come.

Accordingly, the City of Waterbury’s Bureau of Water has instituted mandatory water use […]

A Water Depletion Tour and Photo Gallery.

On Sunday, September 11, 2016, a beautiful sunny day, my father invited me to get my camera and go with him on a long car ride to tour the Barkhamstead and Colebrook Lake reservoirs. I accepted.

My father is a retired city and regional planner, with a Master of Philosophy from the University College London, […]

Unhappy Earth Overshoot Day!

Unhappy Earth Overshoot Day!

Today is the day that we humans as a species are officially considered to be overdrawn on our use of the Earth’s Bank Account.

What is the Earth’s Bank Account?

That term refers to the Earth’s natural resources: healthy food, safe and clean water, clean air, space in which to live, […]

Drought Advisory + Niagara Bottling Sucking Us Drier = Natural Insecurity.

Connecticut has been issued a drought advisory asking private citizens to consume less water.

State Issues ‘Drought Advisory,’ Farmers Worried Lack of Rainfall Damaging Crops

Anyone, be they professional farmers whose livelihoods depend on growing crops or homeowners with small gardens, are urged to use less water.

People are being asked not to water […]

Sucking Deserts Drier for Bottled Water, Lawns, and Golf Courses: Another Definition of Insanity.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same result.

Insanity: sucking deserts, ecosystems that are meant to be arid and thus devoid of grass, greenery, and much water, dry for lawns, golf courses, and most idiotic of all, bottled water.

Money is created by fiat – declaration by banksters, who […]

Right Rather Than Popular – We Are Overpopulated, and Do NOT Have a Right to More, More, More.

Mark Twain said: “It is better to be popular than right.”

He lived in a different time, when the Industrial Revolution was just taking off. Resources were not scarce.

Things have changed, and his advice no longer works.

The Earth has a lot of problems, starting with humans.

We use too much, and too many […]

Climate Change: Beware of Peer Pressure When Evaluating It.

When I prepare a blog post, I check off the categories and tags on the sidebar. This time, I noticed that I checked off most of the ones that I deal with in my Nae-Née series, which is dystopian science fiction about human overpopulation as an underlying cause of ecosystems collapse.

In that series, at […]

It’s All About William DiBella – He, Himself, and Him.

A retired, Harvard-educated, New York City social worker (and cousin-in-law who was a great friend of mine) who cared about, among other good things to care about, the environment, often liked to explain individuals who came across as inexcusably self-absorbed with these words:

“It’s all about him.”

He would vary the pronoun as required, but […]

Success, But Too Many Politicians Still in Fantasy Land About Never a Drought.

Today at the Connecticut Capitol, our natural security in Connecticut’s drinking water had a partial victory on Senate Bill No. 422, which would deny discounts to water bottling corporations based on either how much water they pump per day or how much sewage they spew each day.

A substitute bill was passed by the Connecticut […]