Water Warriors: How and Where to Find Our Politicians.

Save Our Water! This is the button being worn by the people who object to the plan for Niagara Bottling to draw 1.8 million gallons of water per day from our reservoirs. This plan would cause a factory to be built in Bloomfield, with just a few menial, hourly wage jobs for humans and […]

Connecticut’s MDC says we need new water delivery infrastructure. Crashing the ecosystem is not the answer!

The state should allocate funds for new water delivery infrastructure, and/or tack on a fee of perhaps $5 to water bills to pay for it rather than crashing our ecosystem and destroying our irreplaceable natural security. People will scream and cry that that is a terrible thing to do, but the money has to come […]

No, we do not need new water delivery infrastructure in exchange for a crashed ecosystem.

This is the most important sentence in the entire article:

“The plant went through the permitting process largely anonymously with no specific mention of its planned use or the name of the company, residents noted.”

The Bloomfield town council and mayor did this in secret – no transparency whatsoever – and it accommodated the request […]

How to File a Public Comment on a Bill – and Here’s Mine.

A bill that would deny water bottling corporations and any other commercial entity a discount on either water pumping or sewage spewing is up for consideration in the Connecticut General Assembly.

This is intended to make the idea of pumping water from our reservoir and then selling it elsewhere in the United States (or on […]

Asking Senator Beth Bye to Protect Our Natural Security – Letter Sent to Her.

This afternoon, I took a ride out to the proposed site of a water bottling operation in Bloomfield, Connecticut by the Niagara Bottling corporation.

Left: The site intended for the unwanted bottling operation is that huge sandy patch, roughly in the middle, circled in red. (Google Maps)

Right: A view from the […]

Why We Don’t Need Bottles, Nor Bottled Water: We Need to Protect Our Ecosystem.

By the time the political process cycles around to changing our politicians (which, unfortunately, are NOT changed as often as diapers, contrary to Mark Twain’s recommendation), Niagara Bottling will already be settled into its location in Bloomfield, Connecticut, and pumping our water.

Soon we will live in a crashed ecosystem – a beige desert instead […]

The Mayor and Town Council Let the Farmers In. Toss Them ALL Out.

The Farmers of the financial world are: Banksters + Hedge Fundsters + Corporatists

This is the story of how gross incompetence, negligence, and an impeachable abrogation of their oath of office let in some Farmers.

Niagara Bottling is attempting to come to Bloomfield, Connecticut. It wants the water from a reservoir that 8 towns draw […]

Drafting a Third and Final Installment of the Nae-Nee Series.

The image shown below is not the one that I will be using for my final installment of the Nae-Née series, but it provided plenty of inspiration for it.

Miami, Florida, will be one place that the characters visit, just to enable readers to take a tour of the looming ecological catastrophe there.

The title […]

Too many humans, and that’s looking at non-migrants.

Water shortages and drought.

Check Out the Homes of Some of the Bay Area’s Biggest Water Guzzlers—Including Billy Beane

The human penchant for wanting more, more, more of water and any other resource, like an addiction.

California’s water paradox: why enough will never be enough

Aging infrastructure and budget shortfalls to remedy that.

EPA: […]

The Global Footprint Network shows how much we each use…but camping out is out.

Every so often, I like to try the “game” on the Global Footprint Network page – the Footprint Calculator.

When I do that, I enter my data, trying to reflect what feels like a reasonable effort not to use too many resources.

It doesn’t offer an exact option in the housing choices for the sort […]