July 2018
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Stephanie C. Fox


The GOP Agenda is Hateful, But the Rose Garden is Beautiful

Today is the Summer Solstice.

It’s a time to enjoy the longest day of the year and smell the roses.

It’s a day when one is meant to be happy.

Happy Summer Solstice!

Well…not so happy.

The GOP keeps getting its way with elections and its politicians keep breaking their oaths to uphold the U.S. Constitution, because doing so would achieve results that the GOP doesn’t like. The GOP has simply rigged the system to its advantage, subverting the intent of the Founders of the United States, and thus the U.S. Constitution in the process. That’s what happens when the voting districts are gerrymandered.

Jon Ossoff lost to a candidate who thinks that there is no right to living wage. Karen Handel actually expects the masses to work for less money that is required to make ends meet.

By that estimation, she is like the aristocrats of France in 1789. We know how they fared.

An editorial in Esquire magazine summed it up neatly: Republicans just don’t care. They want their agenda, no matter how much the rest of us hate it, and will vote for their candidates, right or wrong. No ethics. Not only that, but the Liberal agenda is the polar opposite of theirs, and they flat out don’t want it. We have lost any motivation to work with each other, because our agendas don’t match at all.

Do Not Ignore This Persistent Truth About Republicans

Republicans vote Republican, even when a fresh face like Jon Ossoff steals the headlines.


Meanwhile, Donald J. Trump, who ought to become, in the word he inadvertently coined, unpresidented, whines about being investigated for treasonous collusion with Russians, for nepotism and conflicts of interest that continually violate the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution, calling it a witch hunt. No, Herr #Pumpkingropenfuhrer, that’s what the House Un-American Activities Committee and Senator Joseph McCarthy did, not what is happening to you. You did that to yourself, and you keep on doing it, because you are an attorney’s worst nightmare of a client. You just can’t stop tweeting.

It is ludicrous to call this a witch hunt, and witches want no part of you, nor any association with you in any way, shape, or form.

Wicca is a nature-worshipping, goddess-revering religion and philosophy. The despoiling of the ecosystem for economic gain goes against it.

I constantly read and research about politics, blog, write books, sign petitions, call my politicians, write to my politicians, post on social media, comment on social media, and generally eat, sleep, and breathe the stuff – law, politics, government, women’s reproductive rights and access, human overpopulation, ecosystems collapse, honeybee and other bee colony collapse, banksters, hedge fundsters, corporatists (collectively, Farmers, who treat the rest of humanity as a crop to manipulate as they please or a weed to be erased whenever we demand our individual rights).

News reports are proving all of my research to be correct. The predictions of the demographic mathematician of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, Thomas Robert Malthus, have been proven to be correct. This has been delayed due to the efforts of a few determined geniuses, who have enabled humanity to correct itself and thwart the hazards that Nature throws in our way with scientific advances in agronomy and antibiotics. Those advances were temporary. Soil fertility for agriculture has perhaps four more decades left, and microbes have built up immunity to current antibiotics.

It may have taken longer than he originally calculated for humanity to reproduce and despoil the planet’s ecosystem to the brink of catastrophe, but we’ve finally achieved that. After all, humans want more, more, more, and to keep on reproducing and having our own space and property, plus interesting work and fresh fruits and vegetables, without it ever ending. Our finite planet cannot and therefore will not accommodate our desires.

Overpopulated and Underfed: Countries Near a Breaking Point


This all reminds me of the very last page of the coffee-table style book on human overpopulation, complete with photographs, by Stephen Emmott, entitled 10 Billion. It’s not optimistic. It reads: “We urgently need to do – and I mean actually do – something radical to avert a global catastrophe. But I don’t think we will.” There’s a break in the text, and then it simply says: “I think we’re fucked.”

That’s why I wrote my 3-volume, dystopian Nae-Née series on all of this.



I decided to take a break. The Summer Solstice is supposed to be a special day, after all.

It’s supposed to be pleasant.

It’s a day when the ecosystem still seems to work, at least in Connecticut.

So…I left the computer. I don’t have a hand-held, digital device, and I don’t want one.

I was therefore offline, out with my camera – an actual camera – enjoying a park.

It’s not just any park, either. It’s the world-famous Elizabeth Park Conservancy.


This place is in West Hartford, Connecticut, and it is famous for its rose garden.

The rest of this post will be about that break, with beautiful photographs, some shot by my father, and the rest taken by me. Enjoy them.


The rose garden is just part of the attraction of the Elizabeth Park Conservancy.

The place also includes an herb garden and another finely planned garden with a variety of other plants, plus many irises.


The lavender comes in many varieties, and wild bumble bees were all over it.

The iris blossoms were fun to look at – different from the ones that I grow at home.

Happy Summer Solstice!Save




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