The GOP Refuses to Hear the People

Last night, I saw a video online that expresses a symptom of the decline of democracy.

It is disturbing on a level that I think most people will miss at first, because they will get caught up in the emotion of the individuals concerned, so I’m going to describe it, because this other, deeper, underlying aspect of the situation goes to the root cause of it:

Democracy can only function with sufficient resources for all.

Without enough of everything – “everything” being defined as food, clothing, shelter, money, education, transportation, and individual access to control of enough of all of that to maintain independence – democracy is threatened.

Resources are strained right now.

That’s no surprise when the total population of humans is at 7.5 billion.

I’ll say it again:

The Earth’s carrying capacity for humans, when last measured, was set at 2 billion, and we had that many in 1930, before our use and abuse of the Earth’s bank account of ecosystems diminished that capacity.

That capacity, therefore, is less now.

Why am I going on about this yet again?

I’m doing it to put something that I just saw on a video last night into context.

It was so significant that I can’t stop thinking about it and analyzing it.

It was recorded by a mother who carried her toddler daughter with her to her politician’s office. The girl has a preexisting medical condition.

She wanted to talk to him, to introduce him to her daughter, and to tell him what the effect of the vote that he cast for the American Health Care Act in the U.S. House of Representatives will be: debt slavery for the girl’s parents, followed by death for the girl.

He wasn’t in, of course.

He’s in Washington, D.C.

He was one of the creeps who boarded a black bus with black-tinted windows right after that vote to go to the White House and celebrate this betrayal of his constituents with lots of beer.

Caseloads of beer were delivered to the White House for a party for GOP politicians.

Republicans prepared a huge celebration before voting to take away health care from millions

Beer, Braveheart, obscenities, scooters, White House parties, and punching into the end zone.

The media that Trump loves to bash so much and to accuse of promulgating “fake news” has found evidence via outright admissions that politicians did not read the American Health Care Act bill before voting for it.

Congressman admits he didn’t read full health care bill before voting

These GOP congressmen voted for the health care bill — but didn’t read it

Left to Right: Chris Collins, R-New York; Mark Sanford, R-South Carolina; Tom Garrett, R-Virginia.

This is a breach of their oaths to uphold the U.S. Constitution. One ought to know and fully understand just what it is that one is voting for, no matter how tedious and/or boring one finds that task to be.

Granted, the AHCA bill is not law at the moment, but this is just a moment.

Moments can go by faster than we expect.

They can exceed our expectations when our politicians are a travesty rather than public servants.

The video is on this mother’s Facebook page, with comments turned off. That seems wise.

The thread could be flooded with comments and freeze up the use of her account otherwise.

It had over 22,000 views when I looked last night.

Today it has over 1,331,248 views.

It seems to be going viral, and I hope it does.

I thought it worthwhile to notice as much as I could about her.

She is white, female, married to a soldier, and has a blond toddler daughter.

She speaks in complete and well-thought-out, coherent, sentences.

The politician is college educated, white, male, and married to a woman.

If that is how he treats a person that he has at least that much in common with, imagine how he will treat people who differ from him.

He is behaving as a fascist does, repressively shutting down the voice of a constituent, treating her as though the slightest objection to his actions is a threat, and threatening her with arrest and the loss of her child.

The security guard aids and abets this inversion of democracy. He is speaks in an extremely rude, loud, and dismissive tone to her, telling her off just for being there, but she will have none of it. She turns away from him and addresses her phone, recording the encounter while paying no further attention to him. He leaves.

Without wasting any further energy on that guard, she says her piece into the phone camera.

Here is a transcript of the video of this mother, whose name is Julia Marie Forbes Anderson:

Security Guard: “…and was a single parent just like you, you think –”

Forbes Anderson: “So, right now, I’m down here at the…here, we’ve got this guy, that just kicked me out (she turns the phone camera to record the guard going back into the building, then turns it back to her own face to continue), T. Floyd was his name, because apparently, I can’t be in McHenry’s office and voice my opinion.”

She stands there, just outside the office building under an overhang, holding her daughter.

“See, we went in because, last night, McHenry voted to get rid of health care for my child. So, what that means is, if Loretta is sick, we can pay $12,000 a month, out-of-pocket, for her medication, not including any of her hospital visits, or her co-pays, or her deductibles. That’s just the medication. That’s not even the cost of having the medication administered.”

“So I went and told McHenry’s office that I thought that was some bullshit. And, uh, I took him a picture of Loretta. Here she is with me (turns the phone camera to show her wriggling daughter, then turns it back to her face again). And uh – my kid wants yoghurt – let them know that that was the kid that he had voted to let die last night.”

“And they said, ‘Oh, well, that’s very unfortunate, but you can’t raise your voice in here.’ Which, at that point, I was talking at about this level (no louder than the rest of her presentation!). And, uh, she said, ‘If you don’t leave, I’m going to call the police.’ ”

“And I said, ‘Okay, well, instead of calling the police, why don’t you get a hold of my elected official?’ ”

“And she said, ‘Well, he doesn’t take constituents at his Gaston County office.’ But if I wanted to drive to D.C., she’d give me an appointment.”

“So I said, ‘Okay, great, get me an appointment. I’ll drive there.’ ”

“And then she said, ‘No, we’re going to call the sheriff’s office instead.’ ”

“So they called the sheriff’s office, who promptly told me that I was not allowed to be in a public building, and that if I did not leave, he was going to arrest me.”

“I told him I didn’t really find that acceptable.”

“And, um, he told me that I am no longer allowed in the Gaston County public administration building, upon threat of arrest, because I was rude. I’m strapping Meredith into her car seat…”

“Apparently, ‘rude’, to a police officer, is an arrestable offense in Gaston County now, so I’m probably going to go fill out a complaint with the sheriff’s office, cuz he said, I’m going to take your baby, that baby will never be seen again, it will go to foster care, and you will go to jail’ because, apparently, you can take people’s kids now, and send them to jail, for going to complain at their elected representative’s office.”

“But I’m not done! I’m about to go to Richard Burr’s office, which, I think he has a Charlotte office, but if not, my ass is driving to Ashville, because making my child uninsurable for something that’s not her fault is not okay!”

Forbes Anderson starts to cry at this point.

“If Loretta doesn’t have her medication, she will die. And I’m not okay with that. I’m not losing another baby. It’s not happening. Republicans are going to let it happen. Apparently, ‘pro-life’ does not mean my child, that’s alive. It just means babies in uteruses. I’m not willing to let my kid die because I don’t have money. And they are. And that’s not okay. That’s super f**ked up.”

“They are thousands of people like me who are watching their kids get sicker and sicker, and we can’t doing anything about it.”

“And people are actively working against us, to let our kids just be sick because they’re a drain on the system, because Medicare and Medicaid are too expensive, because they can send people to wars, but they can’t fix sick kids at home.”

“My husband volunteered for a deployment so that we could pay for the things that our children need. The fact that he volunteered to go to a war, so that our kids could live, is not how this country should be. That’s not right.”

“I did intend to make a crying face, look live video, but I’m just really not okay right now.”

“But I’m trying to make it okay. So you guys,” she addresses her viewing audience, “the Senate hasn’t voted yet. If you live around where I live, your senators are Tom Tillis and Richard Burr. So call their offices, fax them, e-mail them, use ResistBot, you can f**king text from your phone, and let them know that this is not okay.”

She provides information on the office that threw her out, plus those of her senators:

Rep. Patrick McHenry
(704) 833-0096
128 West Main Avenue
Gastonia, North Carolina 28052
Washington Office: (202) 225-2576

Senator Richard Burr
Washington Office (202) 224-3154
Winston-Salem Office (800) 685-8916

Senator Thom Tillis
Washington Office (202) 224-6342
Charlotte Office (704) 509-9087

She also suggests that people text “RESIST” to 50409 or message ResistBot on Facebook and find out who represents them in Congress, and deliver a message to them in under 2 minutes. No downloads or apps required.

That security guard accused her – as if that were relevant to the insurability status of her daughter – of being a single mother, but she’s married, and to a guy who could find no other way to earn money than to put himself at risk of death.

It is not patriotism when citizens join the military because they cannot afford the necessities of life; it is extortion by an empire in decline.

Jimmy Kimmel can afford to pay for his son’s heart surgery. Good for that family, but the rest of America’s families should not have to choose between debt slavery or death, or suffer a combination of the two in a fight to survive.

I wonder what the International Criminal Court would make of this situation…

Dystopian nonfiction is transpiring in real time. People are being treated, in this overpopulated reality, as excess. Since genocide is illegal, this excess cannot be disposed of quickly and efficiently. Therefore, a rude, dismissive government turns those labels back onto any citizen who dares to point it out, who has the audacity to object to this monstrous attitude and behavior.

It is incredible to me to watch all this, most particularly because it is like seeing Book 2 of my Nae-Née series unfolding in real time. Could the GOP be hoping to cull our population?!

This is fascism. Liberals have been called fascists for insisting upon their 1st Amendment rights. Well, we’re not the fascists.

The fascists are the authoritarian Thieves who are squatting without a mandate in our nation’s political seats.

Just look at the gerrymandered map of North Carolina, and it is clear that those seats were stolen from voters because a purple map – one of fairly distributed voting districts – would not have gotten GOP politicians enough seats to gain a majority.

Democracy is dying all around us.

This incident with Julie Marie Forbes Anderson demonstrates a symptom of that disease.

This is the politician she tried to visit, who deliberately won’t hear her. He just doesn’t care.

Patrick McHenry, Republican from North Carolina and U.S. Representative.

Ms. Forbes Anderson has made a meme for her Facebook page about him.

I’m trying to think of everything, such as any difficulty viewing images on this page, difficulty accessing the full video that she made, and so on, which is why I bothered to type out her words verbatim after listening to it with lots of stops and starts just to get it all.

Here are all of his office telephone numbers:

Washington, D.C.: 202-225-2576
Gastonia, North Carolina: 704-833-0096
Hickory, North Carolina: 828-327-6100
Black Mountain, North Carolina: 828-669-0600
North Carolina Toll Free: 800-477-2576

Don’t expect to be able to talk to anyone, though.

He’s following the dystopian playbook of shutting off all dissent by ignoring it.

This woman dared to complain in her politician’s office about his actions – which shall make her daughter’s medical condition uninsurable. The response was a threat to arrest her, even after an appointment with another office was offered. When she accepted it, the offer was withdrawn and she was again threatened with arrest and having her daughter taken away from her. All to tell the public to go away and put up and shut up.

Members of the U.S. Congress have health care subsidies, so they’re comfortably not living in any fear of medical-care-induce debt slavery.

Here is Jason Chaffetz, shown on Twitter, scooting into the House chamber to vote on the AHCA bill after surgery:

There is a petition making the rounds to remove health care subsidies for members of Congress and their families.

Please help make it go viral:

After all, if they are imagining that they can ruin the lives of their constituents without repercussions, they are sorely mistaken.

We’ll get them back one way or another, sooner or later, and we’ll do it legally, so that they have to put up and shut about it, as they wish to force their constituents to do.


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