Watching Our Democracy Crash as Oath-Breakers Ignore Us

Tracking the news since January 20th of this year is, as I expected it to be, like watching an ongoing motor vehicle crash.

Or should I characterize it as a train or a plane crash?

No…maybe likening it to the crash of both the International Space Station and the Hubble Telescope would do.

It’s something really crucial that crashing, because that something is the United States Constitution.

Those who swore an oath to uphold it, to defend it, to serve their constituents, are ignoring whatever we tell them to do while breaking those oaths.

Today, I got an e-mail updating me on what our Congress is up to.

After looking at the House bills shown in the following screen grabs, I concluded that it is largely up to no good.

“Largely” is the operative word when you already know that the GOP members of it have enough of a majority to shove these bills down our throats.

This is a bill to eliminate the EPA. Suggestion: Contact these traitors to the ecosystem to say no.

Apparently, the grossly unqualified Betsy DeVos will not be necessary, nor will anyone else. Our government has decided to trash the futures of Americans.

Not only was Obama not coming for anyone’s guns, but under Trump, it will be possible to get a silencer without a permit.

By all means, write to these brain-dead monsters and tell them not to do this.

Go on record as having objected to this idiocy.

Even if the jack-booted fascist thugs might come for me, I don’t care – I’m going to do this anyway.

They’re not here yet, and objecting might actually keep them away.

At least it will keep me from feeling regret.

We really have no defense left right now other than our comedians and political commentators.

We have no defense because we have a blithering idiot in the White House who runs off to his resort every weekend to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in Secret Service costs while blacking out the windows of the rooms where he stashes the media.

Well, we still have a defense: we are used to freedom of speech, and we won’t shut up.

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