We can’t be reminded enough of the folly of the Corporatist Farmers of Jurassic Park.

The Farmers that I write about in Nae-Nee, my dystopian series on human overpopulation and ecosystems collapse, are the careless corporatists that Dr. Ian Malcolm is chastising in this clip from Jurassic Park.

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Here is the Nae-Nee series that I am referring to:

Farmers – with a capital “F” – are banksters, hedge fundsters, and corporatists.

They treat the vast majority of other humans, i.e. the rest of us, as a crop to be manipulated as they please and as a weed to be erased as we demand democracy and civil rights.

They seek to buy knowledge rather than earn it by studying for it.

They don’t respect it.

They don’t respect the scientists, engineers, historians, artisans, professors, or any other experts in the world.

They just want to sell the products derived from other people’s knowledge, talents, and skills, damages and costs to all others be damned.

And now they have invaded our government and trashed it.

We have one running and wrecking our Environmental Protection Agency.

We have a POS POTUS and a POS Vice POTUS who want to destroy the rights that the U.S. Supreme Court has accrued for the people of the United States.

I watched the July 4th celebrations in Washington, D.C. , complete with fireworks, a concert, and exultations of freedom.

It is freedom that we are losing.

Of course, that loss was not acknowledged, because to do so would spoil the nation’s birthday party.

I have no such compunction – no qualms about disturbing the complacent sense of enjoyment that others get from ignoring our problems.

I am no longer proud of the United States.

This is the Untied States of America now.

We have monsters who have invaded our government, bought its seats in all branches, and finessed the rules of congressional procedure with a casual disregard for the intentions of the Founders of our nation. They don’t respect the Constitution. To them, it is merely an instrument to manipulate in order to impose their will on the liberal majority, because following the law was not getting them their own way.

The right to abortion on demand is now threatened, and women will have to ignore the law in order to control our own future if Roe v. Wade is negated.

The ecosystem is being raped by corporatist Farmers who want all the money they can extract from it NOW, the future viability of it be damned.

Gay marriage may be eviscerated. I don’t want to go back to the time when religious fools demanded that their gay children pretend to be heterosexual, marry unaware heterosexuals by lying to them just to hide what they were, and make themselves and everyone around them miserable. I know a nice woman whose first husband did that. His mother insisted upon it. They got divorced after they had reproduced not once but twice, and she was quite miserable – for nothing! It would have been far better for society to have simply accepted him as a gay male and let them all live without religion and without marrying against their sexual preferences.

Gays should marry gays, lesbians should marry lesbians, and heterosexuals should marry heterosexuals.

This requires honesty, which means that acceptance from society and from the law is an absolute necessity.

Without that, we’re back to social terrorism.

Those who have gotten engaged had better hurry up and tie the knot, because it will be a lot more difficult to take an actual marriage away once the deed is done.

I am a heterosexual, white woman. I have a great education and a long list of books to my name. Yay, me. But…

I always felt that my future and my freedom to live as I choose, i.e. child-free, was safe thanks to Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973).

Knowing that ruling was in place made me feel calm and ready to proceed with whatever I wanted to do next.

I don’t want kids. I won’t take care of them. I am absolutely unwilling to put my body through so much as one pregnancy, nor to add another human to the world.

Why? I don’t like babies and little kids. I never have. With that dislike came the social pressure to feel the opposite.

The ecological footprint of one more human is always far larger than anything else that we might do.

I don’t care what society expects and/or requires of me. If I don’t want to do a thing, I just won’t do it, criticism and disapproval be damned. I’ll just ignore that and do my own thing.

Not every woman should reproduce. I only like the quiet, introspective kids, but reproduction is like gambling – you don’t know what sort of kid you’ll get – so I won’t gamble.

Kittens are cute. Human babies are not.

There are far too many humans on this planet. 7.6 billion is depleting our ecosystem. People don’t want to hear this, and I don’t care. I shall say it anyway.

There ought to be free birth control and abortion on demand for whomever wants it.

Get everyone so comfortable with ENOUGH of everything – fresh fruits and vegetables, personal space, great educations, meaningful work – that they won’t want to reproduce…much.

And do it quick and do it now, or democracies will crash, as we already see them crashing.

The internet and recording devices have made it possible to remotely observe Trump supporters. This is as close as I wish to get to them, because stupidity can quickly turn to mob violence.

A gathering of Trump fans was looking forward to his space military becoming a reality, complete with ludicrous visions of space troops.

Never mind that we don’t yet have the technology for that…

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah | In Trump’s Universe, Everyone Loves “Space Force”

It is incredible to see how deliberately stupid and ignorant these Trump supporters are. They are into a space force because it’s fun, and because it is something to talk about other than the atrocities that are being perpetrated by their darling Idiot-in-Chief.

A space military only sounds cool if done by intelligent people and for the right reasons, such as in Star Trek. These people sound more like denizens of Starship Troopers. That was that campy, idiotic bug invaders movie made in 1997.

NASA isn’t concealing anything from us. That’s what the NSA does!

But never mind – they will ignore anyone who says that, jeer, scoff, and otherwise behave with a complete absence of civility.

The alt-right has little use for education, intelligence, thought, research, or civility.

It’s way past time for the left to have a lot less use for civility, while retaining and insisting that everyone have great respect for education, intelligence, thought, and research.

We need atheists in government. We need to put logic and cold reasoning ahead of all else, and never allow any religion or religious impulse to do our thinking for us.

Whenever one allows others to do their thinking for them, they cede all responsibility for themselves, and all future safety.

Others will not look after our interests. We must do that ourselves.

That is why I am such a fan of the character in Jurassic Park who demands that we respect our scientists, professors, and other experts, chaos theory mathematician Ian Malcolm, Ph.D.

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