Whiny, Fascist Tattle-Tale Politician Assails a Citizen’s 1st Amendment Right

The letter that appears in this blog post, along with its post-script – an illegal post-script – ought to be filed under U.S. News, NOT Politics, due to its blatant breach of the oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution. It was sent by U.S. Representative Rodney Frelinghuysen, R-NJ, pleading to Lakeland Bank for donations. In that post-script, he named Ms. Saily Avelenda, an attorney at the bank, complaining that she had engaged in some liberal activism. She has a 1st Amendment right to do that, as her employer had the decency to point out.

Letter from U.S. Representative Rodney Frelinghuysen, Republican of New Jersey for the 11th Congressional District, to the now former employer of Attorney Saily Avelenda. (Photograph courtesy of Saily Avelenda via WNYC)

The letter has been torn into 4 pieces. Perhaps her employer was disgusted by it. I sure hope so.

It ought to be front page news, but it was only online news, in The New York Times.

Activist Resigns After Congressman Writes Letter to Employer

An update provides a bit more information:

The Latest: Activist Resigns After Rep.’s Letter to Employer

This woman’s boss should have been outraged just to have received a message from her politician daring to complain that she spoke up to him. As I understand it, the employer did not chastise her for exercising her 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech, but she didn’t feel at home in her job once she saw that letter. It makes me wonder about her employer just a bit.

Ms. Avelenda is an attorney. As a lawyer, and as someone who loves the U.S. Constitution along with all of the rights it gives us as United States citizens, I am right there with her for feeling the need to engage in political activism. I do it every time I write a book or a blog post, and every time I send a letter to my politicians. Sometimes I visit the politicians, but they’re nice, honorable people who would never try to stop me from exercising my right to free speech.

This is a politician who broke his oath to represent ALL of his constituents – the least of which means not commenting about those who make up the opposition. Once elected, a politician works for them all. Who knows? Some issue might crop up on which they both agree. A constituent might need or want something that he could and should do. A politician has no right nor any business making an enemy out of a constituent who wants her rights safeguarded.

Here he is:

Rodney Frelinghuysen, R-NJ, 11th District -Official Photo, 114th Congress. (Photograph via Wikipedia)

It is the politician’s duty to just take it if he doesn’t like what she has to say, and it is also his duty to both represent her and to vote as she requests on whatever issue. Instead, she is stuck with a traitor, a tattletale, a snitch who has no legal, nor any moral, right to object to her activism. L

What’s next when brats like Frelinghuysen don’t get their own way? Locking people up for speaking out? He has behaved like a spoiled brat who doesn’t want to be bothered with the rights of others, and a fascist who prefers to smack them out of his way like distractions. He should not be in politics.

Perhaps Frelinghuysen is laboring under the delusion that his wealth entitles him to treat people this way.

According to his Wikipedia article, which includes citations on the topic:

At the start of the 112th Congress, Frelinghuysen was ranked the ninth wealthiest member of congress, with an estimated personal wealth between $20 million and $65 million.[61]

Here is the citation on that:

Top 5 Political Heirs

When I describe what my own politicians are like – three of whom are people I’ve been able to meet – I’m not gloating that I have a good situation. I’m saying that my situation ought to be the norm, NOT the exception.

When I write a letter, a book, or a blog post, it feels as though that is the most dramatic of the political actions I can take just because my own politicians are not hostile to me.

It’s both a weird feeling and a good one.

But I chat – online – with people in other states whose politicians are useless to them.

A minority of angry white Christian males who long for the easy days of the 1950s, during which men of their description had life handed to them for doing nothing more than being born white, Christian, male, and with a better shot at working their way through college due to a lucky (for them) combination preferential treatment and a lower overall human population.

Fantasy is not reality.

The past is gone, over and done with.

Not only are logistical conditions different now, but the rest of the now-overpopulated nation will not just roll over and cede our rights simply because a whiny, fascist minority wants all of the best resources for themselves.

That whiny minority is intellectually lazy and unwilling to work for what it wants, so it steals and plagiarizes it.

It has placed its own paradigm in the Oval Office, where fodder for the late-night comedians is churned out like Donnie is running a chocolate factory.

Democracy is crashing all around us.

We have a two-party system in name only now that the nation has been gerrymandered into a political corner.

The Republicans don’t care about the law anymore. They care only about getting what they want.

They couldn’t get it by abiding by the rules laid out in the U.S. Constitution, so they gave up.

They should have quit politics if they didn’t like playing the game anymore.

That would be better than throwing down the game board and swiping the pieces to the floor.

I support my country, but my politicians must prove themselves if they want my support.

Respect is earned after one has had a chance to get know someone, not automatic.

No wonder I loved Mark Twain as soon as I read his quotes, and enjoyed doing tours in his Hartford, Connecticut home for several years.

We have that in common.


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